29 September 2020 22:34


A KIDLINGTON bakery has donated the profits from the sale of over 100 macarons to suppot Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning. Cakey More was set up by Siobhan Tumetly over lockdown after her family persuaded her to start selling her 'famous' Italian macarons for profit. This weekend, however, all of Mrs Tumetly's profits from her baked goods went to the Cancer Support Charity. Over 20 boxes of macarons were sold to neighbours and the pair raised a further £600 from selling other baked goods. For the last eight years Mrs Tumetly's neighbour, Louisa Heywood, has organised events on their street as part of Macmillan's coffee morning, however, this year the events had to be cancelled due to covid restrictions.

Kiddlington bakery raises money for Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Ms Heywood approached the baker to see if she could help raise funds for the charity. Ms Heywood said: "I thought perhaps people would be more comfortable buying from a local business in the current climate, so it seemed like a great idea to ask Siobhan if she'd like to help to do something different this year." The new found baker immediately 'jumped at the chance' and has since spent hours in her kitchen baking. Mrs Tumetly said: "I've seen first-hand the amazing work that Macmillan nurses do and can't think of a better charity for my new business to support." The pair sold over 20 boxes of macarons to their neighbours which were delivered on Sunday. They also raised a further £600 and said it was 'a really successful morning!' The owner of Cakey More added: "I started baking during lockdown, like everyone else, but I went a bit crazy. "A couple of friends and family told me I should go pro, so I did. "I started baking birthday cakes for people who birthdays were over lockdown and of course the macarons. "Louisa usually runs the biggest coffee morning at someone's house on the street. "We had planned this year to do it outside, but then the rule of six came in and we knew it could not possibly go ahead. "Louisa had known I'd just started to the business and knew I had a high health and safety rating, so we popped a few messages around the neighbourhood. "It went haywire. By Friday I have already cooked up three batches and given eighteen boxes around the neighbourhood. "All the profits went to Macmillan and we made our deliveries on Sunday morning." Mrs Tumetly initially started selling her macrons and cakes via post, with buyers contacting her through her Facebook and Instagram page. But since coronavirus restrictions have eased the newfound baker has been able to run other events. She said: "I have started going to North Parade Market in Jericho. I would have been there this weekend, but I was too busy with the charity bake sale. "I will hopefully be back in Jericho in the second weekend of October. "I will also be available to deliver macarons around Kidlington once a week and help bake cakes for small celebrations, which can be ordered from my Facebook or Instagram page. "For the moment I am still cooking at home, but we are a register business". You can order from Cakey More on Instagram @cakey_more.