03 August 2020 22:35

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Who is The Deceived star Emily Reid who plays Ophelia and what else has she been in? The Deceived - starring Paul Mescal and Emily Reid - starts on Channel 5 tonight. Here's your need-to-know on Emily, who plays Ophelia. Hotly-anticipated thriller The Deceived starts tonight (Monday 3 August) on Channel 5, and you'll almost definitely recognise many of its cast. It stars Paul Mescal, Emily Reid and Emmett J Scanlan, and tells the story of a Cambridge student called Ophelia (Reid) who falls in love with her professor (Scanlan) and has an affair with him.

The Deceived starts on Channel 5 tonight. In The Deceived, Emily plays an Cambridge English student undergraduate called Ophelia Marsh, who falls in love with her professor, named Michael Callaghan. "We have had a big movement over the past few years looking at the way women, throughout society and over the years, have been abused in relationships but often that is looked at from a physical or sexual point of view and it is really important to also look at it from a psychological and emotional point of view." Emmett J Scanlan, who has previously appeared in Peaky Blinders, Hollyoaks and Butterfly, stars as Dr Michael Callaghan, who has an affair with his student Ophelia. Paul Mescal, who rose to international fame with his portrayal of Connell, plays Sean McKeogh, a firefighter and builder working at Michael's house in Knockdara. Catherine Walker, who has appeared in Shetland and Strike back, plays Michael's wife Roisin Mulvery - a successful fiction writer.

Episode one airs tonight (Monday 3 August) at 9pm on Channel 5. That Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee's latest project is different from her Northern Ireland-set comedy is an understatement. The Deceived is a dark thriller that promises to shine light on gaslighting while paying homage to gothic classics, featuring a manor house haunted by a dead wife and mysterious knocks from behind locked doors. The book follows an orphaned 20-something woman who moves into a spooky manor house with her new husband, and finds that he and the household staff are haunted by the memory of his ex-wife, Rebecca. In The Deceived's opening episode, orphaned Ophelia is a young woman who has an affair with her university lecturer, Michael, and eventually follows him to his spooky manor house that was recently set on fire, killing his late wife, Roisin.

However, while du Maurier's character Rebecca is revealed to be a calculating, compulsive liar with psychopathic tendencies, one gets the sense that that will not be the revelation in The Deceived – that instead the seemingly charming Michael (played by Emmett J. Emily Reid, who plays Ophelia, has already hinted as much in a statement about the role and the importance of highlighting the issue of gaslighting and how women are abused psychologically. In that sense, The Deceived also bears similarities to the recent David Tennant drama Deadwater Fell, in which Tennant played a gaslighting and emotionally abusive husband. Alongside Reid and Scanlan, The Deceived's cast includes Catherine Walker (Shetland) as Roisin, a famed fiction writer whose career outpaced Emmett's before her death, and Paul Mescal, best known for his (recently Emmy-nominated) role as Connell in BBC Three's Normal People. There's no chain necklace in The Deceived, but Mescal does play a volunteer fireman, and is set up in the first episode to become Ophelia's confidante and shoulder to cry on. When I watched The Deceived's opening episode, I didn't know that Lisa McGee had co-written it. As a Derry Girls fan, perhaps that was for the best – I found the episode cheesy at points, and I also struggled to connect with Ophelia as a character or with her relationship with Michael. But even if it doesn't, the show makes for easy viewing – and for Normal People fans bereft of a second season, there's the chance to see Mescal on-screen once more. The Deceived will air from Monday August 3rd at 9pm on Channel 5. The UK's Channel 5 is upping the stakes in the summer TV wars with a new psychological thriller starring Paul Mescal of Normal People fame. The Deceived is a four-part drama set in Northern Ireland and directed by Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee, showcasing a completely different side to her work. Follow our guide as we explain how to watch The Deceived online - best of all, as it's on Channel 5 in the UK, it's completely free. The Deceived cheat sheet The Deceived airs Monday nights in the UK on free-to-watch Channel 5 at 9pm BST, starting August 3. The drama is rooted in the mysterious love triangle between Cambridge University lecturer Dr Michael Callaghan (Emmett J Scanlan); his student Ophelia, who he begins an affair with (Emily Reid); and Callaghan's wife Roisin (Catherine Walker), who dies in mysterious circumstances at their secluded home in deepest, darkest Donegal. But for many viewers, the show's main attraction is Mescal, the 24-year-old Irish actor who shot to fame earlier this year when he appeared in the BBC adaptation of Normal People. In The Deceived, he plays local builder Sean McKeough, who Ophelia confides in after Roisin's death, with the two subsequently investigating the possibility of foul play. And does Mescal's new character also wear a chain? These questions and more are set to be answered this summer, so read on as tell you how to watch The Deceived online and stream every new episode from anywhere in the world, including for free. How to watch The Deceived on Channel 5 in the UK You can watch The Deceived every Monday night on TV at 9pm from August 3. Know you'll miss an episode, prefer streaming on a portable device, or simply want to watch the latest twist again? The broadcaster's My5 streaming service will let you watch episodes on catch-up as soon as they've aired - and it also offers a live TV feed as well. If you're abroad for whatever reason, using a VPN can allow you to tune into a UK server and watch like you're home. How to watch The Deceived on Channel 5 from abroad If you're currently living in the UK, then watching The Deceived is simple, as it's airing on Channel 5 each week.