10 October 2020 02:40

Mary Killen’s impersonation of chef Nigella Lawson was ‘on point’, one commentator wrote.

Mary Killen's impersonation of chef Nigella Lawson was 'on point', one commentator wrote. Another commented, "Mary is on fire tonight. Her impression of @Nigella_Lawson." Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsay had slammed Mary for inducing people to believe that she can be a great cook. Kayley Short (@K_Shorty07) God Lord from imitating Nigella herself was spot on and hilarious! Mary, who is an author and columnist, tweeted that she has just finished filming the series that airs next month and the Christmas Special will go out in December.

Gogglebox’s Mary steals the show with a ‘spot on’ impression of Nigella Lawson – Zoram Observer

She further said that her impression of Niggella was perfect. Notably, there will be a new series on CookEatRepeat from November., I'm afraid. Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4. 'No info on dates outside the UK yet…I've been afraid,' channel 4's Channel 4 news channel reported. The programme is also aired on YouTube channel 4. It can be accessed via Google Play.com. It will also be streamed live on Facebook and Twitter. There are also other versions of the show which will be available later.