13 January 2020 12:43

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NEW Love Island star Connor Durman sparked hilarious memes after he said he got his blinding white teeth done in Thailand. Connor, from Worthing, was appearing on the first episode of the ITV2 show last night. The coffee salesmen's bright veneers left viewers distracted and "squinting" at the telly. People on Twitter couldn't get over his extremely white smile, as one viewer remarked: "Connors teeth make me weep a little.">> SEE HOW CONNOR LOOKED BEFORE HIS MAKEOVER HERE Others posted memes comparing the 25-year-old to a number of famous faces, including a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Ross from TV sitcom Friends. Meanwhile, Rylan Clarke Near commented on Connor's teeth and said: "Want to thank Connor from #LoveIsland for taking the heat off me for a bit.

Love Island hunk Connor’s teeth spark hilarious reaction

Cheers mate." But Connor insisted that he'd had loads of attention from ladies since getting his new teeth in Thailand. He said: "I do get a lot of attention from girls on nights out. I think mainly it's the teeth. "I went to Thailand, found someone on google, a random dentist, flew there and just got them done. "Honestly, these teeth have worked wonders for me." Connor coupled up with Sophie Piper, and said he was delighted when she stepped forward for him. He told the guys later on the terrace: "I'm well happy, she stood up straight away and she was the first bird I looked at." Sophie was just as enthusiastic over Connor, and even admitted she loved his teeth. She said: "Yeah I'm well happy. He's got the vibe I like, he's got the veneers." Connor recently returned from four years in Australia where he worked as a cheeky naked waiter in Sydney. He says during his time in Sydney he grew up, adding: "[I did] everything myself, I've got so many new and different life experiences. "I've had two big relationships, one good, one bad. "I think I've gone through a lot. I'm mature now and I know what I want".