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Netflix Blackpink documentary charts rise to fame of K-pop supergroup and the struggles they faced along the way

It all starts from a dimly lit studio and the four-members of BLACKPINK getting the notes right in Light Up The Sky. Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa are keen on getting complicated choreographies set. The archived footage shows the girls from different countries altogether 'click' as reiterated by Jisoo throughout the documentary, Light Up The Sky. In the journey to show the true potential, the girls have seen their own ups and downs in life. Also Read | 'BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky' Shows Group's Struggle, Subsequent Success In New Trailer All this and a close brush of with the band's intimate emotions will be felt by anyone watching BLACKPINK's Netflix documentary. Fans might feel that the girls are talking to them about the struggles, the cons of being a star, however, Suh has weaved the story as such, which might feel exclusive to every viewer. Also Read | BLACKPINK's Jennie's New Look Post Nurse Controversy Creates Stir; Fans Call Her 'savage' The girls gave an exclusive glimpse of how they have evolved in the 80-minute documentary BLACKPINK Light Up The Sky. At one point, the group's producer Teddy Park, a Korean idol-turned-producer/songwriter also speaks about how the group has grown over the years.


BLACKPINK Light Up The Sky is everything that goes behind the scene of making a K-pop act which is pretty standard across the Korean industry. However, what makes the girls different is the emotions, the experience and the journey to the half-way success. Youngest member Lisa still cannot get the hold over their international popularity whereas Jennie is amazed by her fans, who in foreign countries, are singing in Korean. Suh ends the documentary at the much-celebrated Coachella festival in 2019 for the sake of an ending, as the girls still talk about their next project, next album, next 'big thing' in their closing comments. They are keen on expanding the limits of the stardom, despite being the biggest girl group in the K-pop scene at the moment.


Streaming BLACKPINK's Netflix documentary BLACKPINK's Netflix documentary is available to stream under basic subscription. Watch the trailer of BLACKPINK's members' Light Up The Sky Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment. Blackpink members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa open up about their journey from teenage trainees to global K-pop superstars in the Netflix documentary Blackpink: Light Up The Sky. KEY POINTS Producer Teddy Park has worked extensively with Blackpink since the group's debut in 2016 KEY POINTS Producer Teddy Park has worked extensively with Blackpink since the group's debut in 2016 Park is an executive producer for Blackpink's new documentary, "Light Up the Sky" "Light Up the Sky" premieres on Netflix on Wednesday Blackpink's Jisoo has called music producer Teddy Park the fifth member of the K-pop group. Jisoo, along with her fellow Blackpink members Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, spoke about Park while promoting their new documentary, "Light Up the Sky," which he executive produced. "Teddy is definitely our fifth member," Jisoo said.

Park has been working with Blackpink since the girl group's debut in 2016. Park also worked on Blackpink's latest offering, "The Album," which dropped on Oct. 2. The 42-year-old was a member of hip-hop act 1TYM before becoming an in-house producer at YG Entertainment. While Park has largely stayed away from the limelight after transforming into a producer, he grabbed headlines in 2017 when rumors hinted at a romance between him and Jennie, who is 18 years his junior. "This is the first time we've heard about Teddy and Jennie's dating rumor," YG Entertainment said in a statement. Blackpink's "Light Up the Sky" is available to stream on Netflix starting Wednesday. It will give fans access to never-before-seen footage of the girls from their journey to becoming a highly successful K-pop group.

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