19 May 2020 06:37

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“Kobe & I Were Still Looking For Somebody”: Shaquille O’Neal Reveals How He Pushed Lakers to Pursue Phil Jackson

Just like that, one of the greatest sports documentaries has come and gone in a time when the country needed a distraction from talk of quarantine and social distancing. Perdue, who was traded to the Spurs for Dennis Rodman in 1995, had the privilege of being coached by Phil Jackson for the Bulls' first three-peat, then by Gregg Popovich at the start of the Spurs' on-again, off-again dynasty. ''[Former Bulls general manager] Jerry Krause always used to have the saying: 'I want a team of character; I don't want characters,' '' Perdue told the Sun-Times when relating his reaction to the deal that sent him to the Spurs. ''Second, I felt like I was going to miss out on at least another championship. Perdue said he learned there were different ways to coach a team and relate to players than Jackson's way.

''He took it upon himself to get the best out of me, Horace [Grant], Scottie [Pippen], Michael [Jordan], Steve [Kerr], every player. Poke the bear. How do you poke the bear of each guy? We're going to dinner on me, and [there's] just one rule: We talk everything but basketball. ''I'm not saying Phil is an a—hole, but I don't know if he had my best interest at heart.

Shaquille O'Neal seems to be the lobby behind Phil Jackson signing with Los Angeles Lakers in 1999. After leading Chicago Bulls the way he did, any team would have loved to sign him as the coach. As the Bulls were looking for their third successive title in 1998, there were already reports that Jackson would leave at the end of the season. O'Neal, talking on the Rich Eisen show, said the things going on between the Bulls and Jackson were, in a way good for him, So, when he was not having a good time, I went to Mr. Buss and said this is who we need." After joining the Lakers, Jackson did take Kobe and Shaq to another level- both as individual players and as teammates. Before joining the Lakers, Jackson had already earned a name for himself as one of the best in the business.

He implemented his tringle offense philosophy to achieve immense success with the Chicago Bulls, coaching stars like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Denis Rodman. Going on a run of six titles in eight years, there didn't seem to be a reason why someone would not want him to be a coach. "If I work with somebody who has done it before, I can follow," O'Neal said on the show. Shaquille O'Neal won three-peat with Los Angeles Lakers under Phil Jackson As Shaq expected, Jackson took him, Kobe, and the team to another level. He made an immediate impact on the team upon his arrival winning a title in the first season.

They would go on to win the two successive titles culminating in a three-peat. Jackson won two more titles with the Lakers in his second stint with the team. Hall of Fame center Shaquille O'Neal disclosed how his former head coach Phil Jackson gained his trust during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show Monday (3:03 mark): You listen to me, you will win a championship.' And I said, 'Cool.' First thing he said, 'No more albums, limit your commercials and do everything I say.' And I agreed, and it was probably the best years that I played. O'Neal's 1993 debut album Shaq Diesel achieved platinum status while the 1992 No. 1 overall pick simultaneously earned 1992-93 NBA Rookie of the Year honors with the Orlando Magic. The 15-time All-Star signed with the Los Angeles Lakers during free agency in 1996.

Jackson began his head coaching career with the Chicago Bulls from 1989 through 1998. The 74-year-old implemented the triangle offense to propel the Michael Jordan-led Bulls to six championships, including two three-peats (1991-93, 1995-98). Jackson would win two more titles while head coach of the Lakers in 2009 and 2010, but by then, O'Neal had departed for the Miami Heat (2004-08), Phoenix Suns (2008-09), Cleveland Cavaliers (2009-10) and Boston Celtics (2010-11). One of the reasons behind the end of the Chicago Bulls dynasty in the 1990s was the fact that head coach Phil Jackson parted ways with the team following after the 1997-98 campaign. Whatever may have caused Jackson's departure, the fact of the matter is that he joined the Los Angeles Lakers where he would carry on with his winning tradition. When Jackson arrived in L.A., one of the first things on his agenda was to do a sit-down with his stars, and Lakers legend Shaquille O'Neal recalled how things went down in his very first meeting with Jackson. You listen to me, you will win a championship.' And I said, 'Cool.' First thing he said, 'No more albums, limit your commercials and do everything I say.' And I agreed, and it was probably the best years that I played. Phil Jackson came in with a tremendous track record, and Shaquille O'Neal — who was one of the biggest stars in the NBA at that time — was more than happy to submit to his new coach's demands. Shaq, as well as the rest of the Lakers, followed through on their promise to Jackson. Following the release of the latest episodes of 'The Last Dance', which gave credit to coach Phil Jackson for creating the championship winning Chicago Bulls' legacy, Fox Sorts analyst Chris Broussard shared his insights on how important is the head coach for the success of the team. According to Broussard, "Phil Jackson is the GOAT among NBA coaches. … Jordan & Kobe, as great as they are, never won championships without Phil. Had Phil Jackson become a coach for LeBron James early in LeBron's career I think LeBron would have more championships as well".