06 September 2020 22:30

Lindt & Sprüngli Lindor Chocolate truffle

When it comes to creamy, moreish chocolate, it doesn't get much better than Lindt's Lindor truffles. But those 200g boxes are just never big enough, are they? Especially when they've been shared around the family once or twice. Well, good news. Lindt is now introducing an entire tin of Lindor, just in time for Christmas!

Lindt Launches First Ever Sharing Tin For Christmas And It's A Game Changer

New for the 2020 festive season, the Lindor assorted tin will feature the smooth, melt in the middle truffles we know and love, all in one huge box. Lindt is launch a Lindor tin (Credit: Lindt) Each tin holds 32 individually wrapped chocolates, in six delicious flavours - classic milk, white or extra dark as well as milk and white, hazelnut and the brand new salted caramel. Drooool. The tins are perfect for the Christmas period when all the fam are visiting, and they'd even make a delicious stocking filler, too. Or you can scoff them all to yourself, no judgement. They'll be priced at £15 each, but initially you can snap them up on a promotional price of £10 - dependent on each retailer. They'll be available at Tesco, Sainsbury's, online and in Lindt retail stores. The truffles we know and love, in one huge tin (Credit: Flickr) In other very exciting chocolate news, Cadbury has released a Daim bar selection box in time for the festive season. The Daim Experience box is described by Cadbury as "the perfect chocolate gift - filled with Daim chocolate goodies". And if you're a Daim fan - or you know someone who is - it's an essential under the Christmas tree. Each box features two new Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim Robins bags, two 120g Dairy Milk with Daim bars and six Daim bars with milk chocolate and a crunchy almond centre. Introducing the Daim Experience box (Credit: Cadbury) Advert The boxes will be priced at £12 each and Cadbury has revealed to Tyla that along with a selection of other festive treats, they're expected to roll out in stores nationwide in September.