18 May 2020 00:35

Matt Hardy tweeted, “I will TORTURE, BREAK, EAT & DELETE Samuel on #AEWDynamite.

Matt Hardy is ready to face Sammy Guevara. On Hardy's YouTube Channel, he posted a video in which he previews this upcoming match. Here's an excerpt: Hardy: "I'm really trying to wrap my head around it. I'm not sure if you're just a glutton for punishment, maybe a pain addict or maybe you have a death wish, Sammy. I mean you'd think, after you'd poked the bear as much as you'd poked the bear, you would have learned your lesson.

I mean, after the way that Damascus best your a– in the street right, Sammy, after the way I jumped off a ladder and put you through a table, after the way Damascus ran over you, after the way Damascus twisted you while you were wearing a neck brace last Wednesday on Dynamite, you would have thought you would have learned your lesson. You continued to poke the bear, you continued to push Damascus. And then you pushed him way too far." Hardy will face Guevara this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite. The full video is available below: Hardy also Tweeted about the match. "I will TORTURE, BREAK, EAT & DELETE Samuel on #AEWDynamite," wrote Hardy.

I will TORTURE, BREAK, EAT & DELETE Samuel on #AEWDynamite. BMH — #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) May 17, 2020 RELATED: The Inner Circle & Le Sex Gods Ruin Matt Hardy's AEW Debut AEW/WWE During a recent appearance on Barstool Sports' "My Mom's Basement" with Robbie Fox podcast, former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho commented on 'other shows' allowing wrestlers to cut promos with microphones in front of no live audience. Both AEW and WWE have had to adapt to the current global situation and both shows have had very different approaches to the new environment. WWE have refused to plant any staff or wrestlers in the crowd to generate any immediate atmosphere, whereas AEW have taken to surrounding the ring with a variety of their stars in order to pump some noise into the arena. On top of this, WWE - or 'other shows' as Jericho referred to them as - have also continued to make their stars hold microphones during one-on-one promo segments.

Jericho felt this was a bit odd when he was tasked with a one-on-one face-off with Broken Matt Hardy a few weeks back and so he decided to use the 'old laugh mic' instead, as it made things feel 'more like a movie'. His full statement reads as follows: The first thing I remembered is that when I had the face-to-face promo with Matt Hardy and other shows have the guy standing there talking on a microphone to each other… I mean, if you have to use the microphone to talk to the camera… So I said why don't we use the old laugh mic and that way we can be more expressive. We're one-on-one. It's more like a movie – rather than 'there's nobody f*cking here. What are we doing, right?' Do you think that WWE's decision to continue using microphones at this time during their in-ring segments is strange?

Or is this just Jericho finding another way to throw shade at his former company? We apologize for the inconvenience......but your activity and behavior on this site made us think that you are a bot. Note: A number of things could be going on here. – Matt Hardy is thirsting for vengeance. Later this week on Dynamite, Matt Hardy is going to face Inner Circle member Sammy Guevara. Hardy commented on the matchup again today on Twitter, and he promised retaliation against Sammy Guevara and vengeance for the murder of Vanguard 1. Matt Hardy tweeted, "I will TORTURE, BREAK, EAT & DELETE Samuel on #AEWDynamite. Vanguard 1 will be AVENGED. BMH" You can check out that tweet below.