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Mortal Shell secrets: Chests, the fog, Obsidian Dark Form, and endings

Like any Souls-like game, Mortal Shell has its own fair share of secrets. Note: For more information, check out our Mortal Shell guides and features hub. Mortal Shell: Secrets – Stone statue chests and the fog mechanic When you've just started your Mortal Shell playthrough, you'll probably notice a few stone statues all over Fallgrim. These allow you to switch between different weapons you've unlocked in Mortal Shell. The clue is that if the stone statue chest in Fallgrim is close to an entrance to another zone, it's likely that this is one of those "weapon swap" items.

Let's say you've returned to Fallgrim Tower, it's time to give the gland to the Old Prisoner (the giant plague doctor bird) so you can have buffs to your enhanced riposte. Note: Telling Thestus to summon the fog will cost one glimpse. Mortal Shell has three endings. However, I was informed that there are only two endings in Mortal Shell (the ones I mentioned above). Mortal Shell has a couple more NPCs that you'll encounter during your travels.

Obsidian Dark Form: No shell, no damage run In effect, Obsidian Dark Form just leaves you with a lot of stamina and almost no health. Mortal Shell is available via the Epic Games Store. If you want to change your shell without going back to the tower, Mortal Shell requires you to use a consumable effigy. Simply open up your inventory and use an effigy to instantly change your shell, or assign one to your quick items to use from there. A big part of Mortal Shell is exploration.

You'll even have to uncover the secrets of the items you discover in the game world; Mortal Shell doesn't tell you what its items do when you first pick them up. What you know about items is determined by a system called Familiarity--the more you use an item, the more you learn about it, and the more you can take advantage of its effects. For those folks, we've got a complete Mortal Shell item guide right here. This is a complete list of the consumable items you can find in the game and what they'll do, as well as the bonuses you'll earn once you use them enough to max out your familiarity with each one. Mortal Shell Consumable Items Most of the items you find in the world of Mortal Shell will be consumables--things you can eat to heal yourself or to gain Resolve or Stamina, or use to protect yourself from harm.

Below, you'll find a rundown of what each item does when you use it once, and the bonus you receive for maxing out your Familiarity with that item. Restores 35 health over 10 seconds, but costs some Resolve. Restores a small amount of health, but costs large amount of Resolve. Familiar: Decreases health cost. Attack Damage Bonus Items Familiar: Your damage bonus is increased even more.

Familiar: After getting struck while hardened, the damage done by the next hit you receive is completely negated. Familiar: You also gain some Resolve when using the item. Summons the Harros shell, allowing you to switch shells without being at the Tower, but at the cost of some damage to the shell. Summons the Solomon shell, allowing you to switch shells without being at the Tower, but at the cost of some damage to the shell. Summons the Tiel shell, allowing you to switch shells without being at the Tower, but at the cost of some damage to the shell. Summons the Eredrim shell, allowing you to switch shells without being at the Tower, but at the cost of some damage to the shell. Familiar: The shell takes less damage when you summon it. Mortal Shell Unlimited Use Items There are a handful of items you'll find in Mortal Shell that won't be consumed when you use them. You'll generally find these items hidden in the three temples you'll have to venture into to get the Sacred Glands you need to advance in Mortal Shell, or in the locked frog chests in Fallgrim. You'll need to increase your Familiarity to play it well, and you'll be able to draw enemies to you with it the same way you can with the Simple Lute. Look, comparisons to Dark Souls are trite, but Mortal Shell is understood most quickly through comparison to the games which so clearly inspired it. Our Mortal Shell review calls it "a fairly strong Soulslike", which might be somewhat faint praise but it's not damning. The Souls influence on Mortal Shell is not a secret. Ed Thorn did like a lot of Mortal Shell but wished it had more weapons, more enemy types, and a world which felt like the space fit together better. Mortal Shell is out now for £25/€25/$30 on the Epic Games Store. [Editor's note: we got a late start on Mortal Shell, so through no fault of his own, our reviewer isn't quite done with it yet. Mortal Shell was kicking my ass for the first couple of days--more so than any of FromSoftware's own Souls games, Bloodborne, or Sekiro ever did. Since normal health and stamina bar upgrades don't exist in Mortal Shell, you'll end up gravitating to one of them depending on the situation or your playstyle. Thing is, I didn't find Eredrim before I got locked in an icy catacomb with the boss of one of Mortal Shell's three major zones, which made for a fight even more lopsided against me than I'm accustomed to in this genre. With one perk, there's a small chance that any hits on you will take away stamina damage but not health. Mortal Shell got a lot more enjoyable once I got to where I could explore again. The ledge will end up feeling like a mountain, and Mortal Shell has no pity on you if you go too far too quickly. Of them, "hardening" is what really sets Mortal Shell apart. And now we come to the reason why I've been having such a hard time with Mortal Shell. If you can perfectly time a parry (and you have enough bars filled on your resolve meter), you can unleash a devastating riposte and gain a good chunk of your health back. Fortunately, Mortal Shell offers an alternative method of healing for those of us who can't handle its parrying. Mortal Shell can be a brutally hard game, but I'm glad it draws inspiration from Sekiro by granting you a second chance of sorts. If an enemy "kills" you, you get knocked out of whatever shell you were wearing and end up in your weak shell-less form; if you can get back to your shell, though, you're instantly boosted back to full health and stamina. For better or worse, that's a true Dark Soulsy feeling, and Mortal Shell captures it better than any other Souls-like I've played.