25 June 2020 16:36

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Boris Johnson condemns 'appalling' violence at street party in Brixton

Four people have been arrested for assault and public order offences and remain in police custody. In the wake of the violence, the Prime Minister's official spokesman announced that the Government would shortly be launching a consultation on doubling the maximum sentence for assaulting an emergency worker. "These were appalling scenes. Violence against the police will not be tolerated," the spokesman said. "We have been clear that anyone who assaults the police or any of our emergency service workers who keep us safe should feel the full force of the law." The trouble flared at what police described the "unlicensed" music event which started in the afternoon and ran into the early hours of the morning. Shocking images circulating on social media show officers being chased by men brandishing improvised weapons. In one video, a man can be heard telling a group of officers to "back up" as he confronts them with what appears to be a sword. Another clip shows a man chasing away police shouting "don't come round here bro... this is what we do" and verbally abusing them. In another, a woman can be heard saying "yeah" and "nice" as a topless man and angry mob stomp over the police car. Home Secretary Priti Patel also condemned the violence, saying: "These are utterly vile scenes. "Just last weekend, the whole country came together to praise our heroic police officers for putting their own lives on the line to keep us safe. "I'll be picking up with the Met Commissioner immediately."

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