12 October 2019 10:07

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus Maddison Brown

Liam Hemsworth sparks dating rumours with Maddison Brown post Miley Cyrus split, pair spotted holding hands

Liam Hemsworth, who split with wife Miley Cyrus in August 2019, was spotted on a date with Dynasty star Maddison Brown in New York City. While we're still trying to figure out what Miley Cyrus is up to in her personal life; as the Slide Away singer moved on from husband Liam Hemsworth to Brody Jenner's ex-girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter and now close friend Cody Simpson, Liam has been keeping things on a down low, away from the public eye. For a few weeks, Liam found refuge in Chris Hemsworth's home as the brothers spent quality time together. Now, it seems like Liam is also moving on to someone new as The Hunger Games (2012) star was spotted with Dynasty star Maddison Brown in New York City. According to People magazine, Hemsworth is planning to take things slow with Maddison given his very recent breakup with Miley.

Liam is taking it slow but he's definitely interested in her," a source revealed to People. What do you have to say about Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown dating? ALSO READ: Liam Hemsworth sports a wedding ring on his day back to work as Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson paint the town red "Hi all, Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward," Hemsworth wrote. Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth was spotted on Thursday on a dinner date with fellow Aussie Maddison Brown, and it looks like they've taken the PDA from 0 to 500,000 already. No. I'm talking Liam Hemsworth giving mouth-to-mouth to Maddison Brown's chest in the middle of a very public, paparazzi-filled street.

Fellow Aussie Maddison Brown is an actress and model, most known for playing Kirby Anders on Dynasty. The pair were spotted out for a few drinks at New York City's 'The Flower Shop' bar before their huge public affection display. Some are calling Liam's PDA a revenge act against Miley, but honestly I think he's just enjoying a new fling. Let the man enjoy his life, even if it's a little public. Maybe they'll live happily ever after with Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky in Byron Bay. Isn't that what we all dream of?

While Liam is getting cosy with Maddison Brown, Miley is also getting close to an Aussie with her new maybe-boyfriend Cody Simpson. I thought I'd be a little more upset that Liam and Miley have both moved on, but they both seem so incredibly happy. Liam Hemsworth has announced to the world that he has moved on from Miley Cyrus after the actor was spotted holding hands with Maddison Brown. However, it looks like Brown always had a soft spot for Hemsworth as in a new video, which was obtained by TMZ, she stated that she would like to be with both the Hemsworth brothers. Brown had appeared on Zach Sang Show along with actress, Liz Gillies and during the interview the three played the game of F, marry, and kill.

Brown made this shocking confession after she asked the hosts to give her options that consisted of Australian men. These included Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, and Liam. Without hesitating to answer Brown noted that she would love to have both the Hemsworth brothers. Brown and Liam confirmed the news of their relationship when they were spotted kissing passionately as seen in photos obtained by Daily Mail. The pair seemed playful, just like a new couple whose romance was just brewing.

The news of Hemsworth moving on comes after Cyrus recently took to social media to announce that she has a new boyfriend. Cyrus referred to Cody Simpson as her "BF" on social media as he also noted that he was by her side when she was admitted in the hospital. While many fans got their hearts broken hearing Hemsworth and Cyrus had broken up, it seems like the two stars are in their happy place with their respective partners. Liam Hemsworth moved on from Miley Cyrus rather quick and is dating Dynasty's Maddison Brown. Not as quick as Miley and her Kaitlynn Carter and Cody Simpsons connections, but quick enough. Hemsworth is trying to one-up Miley in this public fight for dominance. But kudos to Brown for latching onto Hemsworth for publicity, just like Carter used Miley. Liam Hemsworth appears to have moved on from Miley Cyrus. He was spotted with new girlfriend Maddison Brown on Thursday. The couple were holding hands in New York City. Meanwhile, his ex-wife was seen sharing selfies on social media with her new "boyfriend" Cody Simpson. The 29-year-old Australian actor Liam Hemsworth was snapped by the paps along with "Dynasty" actress Maddison Brown. However, sources close to Hemsworth said that he is taking it slow this time. Liam is taking it slow but he's definitely interested in her," the source told People. This incident comes just two months after he separated from wife of eight months, Miley Cyrus. The "hunger Games: Mockingjay" actor was in hiding in Byron Bay for weeks when Cyrus announced their split. Meanwhile, his former wife Miley Cyrus has been cosying up with Aussie singer Cody Simpson lately, and they were also pictured kissing in an eatery. Right after her split from Hemsworth, Cyrus was dating Kaitlynn Carter which ended soon. Meanwhile, Brown, in an interview on the Zach Sang Show in June spoke about her attraction to Hemsworth. The 22-year-old actress was asked to play f**k, marry, kill with fellow Australian entertainers the Hemsworth brothers (Chris and Liam, specifically), Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman. And then I will f**k the Hemsworth brothers but at the same time, both of them. I couldn't marry them I'm too insecure, I would just be like, 'you're too attractive you are never allowed to leave the house,'" Brown said. The actress added that should couldn't marry the brothers as she would be "insecure" and feel "you're too attractive you cannot leave the house".