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Love Island's Sophie set to ditch Connor - for 'Anthony Joshua's brother'

Love Island's Sophie Piper left viewers puzzled when she said new arrival Connagh Howard looked like "Anthony Joshua's brother" but it looks like she may have a point. Thursday's episode saw the 21-year-old getting rather excited about being chosen to go off on a date with the newbie. When she returned, she excitedly told the other ladies that Connagh resembled the famous boxer, but there's one small problem - he doesn't actually look anything like him. And a little bit of digging on social media soon unearthed pictures of Joshua's brother, Jacob, who does look at least a little like Connagh: While its still very early days, Sophie has struggled to find a match in the villa after initially being coupled up with Connor Durman. Sign up to FREE daily email alerts from Mirror - Daily Love Island Subscribe Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email It looks like Connor was right to be worried about the two new boys' arrivals last night as Sophie Piper's head looks like it might be turning.

This evening, Rochelle Humes' sister is invited on a date with one of the new male Islanders and describes him as looking like "Anthony Joshua's brother". Connagh and Finn have the chance to woo two female Islanders each with a romantic vineyard date. Sophie is picked by new boy Connagh while Siannise is chosen by Finn. While Connor waits for Sophie to return from her date, he admits he is a "little bit" stressed. He adds later: "Obviously I want Sophie to be happy, but we had a good thing going.

She tells Connagh: "I feel like I am happy with Connor. Once she returns back to the villa, Sophie excitedly tells the rest of the girls about her date. She says: "Let me paint you a picture – he looks like Anthony Joshua 's brother. *Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 Our first look at tonight's Love Island sees Connor and Sophie rocked by the news that two new boys were coming into the villa. Having previously argued over Sophie's gleeful reaction to the newcomers, Connor is left feeling sheepish when Sophie tells him that she is "not going to be friends with him anymore".

And the pressure is really on when Sophie discovers that new boy Connagh has picked her for a date. Get all the latest Love Island news and gossip direct to your inbox Sign up to receive our newsletter! Sign up to get alerts on Love Island and receive TV and entertainment email newsletters from our award-winning editorial team. Getting ready with Siannise, who was picked by incomer Finley, Sophie asks Connor whether he is going to make her a cup of tea, when he helpfully reminds her they aren't friends. Sophie clearly has a good date with Connagh, who she later describes to the other girls in the villa as: "Like Anthony Joshua's brother.

Elsewhere, Connor tells Nas that he's "f****** losing his s***" at the news of the date. Tonight's episode of Love Island saw Connagh and Finley enter the villa, the twins suffering quite a bit of rejection and Connor and Sophie's relationship continue to be on the rocks after their tension on Wednesday night. Two new boys arrived in the villa, and they could each choose two girls each to take on dates. Connagh chose Sophie (who said he looked like Anthony Joshua's brother, although I wasn't convinced) and Shaughna, who is definitely keen on him and enjoying giving Callum the cold shoulder. Last night's episode ended with tense scenes between Connor and Sophie after she made a joke about being excited for new boys to arrive and Connor had a bit of a sense of humour failure.

Then they made up in tonight's episode, but not for long, as Sophie had to explain to Connor the difference between a joke and a non-joke and it became awkwardly clear he is more into her than she is into him. 3. Connor's questionable reaction It all started to go a bit wrong for Connor when Paige bellowed: "I've got a text!" After swiftly discovering that two new boys were poised to enter the villa the next day, Connor was shocked to see Sophie – with whom he's coupled up – waving her hands in the air and whooping in celebration. "It's a bit muggy," he told the boys before taking Sophie to one side in order to work out whether or not she was joking (answer: she quite clearly was). Not long to go until Love Island is back and the villa is introduced to Connagh and Finley... It's Connagh v Connor for Sophie's attention Advertisement Is it just me or are the slo-mo music segments getting longer and more frequent with every episode of Love Island? Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2. Love Island fans were in hysterics to see Connor Durman's face when his partner, Sophie Piper ended up snogging new boy Connagh Howard during a game. Connagh's dare was to snog the two Islanders he would have a threesome with, and he went for Siannise Fudge and Sophie. New Connagh chose Sophie as one of his picks, and leant in for a steamy smooch – but it didn't go down well with Connor, who had a face like thunder as he watched them snog. He told the camera afterwards: 'I watched about half a second of it and looked the other way, because if you didn't see it, it didn't happen.' Connor told Sophie: 'Someone asked me if it bothered me, and I said no it didn't bother me. Connor when Connagh was lipsing Sophie #LoveIsland pic.twitter.com/ON53dbBsh4 — Lit wid it. Despite Sophie wanting to stick with old Connor, he pulled new Connaugh to one side for 'a chat' to discuss where their heads were at after the kiss. Connor has been coupled up with Sophie so far (Picture: ITV) Connagh chose Sophie as one of his dates (Picture: Rex Features) Connagh admitted that he finds Sophie attractive, and that while she had admitted she was happy she had told him it was still early days in her couple. Sophie had earlier been chosen by Connagh to go on a date with him, but had still decided her original Connor was the one for her. With a recoupling looming, there's everything to play for as anyone who isn't chosen in the next episode will be booted from the island. Love Island returns 9pm on ITV2. MORE: Love Island viewers left stunned after finding out new boy Finley Tapp is only 20 years old