07 September 2020 22:40

Last year, Love Island USA didn’t include this twist, but it’s all a go for series two.


UK Viewers will get to enjoy Love Island USA this September as the series airs on ITV2 from September 7th. But don't be alarmed if it sounds like you're listening to a conversation between Molly Mae and Tommy Fury when you switch on the telly, because the show's host Arielle Vandenberg says there's a few things they've borrowed from the original series, including our British twang. Speaking of the differences between the two shows, Vandenberg said: "Maybe just like some lingo differences? 'Can I pull him for a chat'?" However, the presenter admitted she's actually heard contestants using similar lines in the new series. She continued: "But you know what's crazy is we're saying that on ours.

Love Island USA host Arielle Vandenberg confirms Casa Amor twist

And it's so funny to me because when I was watching the first season, we weren't saying that stuff or if you say, 'Who do you fancy?' That was something I said last year just because I was like that's part of the show. It's the lingo. So, I feel like it's maybe some of those things are different which is funny that we actually took those too." Love Entertainment on TV? Get news and views on the best shows direct to your inbox Sign up to receive our newsletter! Thanks! Our best wishes for a productive day. Already have an account with us? Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences Sign in Register Sign me up! Sign up to get the latest entertainment TV news, views and interviews direct to your inbox. You can unsubscribe at any time. For more information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy Over the years, we've watched many bromances blossom on UK version of Love Island, for example with series three's Chris and Kem who went to film their own spin-off show, You Vs. Chris & Kem. And Vandenberg says the US version is seeing lots of their own budding bromances. "I am all about the bromances," she said." I know these guys– you know what's so special about it is when do men get to share their feelings with other men on the first day of meeting them? And this show forces them to connect on a level that they probably have never connected with unless it's like with their family or childhood best friend and that goes for everyone." She added: "That would just be so interesting, watching them do that, you're like 'oh wow, you're really open to sharing' and it's just really beautiful and so these relationships in the guys that come out of it are so sweet, I love it." ITV Another thing which will be familiar to UK viewers is the introduction of Casa Amor – which sees the main boys and girls split for a few days, as one group goes off to a secret villa and new boys and girls visit. Last year, Love Island USA didn't include this twist, but it's all a go for series two. And Vandenberg is here for the drama it's known for causing! When asked what she was looking forward to this series, the presenter gushed: "We have Casa Amor too now. So that is actually what I'm really looking forward to. That is going to bring lots of tension. That's my answer, Casa Amor because we didn't have that last season." We're not sure the contestants will share this same feeling, but we're with you, Arielle, we can't wait, either! Advertisement Love Island USA starts on ITV2 on Monday 7th September at 9pm. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.

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