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Later, Arthur receives a call… Monday October 12 Part Two Eileen tells Billy that the body wasn’t Todd.

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Hardened, gun toting criminals are overpowering our beloved Coronation Street as history repeats for Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) when she is held at gunpoint by a gangster while business tycoon Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) continues his superhero film villain plot against Weatherfield. And Scott (Tom Roberts) isn't exactly behaving like the ripest peach on the tree either as he tries to force Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) into a robbery! Is there no-one decent and honest on this Street? Ah well, there's always Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) who…is planning to fake a death with a show funeral. Scrap that.

Coronation Street spoilers: Gun drama, shock death news and Ray’s evil plan

Sean offers to accompany Eileen to the mortuary but she insists on going alone. Billy is horrified to hear that Todd could be guilt while Eileen faces a huge decision when identifying the body. Scott reveals that Ray has offered him another job. Johnny tells Ray that he'd best keep an eye on Scott because he has been in prison. Scott tells Johnny of his plan to rip off Ray – and invites him to help. Maria makes plans to buy the barbers from Audrey but discovers that gary is hiding a credit card bill. Gary tells Fiz that he needs to cut her hours – but Ray offers a dodgy lifeline. David is horrified to catch Shona about to take Max's medication. Evelyn lays down some ground rules to Arthur. Later, Arthur receives a call… Monday October 12 Part Two Eileen tells Billy that the body wasn't Todd. She tells Todd that she couldn't bring herself to lie for him, leaving him furious. Eileen reveals the truth to Mary, who goes to George with a plan. George calls a mate while Eileen apologises to Todd. Todd accepts but explains he has no choice but to disappear for good. Johnny tells Scott to count him out of the job but Ray tells Scott that the property job is no longer his due to Johnny. Scott reveals to Johnny that he owes him big time. Ray reveals that he would like to buy the factory but Gary is adamant that it's not for sale and Maria urges him to accept so she can buy the barber shop. Arthur keeps Evelyn waiting before their trip. Eileen tells Todd that she has scraped money together for him to pay off Mick. Mary shows Eileen that she has planned a fake funeral for Todd to trick Mick. As Mick arrives, what will they do? As the Platts prepare for Audrey's birthday party, Gary shows Kevin a letter he has received increasing the rent. Kevin admits that he sold the premises to Ray and when David reveals to Gary that Ray offered to buy the house, his mind goes into overdrive. Gary orders Ray to double his offer on Underworld… Tyrone is puzzled when Evelyn and Arthur return early from their break, having clearly fallen out. Scott orders Johnny to meet him so they can make plans. Wednesday October 14 Part Two Todd lets himself in to get the cash. Mick arrives and reveals to Eileen that he and Todd were lovers. As he hears Todd, he pulls out a gun but will everyone survive? Ray is sweating due to Gary not playing ball. Ray ups his offer and Maria puts pressure on Gary to accept but what move will he make? Shona is confused when David reacts badly to her bringing strangers home for a party. Scott tells Johnny that he is the getaway driver. Evelyn tells Arthur that she is sorry she ruined the trip. Later, he secretly heads to the hospital. Friday October 16 Hour long episode. Mick and his sidekicks threaten Gary as they believe he is involved with Todd. As Mick escapes, they almost hit Gail while a beaten Gary fills Craig in on everything. But what has happened to Todd and Eileen? When Aaron cancels his visit, David is forced to take Shona to work with him. A model arrives in need of a haircut and when David's back is turned, Shona shaves off his top knot. Shona later suggests it's time they shared a bed but she loses it when he seems unsure. Billy is offered the chance of archdeacon and Paul is delighted for him. Johnny avoids Scott with a lie and Scott issues a sinister threat. Evelyn and Arthur plan another trip and when Dev refuses her holiday request, Evelyn quits her job. Advertisement If you've got a soap or TV story, video or pictures get in touch by emailing us [email protected] – we'd love to hear from you. Join the community by leaving a comment below and stay updated on all things soaps at our homepage. Advertisement Advertisement

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