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Nelson Oliveira comments on Aston Villa defender Tyrone Mings challenge

Patrick Stewart will be there to chat about his new fantasy adventure The Kid Who Would Be King, but hopefully Graham will also ask him some questions about the new Star Trek show that he has signed up for. Newly Oscar-nominated Regina King will be discussing her role in the new racially-charged drama If Beale Street Could Talk, and potentially the huge new take on the Watchmen graphic novel. Oscar-nominated actress Regina King will speak about starring in If Beale Street Could Talk. The day of reckoning came for Corrie's Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), as she was forced to face the music over running Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) while drunk. Instead, she headed off to Spain, avoiding having to give any evidence against Johnny and Jenny on the stand.

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Reading FC: Every word from Jose Gomes on Nelson Oliveira, Tyrone Mings 'stamp', the FA's response plus much more.

Liz confronted Jenny in the pub last week (Picture: ITV) Annoyed Coronation Street viewers have complained they are not happy with the outcome of the Johnny and Jenny Connor saga. The couple faced prison after a drunken Jenny ran Liz McDonald over at Christmas, and loyal Johnny covered for his wife's hit and run by saying he had been driving. Jenny later owned up to the crime and because Johnny had already said he was responsible, they were charged with perverting the course of justice. Lynne Coulson raged on our Coronation Street Facebook page: "What I would like to know is why is everyone rallying to Jenny's side when the stupid idiot was blind drunk and got into her car? Tonight's Corrie has seen Johnny and Jenny rake over the problems in their marriage as the landlord whisked his wife away for a night at a hotel.

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Johnny has reached out to Jenny after she developed a dangerous drink problem which led to her accidentally mowing down Liz. By the time Christmas Day came along on Coronation Street Jenny had been drunk or hungover for three weeks and had a black eye and broken rib. READING FC manager Jose Gomes is urging the Football Association to change its rules to prevent incidents like the Tyrone Mings 'stamp' on Nelson Oliveira happening again. Oliveira was left with horrific facial injuries and a shattered nose after being trod on by Mings during last weekend's 0-0 draw against Aston Villa. The on-loan Royals striker broke his silence yesterday by dismissing suggestions it was an accident and claiming Mings knew exactly what he was doing. Mings' actions have been widely condemned by the football community including ex-Royals striker Dave Kitson and former Premier League and FIFA referee, Mark Halsey.

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But the FA cannot hit Mings with a retrospective charge as referee Geoff Eltringham said the incident was accidental in his match report and he did not book the on-loan Bournemouth defender or even award a foul. Thoughts on the Nelson Oliveira/Tyrone Mings incident: "I must say the truth which is from the bench it didn't look like an intentional action. "I cannot judge the referee because, like I said, from the bench it looked an accidental action, but my point is if the FA cannot do anything because the referee saw it on the pitch. Tyrone Mings and referee Geoff Eltringham call for medical assistance for a stricken Nelson Oliveira. I am sure that if the referee watched the video, the decision would be very, very tough for Mings.

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"We are talking about players getting very serious injuries if nothing happens. We could be talking about an ex player if Mings' football boots had touched Nelson's eye, he could be blind. "I am not against the referee or the FA, I just want to protect my player because it wasn't a football action." "He saw some movements and the players touch, but he didn't realise how dangerous Mings' actions were. "It is not fair that Nelson is out, he cannot even breathe properly, yet nothing happens to the other player. "If King Salomon gives justice to this, it should be Mings cannot play until Nelson is completely ready.


"Our media department has a very good picture where you can clearly see Mings looks down before the stamp. But when you look at the pictures there is no doubt he intentionally stepped on Nelson's face. "Only two things can happen – the FA punish Mings or, if the referee saw it and didn't do anything, he must be punished. Tyrone Mings received a retrospective five-match ban in 2017 for stamping on the head of ex-Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. "We must look at what happened and ask the question.

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Nelson Oliveira thanked medical staff for their help following the gory incident. "The players know it was intentional after looking at the pictures. If you like football or play football you don't need to be a professional to understand it was an intentional action. "All the players support Nelson and the way he dealt with the situation before he went to hospital. BOSS Eddie Howe defended on-loan Tyrone Mings after the gruesome incident involving him and Nelson Oliveira.


Mings, making his Aston Villa debut, caught the head of the Reading frontman with his boot as the pair tussled for the ball. Mings was banned for five games in March 2017 after stepping on the head of Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic during Cherries' 1-1 draw at Old Trafford. Manager Howe insisted the incidents had to be looked at separately and dismissed any allegations of an intentional stamp. "But I think you have to look at the incidents in isolation. Reading striker Nelson Oliveira has revealed just how lucky he is following an incident which left him with a broken nose, saying the challenge could have left him blind.

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The ex-Nottingham Forest loan striker, who famously scored the winner against Derby during his spell at the City Ground in 2015, suffered the horrific injury in a clash with Tyrone Mings last Saturday. "I understand the FA but for sure there is something they need to look at because it's not a normal situation. "There is nothing like football in England - the game is really good, it's a big industry and everything is big, so you need to treat everything big. Reading FC are a club that rarely make national sporting headlines, but for rather unfortunate circumstances in the case of Tyrone Mings and Nelson Oliveira, that has been exactly what has happened this week. Ever since the Aston Villa defender stamped on the Portuguese forwards head in the match against Villa last Saturday, there has been much debate and spotlight brought to the situation.

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The incident has left the Norwich loanee with a broken nose and some severe cuts on his face (I doubt his partner will be happy). The question on everyone's lips is: did Mings mean to stamp on his face? It was the same player who when playing for Bournemouth in the Premier League, "accidentally" stamped on the head of one Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Old Trafford. Another talking point revolving around this matter is the fact it seems that Mings will escape any sort of ban. It's a really hard one to call, as only Tyrone Mings will know in himself whether he meant to genuinely stamp on Nelson Oliveira's head.

Aston Villa head into the small matter of Sheffield United at home tonight in the Championship, still dogged by the fall-out from defender Tyrone Mings' stamp on Reading striker Nelson Oliveira at the Madejski Stadium last weekend. The clash left the Reading man hospitalised with a broken nose and deep facial cuts to the face, but the incident did not warrant any action from the referee during play, or retrospectively by the FA. Villa manager Dean Smith has come out in support of his player suggesting that he has become a victim of a witch-hunt, following a similar incident five years ago. "There is no way that Mings did that by accident and he should be punished for his actions. "You can see in the video he looks down and swipes his foot to try and avoid Oliveira, but his foot was too low to be able to evade his face. Reading striker Nelson Oliveira uses Tottenham Hotspur ace Harry Kane to make his point about Aston Villa striker Tyrone Mings. Reading striker Nelson Oliveira has suggested that Bournemouth-owned defender Aston Villa Tyrone Mings would have been punished had he stood on Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane, as quoted in The Sun. During the Championship game between Reading and Villa at the Madejski Stadium last weekend, Mings - who joined the Villans on loan from Premier League club Bournemouth in the January transfer window - landed with his boot on Oliveira's face. BBC Sport has reported that the FA have decided that Mings will not face any retrospective action, as the incident was seen by match officials at the time. Oliveira has suggested that if Mings had stamped on Tottenham and England international striker Kane, then the FA would have taken action. The Sun quotes Oliveira as saying: "If this happens in Portugal they would look at it again. I don't care about justice, it's just about kids who want to play football.

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