08 December 2019 04:38

Leg kick again from Yadong and immediately Stamann works for the takedown and lands it.

Cody Stamann Draws Song Yadong – UFC DC Results

Next up on the UFC DC main card is another bantamweight bout between Cody Stamann and Song Yadong. Stamann times a takedown to perfection but Yadong grabs Stamann's neck while getting up and seems to be attempting a guillotine. Stamann sees another takedown attempt stuffed but clinches Yadong on the fence soon after. Yadong reverses and attempts a takedown before Stamann reverses and gets him down. Round 3: Stamann takes Yadong down.

Yadong looks for his knee for a submission but fails as Stamann moves to half guard. Yadong tries to scramble but Stamann grabs his back and returns to half guard. Yadong looks fatigued as Stamann moves to full mount. Yadong scrambles but Stamann gets full mount again and lands big strikes to end the fight. Official result: Cody Stamann draws Song Yadong via majority decision (29-28, 28-28, 28-28).

UFC DC featured two excellent rising bantamweights on the main card, with Cody Stamann, who is 4-1 in the Octagon, taking on Song Yadong, who has finished three of his four UFC opponents. Stamann landed a jab that caused Yadong to reset. Yadong just missed on a spinning wheel kick, then ate a left hand from Stamann. Stamann shot for a takedown against the cage, then Yadong started to establish a front choke. Stamann was defending well, then Yadong landed a knee to the head of his grounded opponent, immediately losing a point.

Yadong worked some body kicks to start the second round, then sprawled on a takedown effort from Stamann. Yadong landed a leg kick then a pair of lefts, with Stamann answering by connecting with a combination. Yadong clinched up and went for a takedown, but Stamann defended. Another takedown landed for Stamann, but Yadong reversed positions and landed a crushing elbow, ending the round on top. Cody Stamann got an early takedown to kick off the final round. Yadong tried to take the back, but came up short and Stamann remained on top. Stamann transitioned to half guard and Yadong was trapped on bottom. Cody Stamann and Song Yadong Fight to a Majority Draw (29-27, 28-28 x2) Song Yadong was perhaps lucky to emerge with a majority draw tonight at UFC On ESPN 7 after being deducted a point in the opening round for an illegal knee against Cody Stamann, who put on a good showing in the rounds that followed, but didn't get the win he thought he deserved. Both fighters taking their time in the opening minute and then Yadong finally lands a leg kick. Yadong looking to throw punches, but Stamann ducks under and lands a takedown. Luckily Stamann says he's ok to continue, but Yadong gets a point deducted. Yadong misses on punches and Stamann tries for a takedown, but it's well defended for now. Yadong nicely sprawls on a Stamann takedown. Two punches for Yadong and a counter in return from Stamann. Kick attempt from Yadong allows Stamann to catch it and then work for a takedown, which he lands in the center of the Octagon. Final seconds of the round with Stamann landing short punches from bottom position as Yadong loads up on just a couple of big punches of his own. Leg kick again from Yadong and immediately Stamann works for the takedown and lands it. Stamann tries to take his back, but Yadong prevents that by rolling to his back.