20 November 2020 20:35

Maidstone Cambridge Crescent Kent Police

Sign me up for news alerts At least 3,331 houses have been affected by a power cut in the town. Thousands of homes in and around Maidstone are without electric after a high voltage cable was damaged, UK Power Networks has confirmed. Thousands of homes in Maidstone have been affected by a powercut. Picture: UK Power Networks Power isn't expected to be back on for customers until between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Engineers are on their way to the scene to assess and fix the problem which caused an "area wide powercut".

The company said: "We're sorry for any disruption this may be causing you. "We may be able to get some customers on sooner." Read more: All the latest news from Maidstone Over 2,500 house have been plunged into darkness across 20 postcodes this evening following a major power outage in Kent. Homes lost heating and light just after 6pm on Friday evening. Eletectity supplier UK Power who is the area power supplier said that power was likely to be off until at lease 9.30pm on Friday. They said we're sorry for any disruption this may be causing you.

They estimate the power will be back on by 9.30pm The reason for the outage is due to underground electricity cable faulted on their high voltage network, causing an area-wide power cut. Check back for updates More to Follow