21 August 2020 16:57

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Why Netflix's Lucifer is ending after season six We're so excited to finally watch season five on Netflix Lucifer is back on Netflix for season five, and while the fifth series was intended to be its last, fans were delighted when it was revealed that the show was actually extended to season six. So why is season six going to be the end of the show? READ: Netflix announce start date for The Crown season four in epic trailer WATCH: Lucifer season five trailer sees Chloe hoodwinked by Michael The showrunners, Joe and Ildy Modrovich, told Entertainment Weekly that after being offered a sixth and final season by Netflix, it was the perfect opportunity to conclude all of the characters' story arcs properly, admitting that they had rushed them in season five. Joe said: "[We were] like, 'No, this is perfect. If we do this [extend to season six], it'll ruin everything!

Then three days later, you're like, 'Wait, how could we not have done this?' Season five sees Lucifer's twin brother Michael try to take over his life "It's the story we were always going to tell, but just written much larger and to me so much more interestingly. It breaks my heart to think we weren't going to do it this way." Ildy added: "[We want to] really explore how our characters end up where they ended up." READ: Agatha Christie's Poirot star Hugh Fraser looks unrecognisable in throwback to early career Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, also opened up about the surprise sixth season. "I'd planned to spend this season in my own grieving process," he told The Guardian. "And then, right towards the end, literally as we'd already devised how we would end our show, we had a call from Netflix saying: 'Would you like to go another season?'" The series was originally cancelled after three seasons before it was bought by Netflix The series follows Lucifer AKA the devil after he decides he is fed up of ruling Hell and decides to live on Earth instead, where he teams up with a detective, Chloe Decker, and uses his particular set of devilish skills to help her catch bad guys. Tom Ellis returns as Lucifer in the Netflix show this week (Picture: Netflix) Lucifer fans certainly seem to have power when it comes to making their voice heard after getting their favourite show renewed for a fifth season on Netflix, but have they done enough to secure a sixth instalment of the series?

Last year showrunner Ildy Modrovich confirmed that season 5 would be the show's last, tweeting: 'Season 5 is coming!!! Thank you to our beautiful Lucifamily for all of your love and support!! And to @LuciferNetflix for being the best partners EVER!! It's our final season so we're planning to make it COUNT!!' Netflix also stated that the show would wrap after the final season, saying: 'Thanks to the lucifans, Lucifer's story will come to an end the way it should: the fifth and final season is coming to Netflix.' However, that was last year and the news this year is some what different… Is Lucifer ending after season five? It's yet more good news for Lucifans, because Lucifer is not ending after season five as originally announced and is in fact coming back for a sixth season.

While Netflix and the team behind the show said that season five would be Lucifer's last, they have confirmed that the sixth instalment of the series will actually be the show's last instead (really). Netflix announced the news that Lucifer had been renwed for a sixth series back in June saying: 'We couldn't resist making Season 666 – Lucifer will be back for a sixth and final season. And we mean *final* this time.' They also confirmed the news tweeting: 'The devil made us do it. #lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. Like, FINAL final.' A release date for the sixth and final season of Lucifer is yet to be announced, but the first part of Lucifer season 5 is dropping on Netflix today, Friday August 21. The first part of the season will consist of eight episodes, with eight more due at a later date. MORE: What time is Lucifer Season 5 released on Netflix tomorrow and who is in the cast? MORE: Remember when Lucifer star Tom Ellis was in EastEnders? Follow Metro across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share your views in the comments below. Lucifer had a surprise guest in the new series (Picture: Netflix) ***Warning: Minor Lucifer season 5 spoilers ahead*** Lucifer (Tom Ellis) – well, his twin brother Michael – had a reunion with a surprise celebrity pal in the new episodes of season 5, leaving Chloe (Lauren German) stunned and fans in stitches laughing. Sharon Osbourne, the crown Princess of Darkness herself, made a shock cameo as a suspect in a murder investigation. In the scene, Sharon was one of six wannabe astronauts trialling a simulation as training ahead of a trip to Mars. When one of her fellow team mates, Judy, is murdered in the simulation, meaning only the people inside could have done it, they're all brought to the LA precinct for questioning. Advertisement But Sharon denies all knowledge of it, saying of the dead: 'Judy was a bit of a party pooper. 'We had about five books the entire time we were in there, and she managed to spoil the endings to all of them!' Sharon became a murder suspect in the new series (Picture: Netflix) Chloe then jumped in to continue the interrogation, and probed: 'What did you do? Bite the head off a bat? Stab her sorry space ass? Huh?!' 'It was my husband a bit the head of a bat,' Sharon cooly responded, causing Lucifer (well, Michael) to apologise for Chloe's harsh line of questioning. 'That's quite alright,' Sharon told him. 'By the way. I never managed to thank you for all the things you did for us. From one Prince of Darkness to another right?' Chloe was determined to get the truth out of Sharon (Picture: Netflix) It was, essentially, an iconic little cameo – with Sharon being sent on her way after being cleared of any wrongdoing. But at least we can add Ozzy to the growing list of people to have made deals with the Devil. Fans couldn't help but laugh at the unexpected moment and the shock at the Princess of Darkness dropping by OH MY GOD SHARON OSBOURNE HAHAHAHHAA #LuciferSeason5 — abbie | lucifer spoilers (@kellmansdecker) August 21, 2020 Omfl Sharon Osbourne on Lucifer! The princess of darkness! #luciferseason5 — Jennifer Steele (@MsJenSteele) August 21, 2020 #LuciferSeason5 i’m losing my mind the fact that sharon osbourne is in this is making me laugh so much oh my god — elle 🦔 || LUCIFER SPOILERS (maybe?) (@aziraphalescrow) August 21, 2020 Sharon Osbourne guest starring as herself on #LuciferSeason5 is my new favorite thing. — Emily Redenbach (@aussiemily) August 21, 2020 Lucifer season 5a dropped today and immediately fans are binging their way through the first batch of eight episodes. We've already done it, and you can see our review here. Viewers might want to pace themselves though, seeing as the second half of the season is yet to be finished, so we don't know its release date. After that, they have one more season to go, after Netflix in a one-of-a-kind turnaround decided to give the team a season six, despite initially announcing season five as the final round. Looks like the Devil made a deal with Netflix to keep himself around a little longer… Lucifer is available now on Netflix. Got A Story? If you've got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro.co.uk entertainment team by emailing us [email protected] calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we'd love to hear from you. MORE: What Lucifer superfans want from season five from Deckerstar and Mazikeen to truths and apologies MORE: Lucifer season 6 will have Black Lives Matter and police brutality-focused episode