15 May 2020 12:37

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White Lines Is Available To Watch On Netflix Now

White Lines is the mystery thriller coming to Netflix - here's all you need to know. From the cast to a first look trailer, here's all about White Lines on Netflix. A synopsis of the series - which comes from Money Heist creator Álex Pina - reveals: "When the body of a legendary Manchester DJ is discovered twenty years after his mysterious disappearance from Ibiza, his sister returns to the beautiful Spanish island to find out what happened. The cast of White Lines on Netflix is led by Laura Haddock as Zoe Walker and Tom Rhys Harries as Axel Walker. In theory, White Lines (Netflix), a 10-part murder mystery set in Ibiza, is very much my bag.

Most enticingly of all, the creator is Alex Pina, the Spanish maestro behind Netflix's biggest non-English hit, Money Heist, a stylish and compelling thriller about robbers who seize the Royal Mint in Madrid. In the opening scene, Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock) and her husband arrive in present-day Almería, southern Spain, to identify the body of her brother Axel (Tom Rhys Harries), who went missing 20 years ago. Well, Netflix has an ideal getaway in the form of new thriller White Lines, from the brain of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) creator Álex Pina. The series follows troubled Mancunian family woman Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock) who travels to Ibiza in search of answers about what happened to her brother Axel (Tom Rhys Harries) twenty years prior. White Lines is a glamorous, violent, sexy, and colourful thriller with a great lead turn from Laura Haddock and a stunning location in Ibiza is a sunny escape for these lockdown days.

If you're a British Netflix subscriber, there's probably a 50-50 chance that you've heard of Spanish crime drama Money Heist (in Spanish, La Casa De Papel), which is low, considering it is one of the streaming service's biggest global hits. Money Heist creator Álex Pina's latest crime drama, White Lines, is in both English and Spanish (at a 70-30 split in favour of English). It's a thrilling series – about a girl from Manchester who goes to Ibiza to investigate the death of her DJ brother – shot in beautiful bold colours under the scorching Spanish sun, which has the same chaotic energy and stylistic notes as Money Heist, except this time British and American audiences will be able to watch (most of it) without reading subtitles. Pina was approached by Andy Harries, executive producer of The Crown and cofounder of Left Bank Pictures, with the basic idea of doing a series in English and Spanish – following in the footsteps of Narcos, which set a precedent for this kind of thing – set in Ibiza. The setting is perfect for that, because Spanish and English people have been grinding against one another in Ibiza for decades (in more ways than one).

White Lines, while about murder and cocaine (as the title suggests), also probes the house music scene and the English invasion of the Balearic Islands in the 1990s, what Pina refers to as the "golden age" of Ibiza as a cultural hotspot. White Lines owes a debt not only to Narcos, but Scandinavian dramas such as The Bridge and Borgen too, which became surprise hits on BBC4 in the first half of the last decade, proving that quite a lot of Britons are actually willing to sit through subtitles for the right show. In 2018, the final series of The Bridge moved to a coveted 9pm slot on BBC2 and the first episode was watched by over 2m people – previously unthinkable for a show broadcast in Danish and Swedish with English subtitles. "The whole Scandi thing made a massive difference," Ben Richards, who adapted The Bridge for French broadcaster Canal Plus and Sky, says. "One of the things that was fun to do with it was the English characters' slight bafflement at the French never quite getting them," he says.

The streamer is increasingly trying to find ways to make shows for multiple markets, which is likely the reason they signed up to co-produce Giri/Haji, a gripping police drama centred around a fish-out-of-water Japanese detective in London, with the BBC (it aired on BBC2 in October 2019 and has since gone all around the world via Netflix). We wanted the audience to relate to the characters more, so we wanted the translation to make sense to Japanese and English audiences at the same time, so if there was a slight difference in the subtitles to what was actually being said that was OK, as long as we were getting the gist across – as long as the jokes were landing and the characters felt real to both British and Japanese audiences." New sun-soaked drama White Lines is now available to watch on Netflix - and frankly, it could not have come at a more perfect time for anyone pining after a (very unlikely) summery getaway this year. Written by Money Heist maestro Álex Pina, White Lines stars Laura Haddock (Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers: The Last Knight, The Inbetweeners Movie) as a woman called Zoe who travels to Ibiza to investigate the mysterious death of her brother Axel (Tom Rhys Harries), who went missing on the island some two decades before. Axel's time in Ibiza is told through a series of dreamy flashbacks, with Pina's non-linear writing straddling two eras to weave together the mysteries behind his death - also flitting in between the Spanish party capital and Axel and Zoe's hometown of Manchester, where an iconic rave culture of its own was well underway.


Owen Collins May 15 2020 12:48
WASHINGTON — The FBI is investigating whether Russian hackers broke into the Democratic National Committee's computers in an attempt to influence the presidential election, according to two people familiar with the matter. The FBI is also examining whether there were any ties between associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump and the Russian government, the people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly
Andrew Matthews May 15 2020 12:57
Reach Deborah Hasson at debe[email protected] and follow her on Twitter @DeborahJHasson. By Anthony Salvanto, Jennifer De Pinto, Sarah Dutton and Tom Brown Editor's note: The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the authors
Dr. Brett Page May 15 2020 13:02
The vote on the final version of the Republican tax bill will be announced on Thursday, just hours before the bill is scheduled to be released to the public. Appearing on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said the final bill will be released on Thursday, but that the process of reconciling differences between the Senate and House versions will be more lengthy. "It's a lot of work to get to this point," Ryan said
Anne Cook May 15 2020 13:07
The Supreme Court is expected to take up a case this week asking President Trump to enforce his campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The case, which has been largely dormant since Justice Neil Gorsuch took office in May, is a showdown with Trump's administration over how to fully fund a U.S.-Mexico border wall
Jeffrey Burton May 15 2020 13:12
In a statement, Netflix said, "Netflix will offer a new edition of the White Lines Is Available to Watch On Netflix series on YouTube, including original content. The series will be available to subscribers for free, and to partners, including retailers, through the end of the year." In addition, Netflix executives will meet with members of the film industry to discuss how to go about making a more inclusive television market
Shannon Burns-Smith May 15 2020 13:17
From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Togepi (Japanese: オガボパのツタ Togabi-tachi) is a dual-type Normal/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Togepi starting at level 32. Biology Togepi is a quadruped, brown Pokémon with green eyes and pink-and-red markings on its body
Lydia Humphries May 15 2020 13:22
Share your thoughts below. The U.S. Air Force is not asking for much in the way of additional funds for its warfighting capabilities, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh told a Senate panel Wednesday. Welsh, who is the highest-ranking Air Force officer to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the Air Force's current funding level is adequate
iainpugh May 15 2020 13:27
The very first time I saw the movie Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto III I was intrigued. The premise was simple: a guy falls into a sewer and becomes a cyborg, with a superhuman sense of smell, and other abilities. I knew what this guy was going to do. I could even verify that he was a Republican because the game is littered with references to Republicans and the Republican Party. But I wasn't sure if it could actually be real. I was wrong
josephjones May 15 2020 13:32
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Brenda O'Connor May 15 2020 13:37
White Lines is available now on Netflix How much do you know about White Lines? Get more information about White Lines How much do you know about White Lines? Get more information about White Lines How much do you know about White Lines? Get more information about White Lines How much do you know about White Lines? Get more information about White Lines How much do you know about White Lines? Get
Anthony Watkins May 15 2020 13:42
WHEN I ANNOUNCED my husband's birthday, he didn't seem too pleased. "What kind of birthday present do you have?" he asked with a frown. "I'm not sure what you're talking about," I told him. "I just bought a gift for him last week." "I didn't," he said. "I just bought it for you." I proceeded to explain that I had been looking for something to make him happy
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Gordon Barton May 15 2020 13:52
Paddy Power has announced its top five players in the world of rugby league. The new top 100 players on the list include: 1. Kane Elgey (South Sydney Rabbitohs) 2. Daly Cherry-Evans (Sharks) 3. Matt Moylan (Sharks) 4. Dan Cole (Sea Eagles) 5
david48 May 15 2020 13:57
In the last year, a few films around the world have toiled to make a name for themselves, and some have done so in a way that makes no sense at all. A Glimpse into the Cinema Of Death, a documentary that's set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September, is the latest one to offer an approach to cinema that makes no sense at all. Written and directed by David G
vaustin May 15 2020 14:02
It's an unlikely pairing—finally, a pair of iconic characters with the same names. But "Billy & Mandy" star Jackie Earle Haley and "Pinocchio" director Don Siegel went together like BFFs. Haley, who plays the mysterious Man in Black in the Fox series, first met Siegel at the Grammy Awards in 2008. The two reportedly chatted for an hour, and "Billy & Mandy" was born
paul23 May 15 2020 14:07
Let us know in the comments. Follow Dan Dicks: Facebook Twitter Dan Dicks Twitter Dan Dicks Instagram Subscribe: Youtube Press For Truth TV If you do not use PayPal or credit cards you can still donate! We accept checks, money orders, cash and equipment
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What do you think about White Lines Is Available To Watch On Netflix Now? After a long while of being off on vacation, I finally managed to get some gaming done. I've been enjoying my time off as much as possible since my last post, but I've been having a hard time finding anything to do that wouldn't take away from my busy schedule
holmesconnor May 15 2020 14:17
Are you a Netflix subscriber? Would you like to see more Netflix shows? Let us know in the comments below! Credits: Photography: Jason Branson Edit: Christopher Wall Advertisements Newly published research has found that students who were rich at school are less likely to be poor at the age of 21
Amelia Collins May 15 2020 14:22
BALTIMORE -- The Orioles did not have a game plan the first two days of their series against the Boston Red Sox. But they did have some helpful pointers about how to handle their next two opponents. They also rested some players for the semifinal series. Willie Bloomquist replaced Steve Clevenger at shortstop and went 0 for 2 with a walk. He's hitting .167
Bryan Pritchard May 15 2020 14:27
So it's not just your average outrage that Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, has become the subject of a criminal investigation over allegations of corruption and public corruption. It's also a scandal that has grown out of a relationship with the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, who is being investigated as part of a wider probe into any possible misdeeds by the mayor
Shaun Rowe May 15 2020 14:32
I think it's an amazing piece of work. It's hard to use your imagination, but the film is not only an amazing piece of art, it's also a great piece of entertainment. It's a brilliant piece of filmmaking. It's the most complex piece of work that I've ever seen. It's awesome. Would you ever want to make a film like that again? I haven't thought about it in a long time
xbarton May 15 2020 14:37
The European Union is embarking on a search for a new "mendacity minister" to help tackle the continent's healthcare crises. The new position is being created to "promote the use of innovative technologies, products and services to improve healthcare delivery to improve patient care and quality of life", according to a statement from the European Medicines Agency (EMA)
Denise Jones May 15 2020 14:42
The following is a list of exclusive excerpts from the new book by Nick Cohen, based on his first-hand interviews with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. "Who's there?" The first time you meet Steve Jobs, he's wearing a pair of khaki shorts. He looks like he just arrived at an airport. He's wearing the same khaki shorts every single day
Lorraine Thompson-Moore May 15 2020 14:47
A Downton Abbey fan has had a lucky break when she found a copy of the latest installment in the hit ITV drama, in the form of a box set of the 'Downton Abbey' series 1-4
Darren Brown May 15 2020 14:52
I am one of those people who watches every single episode of every single show I can get my hands on, but I've never really subscribed to any of the streaming services. I could be wrong, but I think my knowledge of the shows I like is so limited that I could easily be swayed into thinking that every single one of those shows had been watched
Declan Ellis May 15 2020 14:57
Are you a fan of the series? What do you think about its success? Let us know in the comments below! The head of the National Football League said on Wednesday that he wants to see the league's star players and owners work together for the good of the sport. "I think there's a lot of good things that could come out of it," commissioner Roger Goodell said at a conference on the future of the American sports league
Shannon Begum May 15 2020 15:02
[Image via Netflix] Add To Album Add To Album Like (10) Photog's Choice Cross-Data Photographer Angad Singh Airline Asia Airways Version Boeing 777-32F/ER Generic Type Boeing 777-300 Basic Type Boeing 777-300 Manufacturer Boeing MSN 38553 Line No. 886 Reg
Wendy Kennedy May 15 2020 15:07
The Bank of England has announced it is banning the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum as payment for banking services. The bank's Financial Policy Committee (FPC) said its aim was to help prove that new financial products could be developed in a responsible manner
Leonard White-Hayes May 15 2020 15:12
What do you think about White Lines Is Available To Watch On Netflix Now? The new Netflix original drama "White Lines" is set to premiere in the United States on January 14, 2018. The film is based on the true story of three black men who were beaten and robbed by white men and later found to have anti-racist tattoos
Henry Vaughan May 15 2020 15:17
Download White Lines Is Available To Watch On Netflix Now! If you are into watching movies or TV shows on Netflix, then you are probably more than aware of the fact that there is a Netflix streaming service that is available to watch all kind of movie and TV series. There is no doubt that you can watch the movies and TV series that you want to. However, these movies and TV shows are not available to watch on Netflix
Terence Rowe May 15 2020 15:22
Comments comments The U.S. Navy's stealth drone fleet is growing in size and capabilities. The Air Force's X-47B unmanned aircraft has been in testing for two years. The Navy's X-47B has been in testing for two years. Photo: U.S. Navy The Air Force's X-47B unmanned aircraft has been in testing for two years
Elizabeth Jordan May 15 2020 15:27
Share this: Facebook Twitter Google Tumblr Reddit LinkedIn Pinterest More Telegram WhatsApp Skype Pocket Print $29.95 The Ticker is an easy to use digital indicator that shows bitcoin price, as well as price and volume over the last 24 hours
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If you've been keeping up with the latest news about the return of the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, you might be surprised to know that the film will also feature a few new faces. Exit Theatre Mode The Avengers will show up in full force as part of the May 6, 2016 release
jeremytaylor May 15 2020 15:37
I just watched The Wire and it was pretty good. I like that it is more of a realist stand-alone show. It wasn't a soap opera. It was a show about a drug dealer. I liked that. How's it playing right now? I don't know if it's playing true to its source material. I do like it. It's a great show. I just know how it evolved
Joyce Harrison May 15 2020 15:42
Sign up for daily Foreign Desk updates By signing up, you agree to receive emails from The Foreign Desk. The video shows that the block has been set at a maximum of 320 MB per minute, which is a very high bandwidth speed in comparison to the average Netflix viewing speed of 252 MB per minute (and some studies show that it is even higher at over 300 MB per minute)
Rhys James May 15 2020 15:47
Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Kesha will be performing at the event. White Lines Is Available To Watch On Netflix Now has a running time of roughly 16 minutes. Watch the full video below. In the wake of a shooting at a mall in Lafayette, La
lucy49 May 15 2020 15:52
The story of the race to the bottom is finally coming home to roost. On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of the Texas Board of Education, which had been fighting a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union over the state's attempt to force high-poverty school districts to adopt Common Core standards. The ruling, which was widely expected, will carry sweeping implications for the how the United States views education
Jodie King May 15 2020 15:57
No View Results Loading ... Loading ... Catch up with HuffPost Live's entire conversation with Josh Barro here. The US is using "a sophisticated and expensive" internet surveillance system to monitor its citizens, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in an interview with RT. "US does not have a single electronic communication network that is not being read," Assange said in an interview with RT
Dr. Alexander Shah May 15 2020 16:02
[Image via Netflix] Looking for news you can trust? Subscribe to our free newsletters. The Obama administration has announced that it will be withholding up to $1.5 billion in foreign aid from Pakistan as part of its efforts to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. "We are not going to be helping Pakistan in any way that is going to help them sustain its terrorism," Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Monday
Connor Slater-Martin May 15 2020 16:07
If you've been feeling frustrated by the lack of new games for the Xbox One from Microsoft, you're not alone. But don't fret: Microsoft is working on a big announcement at E3 this week, and one of the biggest pieces of news to come out of the show will be the announcement of a new Xbox One game
rowejudith May 15 2020 16:12
A month of rumors and rock concerts in San Francisco has left most fans excited for the CA rally on Sunday, and the Bay Area made it a priority. The Bay Area Bike Rally took place at the Golden Gate Bridge on July 20th, with thousands of riders and supporters flocking to the San Francisco waterfront to mourn the death of cyclist and activist James Mee
Jay Walker May 15 2020 16:17
I'm excited about it. I think I'm going to watch it kind of in between the seasons. I'm not sure I'll watch it all. It's a great show and I'm really looking forward to it. Have you watched the season 1 premiere? No, I haven't. Have you watched anything else that was on television that you might enjoy? I haven't really seen any of the Season 2
Judith Clark May 15 2020 16:22
(Via Inside Ebony) This article is a player stub. You can help Liquipedia by expanding it. Chen "ZSMJ" Hao is an American professional Dota 2 player. He currently plays for Team Liquid. Biography [ edit ] ZSMJ is the youngest son of the late Xiao "O'Dong" ZSMJ. He was a part of Team Liquid's start to their Dota 2 career in 2012
Amy Grant May 15 2020 16:27
I can't recall when I first heard the phrase, "race is just a social construction." I've been thinking about it, and I have a few thoughts. First, we need to be very clear that there are no objective advantages in being white. Second, we need to be very clear that there are no objective disadvantages in being black. Third, we need to be very clear that there are no objective advantages in being a non-white
geraldine93 May 15 2020 16:32
Video of Public Enemy - The State Of The Nation The first of the two new episodes in the "The Walking Dead" comic book series is a big step toward establishing the show's future. The premiere episode, "The Big Death," and the fourth and final issue of the comic book series, "The Walking Dead: No Turning Back," will be released on the same day as the sixth and final season of the AMC drama, the network announced on Wednesday
Shaun Robinson May 15 2020 16:37
If you want to watch White Lines Is Available To Watch On Netflix Now, then you'll need to sign up for a free Hulu account. Hulu has a free trial, and it's free to signup. Sign up for a free Hulu account now and start streaming White Lines! White Lines is available to stream on Netflix Now, available for streaming on mobile devices and on the web