12 December 2020 20:33

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The low-budget thriller Songbird gained a lot of attention earlier this year when it became the first Hollywood movie to restart production after some lockdown restrictions were lifted on the film industry. Michael Bay was one of the producers of the film. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Songbird director Adam Mason confirmed that Bay had a very hands-on approach to the project, and even went so far as to direct some action scenes. So I got to live the Michael Bay Film School experience, for about five months; which is really a pretty incredible experience." While his movies have never wowed critics, Michael Bay is generally acknowledged to be one of the best action movie directors working in Hollywood today, whose use of action cameras has elicited admiration from the likes of James Cameron himself. According to Mason, Bay's desire to direct parts of Songbird partly rose from wanting to figure out how to make a film in the middle of a health emergency.

And I think for Michael, one of the things that interested him most in the project was just our ability to get back to work. Songbird tells the story of lovers Nico Price and Sara Garcia, and their desperate attempts to support each other in a world of social distancing and a deadly virus that has devastated the global population. Mason is the director and co-writer of the film, and he found working alongside Bay on the project to be a great learning experience. Directed by Adam Mason, Songbird stars KJ Apa, Sofia Carson, Craig Robinson, Bradley Whitford, Peter Stormare, Alexandra Daddario, Paul Walter Hauser, Demi Moore. What is unique and deeply uncomfortable about writer-director Adam Mason's 'Songbird' is that it's a speculative science fiction thriller about the ongoing COVID pandemic.

The story is set only four years after the film's release, and so the world it shows is the worst-case scenario if the current situation continues to devolve at an increasing pace. Granted, there is already a litany of films and TV shows that have addressed the pandemic in one way or another; they are almost always about the human condition in such an unusual and stressful time, but 'Songbird' is not one such film. Nico Price (K.J. Apa), a muny, is a courier working for Lester (Craig Robinson). Realizing the only way to prevent his girlfriend and her grandmother's transfer to a Q-Zone is to get them two illegal immunity bracelets, Nico goes to acquire them from the affluent Westside couple Piper and William Griffin (Demi Moore and Bradley Whitford) with all the money he has. Disturbed by the fact that Nico knows about their criminal activities, Piper sends him to Emmett Harland (Peter Stormare), the head of DOS and the Griffins' business partner.

She forms a close bond with Michael Dozer (Paul Walter Hauser), a former US military personal living with a disability. Sara leaves Los Angeles with Nico, and together, they ride toward the ocean on his motorcycle. During his confrontation with Nico, Harland dies while Michael kills William with his drone as the latter is trying to hurt May. Piper shifts the blame for their illegal bracelet operation entirely on Harland and William, with her and May serving as the main witnesses against them. May and Michael begin a virtual relationship, while Nico sends his bracelet to Lester. The film informs its audiences that four years into the outbreak, over 180 million people have died.

Mason knows that upending that entire administrative edifice is impossible, at least for the characters he created for this film. Before his death, Harland told Nico that they are the gods of this new world, with the freedom to do things that are now considered impossible for regular people. Unlike Nico and Sara, May and Michael don't win the genetic lottery. At one point in the film, Michael says that his disability made him a recluse long before the pandemic. The most important person in Piper's life is her and William's daughter, Emma (Lia McHugh), who has the auto-immune disorder, making her extra vulnerable to the pandemic. "Songbird" may be set during a pandemic, but star Sofia Carson stresses the film is "a work of fiction." As you've seen, art has always imitated life and it's just such an extraordinary opportunity to be able to create art as we, as humans, are experiencing it and living it," said Carson, 23. Set in 2024, after the COVID-23 virus has mutated, "Songbird" follows several individuals as they navigate the fourth year of lockdown--during which those who are infected are forced into quarantine camps known as Q-Zones. At the heart of the story are star-crossed lovers--Nico (KJ Apa) and Sara (Carson)--who are prohibited from physical contact. After Sara is said to have been infected with COVID-23, Nico, who is immune, becomes determined to save Sara from being sent into the Q-Zone no matter what it takes. As for what it was like filming a movie about a pandemic during a pandemic, Carson said, "it was as extraordinary as it sounds." "This is the epitome of art imitating life as we were living this life," she continued of "Songbird," which was the first movie to be filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic in Los Angeles. "Our directors set out to do the impossible, which was to shoot a movie about a reality that felt like impossible work of fiction had become our reality. Carson said she was drawn to the project after director Adam Mason described the film as "'Romeo and Juliet' set during the greatest survival story of our time." "At the heart of our film are these two beautiful souls, Nico and Sara, who are fearless warriors of hope because despite losing literally everything, despite the darkness, the pain, the isolation, they never once gave up hope," she told TooFab. And that's the reason why I fell in love with this film, because it is a thriller, but the heart of it is a love story. Carson also spoke to TooFab about her experience working with Apa. See what she had to say about the "Riverdale" actor in our interview, above! Michael Bay's "Songbird" now accessible on-demand, is a pandemic thriller shot in Los Angeles throughout lockdown. The movie stars Demi Moore, Paul Walter Hauser and Craig Robinson and takes place years sooner or later, by which a mutated strand of coronavirus, referred to as COVID-23, continues to wreak havoc on the world's inhabitants. The King Soundworks staff: Gregory King, Re-Recording Mixer, Jon Greasley, Re-Recording Mixer and Supervising Sound Designer and John-Thomas Graves, Supervising Sound Editor talk about how the sound of isolation, nature and a pandemic got here collectively for Bay's thriller. With the lockdown, the soundscape of Los Angeles has modified a lot from visitors to planes to even birds, so what did you talk about with Michael and Adam about what this is able to sound like? Within the opening scene of the film with the voices from all over the world, the thought was to verify as a lot of that was proven as attainable. We didn't know if we have been even going to get this film made. That's the factor, this hadn't been performed earlier than, so that you have been making it up as you went alongside, and the manufacturing did get shut down for a day or two, didn't it? There are these bizarre nature sounds that's atypical for Los Angeles. It's fully counter to every other movie you'd have set in L.A. as a result of there are normally folks honking at each other, visitors, automotive crashes and automotive alarms. We used extra unique birds than you'd ever have in L.A. We pulled recordings from totally different components of the world simply to present it that barely form of bizarre and disconcerting, extra pure really feel to it and it created this cool vibe. King: It's this juxtaposition of eliminating the conventional visitors and industrial noises you hear in L.A. and by eliminating these regular sounds made the muse mild. The one sound we did maintain and add have been the sounds of authority, like helicopters and sirens to present that feeling of lockdown and the enforcement which was extra extreme and militarized within the film. John-Thomas Graves: It was nice to have the sound of isolation since you would by no means hear these sounds within the element that you simply do in a state of affairs like this. We needed to make it sound totally different and never make it tough to listen to. What labored in our favor was that as a result of the film is performed by so many gadgets and the standpoint of that machine, utilizing an iPad to file ADR helped in some conditions the place usually we'd cringe on the considered it.