25 August 2020 08:36

Mat: It's Dominik Guerrero's first real match in WWE.

summerslam 2020

Winner: Seth Rollins via pinfall Chris: We here at GameSpot recognize Dominik's true parentage. After losing a ladder match to Eddie Guerrero 15 years ago, Dominik is technically Eddie's son. I've actually been pretty hyped for his first match. Dominik did some of his training with the incredibly serious Lance Storm, and he comes from one of the most iconic wrestling lineages ever. I don't, however, understand why Dominik is wrestling in a hoodie.

WWE Summerslam 2020 Review & Recap: Roman Reigns Returns

So let's be honest here. Dominik isn't ready for this kind of spotlight. He hasn't had enough training, and what's more he hasn't had enough training in WWE's system--and it shows. However, he became far more comfortable as the match went on and ridiculous elements became involved--from a handcuffed Rey to his mom coming to ringside. This was a street fight, and we were given elements of that type of bout in spades--lots of weapons, a busted table, all kinds of outside interference. I loved Dominik's frog splash in tribute to his dad Eddie. Also, don't think I didn't notice that White Russian Legsweep through the table. Is Sandman also his dad? Ultimately, this was less a match and more a chance for Seth to be devious and depraved, which is good. Kudos to his WCW-era Rey Mysterio tights. I don't know where the feud goes from here, though. Seth has blinded Mysterio, popped out his eye, and not beaten up his child. Mat: It's Dominik Guerrero's first real match in WWE. Are you as excited as I am? However, it is pretty weird that a street fight starts inside a ring. Shouldn't it start--wait for it--in the street? This is a huge first match for any wrestler. You're at one of the biggest PPVs a year, in a match with a main eventer, and your father is Eddie Guerrero. The match is paced exceptionally slow, most likely because Guerrero's ring skills aren't as advanced as other main roster talent. After every move is a beat, and during this time, Rollins yells a bunch or just walks around the ring. 75% of this match is essentially equivalent to a rest hold. Regardless, this match is about storytelling over in-ring performance--because it has to be. It's the story of a boy--who once found out his father was biologically Eddie Guerrero--becoming a man and taking the torch from his father in the family business. He's up against tremendous odds and must rise to the challenge--even if the father in this scenario isn't biologically related to him. What we got, in the end, was a fine match. Not great, not bad, but not memorable. I'm sure Dominik has a very bright future ahead for him, and I can't wait for that. However, this wasn't the best debut. I was entertained, so there's that.