04 November 2020 22:33

LIONEL MESSI has sent a get-well-soon message to Diego Maradona after the Argentina legend underwent brain surgery.

Diego Maradona is already showing signs of improvement after undergoing an operation for possible bleeding on his brain. Dr Leopoldo Luque, the 60-year-old Argentinian's personal physician, has said that Maradona "laughed" and "grabbed my hand" just a day after he had the procedure. Maradona, who played for the likes of Napoli, Barcelona and Boca Juniors before hanging up his boots in 1997, is set to remain in a clinic in La Plata, south of Buenos Aires, for at least 48 hours as he recovers. But Luque provided an update on Wednesday in which he said the early signs were "favourable". Diego Maradona was admitted to hospital on Monday (Anthony Devlin/PA) "Diego is without any type of neurological deficit, without any type of complication associated with surgery.

He has an excellent post-operative period, the laboratory parameters even improved," said Luque addressing reporters at the clinic's door. "We are controlling him. Today we removed the drain. We are in total harmony with the intensive care doctors, who are actually in charge of Diego at this time. We are here to accompany them and help them as much as possible. "Diego is fine, he is with analgesia. We are trying to make him recover progressively. They are decisions of the therapy doctors, with whom we are in full agreement. We are working together, along the same lines, and Diego has been responding very well. "He is in a post-operative period and the moods are difficult to assess. However, when we removed the drain today he laughed, looked at me, grabbed my hand, and the first impression is it is favourable, but it is difficult to evaluate. LIONEL MESSI has sent a get-well-soon message to Diego Maradona after the Argentina legend underwent brain surgery. Messi, 33, shared the message on social media and wished Maradona a speedy recovery. 1 Messi has wished his idol Maradona a speedy recovery Credit: AFP - Getty He wrote on his Instagram: "Diego, all the strength in the world. My family and I want to see you well as soon as possible. A hug from the heart!" Messi has often been compared to Maradona, but he recently played down any similarites between the two saying that the icon was the 'best ever.' He said: "Even if I played for a million years, I'd never come close to Maradona. "Not that I'd want to anyway. He's the greatest there's ever been." The pair built upon their relationship when Maradona coached Messi and the Argentinian team during the World Cup in 2010. Maradona, 60, was admitted to the Ipensa hospital in La Plata, Argentina on Monday after suffering from anaemia and dehydration. He was then taken to the Olivos clinic in Buenos Aries where he underwent brain surgery. His neurosurgeon and personal physician Leopoldo Luque has since announced that the surgery had been a success, and that Maradona is now resting in hospital. He said: "Diego tolerated the surgery excellently and he's doing very well. "We've left a small tube in to facilitate drainage which will be removed today. "Him coming round after the surgery was a very big step. The haematoma has been evacuated very well and his brain beat is recovering. "His evolution now has to be monitored day by day. The beginning has been very good for an operation which is not of high-complexity, but is nevertheless brain surgery."