21 October 2019 14:35

Maggie Rogers Emmerdale Moira Barton

Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers is taking a stand against sexist comments from concert-goers. On Sunday the musician issued a statement on social media recounting degrading remarks shouted at her during her show the night before. According to her tour schedule, Rogers played Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas Saturday night. As is her custom, Rogers ended the show with an acoustic encore of her best-known song, "Alaska," prefacing it with a powerful speech she called the "most vulnerable part of the set." (YouTube footage from a past performance, posted below, offers an example of her opening up to audience members about her journey.) But her words about "gratitude and growth and change" were interrupted by two men — one who shouted "take your top off," while another chimed, "you cute though." According to her statement, Rogers was "stunned, furious, fuming [and] confused" by the comments, adding, "On a really basic level, it really hurt my feelings." The outburst from the audience members violated the "safe space" she creates in her concerts, she told fans. "I step on stage every night and give every part of me," she wrote.

"And my community shows up every night and together, we create a safe space to amplify each other. To allow relief. To allow release. There's a deep amount of trust there. "I step on stage every night with a deep reverence for the stage, my craft and the privilege that is making music for my job," she continued. "I've been writing and producing music for 10 years — my body is my greatest tool for communicating that work." While it's unclear how she handled the incident on Saturday night, there's no doubt Rogers won't be putting up with that kind of behavior going forward. "I want to use this moment to be very, very clear," she added. "There is no space for harassment or disrespect or degradation of any kind at my show," she wrote. Her fans have responded to the message with supportive comments as well as anger over the "infuriating" incident. Many noted that they had witnessed the "heartbreaking" moment during Saturday's show. infuriating. you deserve better than that. i'm sorry. — tyler oakley (@tyleroakley) October 20, 2019 men are officially banned from maggie rogers shows — �� �� (@allieeinthesky) October 20, 2019 Maggie, I'm so sorry this happened. It changed the entire dynamic of the room in a nanosecond. You handled it thoughtfully and with grace, but I hope that guy got dragged out. — Matt Shiv (@shivvy) October 20, 2019 watching this yesterday was heartbreaking, i admire you and thank you for all you do � — dav (@davidprida) October 20, 2019 Being in the crowd when this happened gave me physical pain for you and all women who have experienced this. Your strength (while unnecessary) and music are inspiring. ❤️ — Annemarie Donnelly (@anmriedee) October 20, 2019 Rogers is due to play a second show at ACL Live on Sunday night. TONIGHT: Maggie Rogers Heard It In A Past Life World Tour with special guest Jacob Banks | Night Two 6:30PM - Gates 8:00PM - @MrJacobBanks 9:10PM - @MaggieRogerspic.twitter.com/TjZU7YuKkk — ACL Live (@acllive) October 20, 2019 Singer Ric Ocasek of The Cars has died at age 75 Sheryl Crow praises Walmart for new gun sale policy, years after her song was banned from its stores 2019 VMAs' highs and lows: Michael Jackson backlash, Missy Elliott comeback and more