25 March 2020 18:32


We're not exactly seeing airlines introduce many positive product innovations at the moment, but All Nippon Airways seems to be the exception. New All Nippon Airways Haneda Airport Lounges This was supposed to be an exciting year for Japan, as the 2020 Summer Olympics were supposed to be held in Tokyo, and Haneda Airport (which is closest to the city) was supposed to see a huge increase in long haul international capacity. Unfortunately the Olympics have since been postponed and many airlines are putting off new Haneda flights, though that's not stopping All Nippon Airways from opening some very nice-looking lounges in a few days, on March 29, 2020. This comes as All Nippon Airways moves international operations to Terminal 2 at the airport. The airline is opening three new lounges with a total of 1,300 combined seats, making these among the largest lounges in Japan.

What should we expect from All Nippon Airways' new Haneda lounges? New ANA Suite First Class Lounge Haneda Airport The new ANA Suite Lounge Haneda will be located in Terminal 2 and will be open daily from 5AM until the last departure. This lounge will be for Star Alliance first class passengers, and will have 360 seats. A live kitchen with a chef preparing cooked to order dishes, a sushi bar, a noodle bar, and a restaurant area with a la carte dining A bar area with both a bartender and a barista, so they'll finally have barista made coffee drinks and bartender made cocktails A napping area with six beds and five reclining chairs ANA's first class lounges have never impressed me, so this actually sounds like an awesome improvement — the food selection sounds much better, barista made coffee and proper cocktails sound great, and that they have real beds is great too. Oddly the pictures don't do much to excite me about the new lounge, because they don't showcase what I would consider to be the key new features… ANA Suite Lounge Haneda New ANA Business Class Lounge Haneda Airport The new ANA Business Class Lounge Haneda will be located in Terminal 2 and will be open daily from 5AM until the last departure. This lounge will be for Star Alliance business class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members, and will have 900 seats. This lounge will feature the following amenities: A live kitchen with a buffet area and a noodle bar A bar area featuring a drink menu with over 20 cocktails, wine, sake, and more An area with booth seating, featuring 24 semi-private booths A kids room Frankly the new business class lounge doesn't sound that exciting, though the additional capacity is much needed, as the old lounge got really full. As a point of comparison, here's a review of ANA's old business class lounge at Haneda. ANA Business Lounge Haneda New ANA Arrivals Lounge Haneda Airport This is perhaps the most interesting new lounge. The new ANA Arrivals Lounge will be located in Terminal 2, and will be open daily from 4:30AM until 12:30PM. This will be open to those arriving in ANA first and business class on an international flight. Previously Haneda didn't have an arrivals lounge, but rather only Narita had one (you can find my review of this rather boring lounge here). The arrivals lounge will feature light meals and beverages, as well as 18 shower rooms for passengers to freshen up in. The most interesting new amenity, though? The lounge will feature a foot bath area with a view of the ocean beyond the runway, "providing a space where passengers can relax and experience a moment of tranquility at the airport." As someone who is a huge fan of clean feet, I love this concept. And to clarify, I'm a huge fan of clean feet not in a foot fetish way, but rather in the sense that I hate dirty feet… Does anyone get the logistics of the foot bath area, though? Is this just an area where you hose down your feet? Because the picture almost makes it look like it's a whirlpool of sorts that you place your feet into… ANA Arrivals Lounge Haneda Bottom Line With Haneda Airport seeing a whole bunch of additional flights, I'm happy to see ANA opening new lounges at the airport as well. Not only does this increase lounge capacity, but some of the lounge features look pretty cool as well. In particular, the new first class lounge sounds like a great improvement, while it's nice to see an arrivals lounge brought to Haneda Airport. What do you make of ANA's new lounges? StackPath Please enable cookies This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The service requires full cookie support in order to view the website. Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. Reference ID: 19d7c8a3056dc3f015ba6700c6fc9fe6