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Netflix viewers' shock at series about Night Stalker Richard Ramirez

Netflix debuted a new docuseries on the Night Stalker serial killer today, and while many early viewers have excitedly rushed to watch all four episodes, others are complaining that it's more graphic than it needs to be. 'Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer' delves into the murders of Richard Ramirez, a serial killer and serial rapist who was imprisoned at San Quentin State Prison for crimes he committed in California in the mid-1980s. Streaming: Netflix debuted the four-part docuseries 'Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer' today No need for them to include the victim crime scene photos, and slo-mo blood splatter shots, it's not necessary,' said another. Ramirez would climb through open windows and doors in the early hours of the morning and ransack valuables as well as rape and kill his victims, leaving gruesome crime scenes often marking them with pentagrams. Murderer: Ramirez would climb through open windows and doors, and ransack valuables as well as rape and kill his victims, leaving gruesome crime scenes He was sentenced to death for his crimes, but died of natural causes in San Quentin State Prison while awaiting execution in 2013 at 53 years old.

His youngest known victim was nine-year-old Mei Leung was found dead in the basement of a hotel basement where Ramirez was living. Six-year-old Anastasia Hronas was in bed one hot summer's night in 1985 when Richard Ramirez opened her window. Hronas was one of the victims of a man who became known as the Night Stalker and attacked men, women and children aged six to 83 at night. Tiller Russell, the director of this Netflix series, has said that his aim was to tell the story from victims' and cops' perspectives, while deglamorising the Night Stalker. Fair enough, particularly given the 2016 film The Night Stalker, starring Lou Diamond Phillips as Ramirez, focused on the killer rather than his victims, but this docuseries was hardly as noble as that might suggest.

Interviews were shot at night to further fetishise the milieu in which Ramirez raped and murdered. A dismal catalogue of screw-ups (Ramirez's impounded car was left in the sun so long that fingerprint evidence was erased) and turf wars between rival detectives meant that Ramirez carried on raping and killing for more than a year. Under cover of darkness in 1985, Richard Ramirez went on a months-long spree of murder, sexual assaults and other crimes that spread terror and anxiety throughout the Southland. Premiering Wednesday, "Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer" traces the full toll of the terror inflicted by Ramirez through the people whose lives were forever altered by his gruesome crimes. The four-part series, which was directed by Tiller Russell, includes interviews with Frank Salerno and Gil Carrillo, the two lead Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department detectives who worked tirelessly to track down the killer as well as survivors of Ramirez's ruthless violence and journalists who covered the savagery and the manhunt.

The Times reports that the March 17 shooting death of a 35-year-old woman in her Rosemead condominium might have been the first in a countywide series of at least six slayings linked to a killer who enters an unlocked home at night to attack his victims as they sleep. "The Valley Intruder or Night Stalker, as detectives have dubbed him, preys mainly on the most vulnerable — children, women living alone, elderly couples," The Times reports. (Los Angeles Times) 3 / 19 Police cordon off the area on Hubbard Street in East L.A. where Richard Ramirez was captured after trying to steal a car on Aug. 31, 1985. (Los Angeles Times) 4 / 19 Richard Ramirez, who was convicted on 13 counts of murder in the "Night Stalker" serial killings, clenches his fists and pulls on his restraints in a court appearance in Los Angeles on Oct. 21, 1985. (Los Angeles Times) 6 / 19 Richard Ramirez reacts after hearing the verdict in his trial on Sept.

(Alan Greth / Associated Press) 7 / 19 This undated file photo released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows the booking photo of serial killer Richard Ramirez. (LAPD) 8 / 19 "Night Stalker" suspect Richard Ramirez in a police car after being arrested in East L.A. on Aug. 31, 1985. (Associated Press) 10 / 19 "Night Stalke" suspect Richard Ramirez is escorted from the Hollenbeck police station to be taken to the county jail after his arrest on Aug. 31, 1985. (Los Angeles Times) 11 / 19 "Night Stalker" suspect Richard Ramirez is led out of Hollenbeck police station after his arrest. (Los Angeles Times) 12 / 19 Passersby on Hubbard Street in East L.A. pen their thanks to the residents who captured Richard Ramirez. (Los Angeles Times) 14 / 19 A police officer guards the courthouse holding cell where Richard Ramirez waits for his hearing to continue on March 26, 1986. (Los Angeles Times) 15 / 19 Richard Ramirez leaves court in chains on Sept. (Los Angeles Times) 16 / 19 Richard Ramirez mugs for the camera as he is escorted from the courtroom after testimony at a preliminary hearing on March 4, 1986. (Los Angeles Times) 18 / 19 Richard Ramirez stares at the courtroom ceiling on Jan. 25, 1988, at a hearing that ended with his trial being delayed for two months. (Los Angeles Times) 19 / 19 Richard Ramirez glances around the courtroom during testimony at a hearing into alleged juror bias on Jan. 13, 1989. An all-points-bulletin is issued for Richard Ramirez, 25, of Los Angeles, suspected of being the Night Stalker whose rampage of kidnapping, rape and murder spread fear from Orange County to San Francisco. Jan. 30, 1989: After 3 years in jail, Ramirez will go on trial in Night Stalker murders 21, 1989: Ramirez guilty on all Night Stalker murder charges After 22 days of deliberations, a Los Angeles Superior Court jury of seven women and five men convicts Ramirez on all counts. Detectives investigate evidence in "Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer." (Netflix) June 7, 2013: Richard Ramirez, Night Stalker serial killer, dies at 53 June 7, 2013: Night Stalker prosecutor says Ramirez death ends 'tragic period' June 8, 2013: Night Stalker Richard Ramirez's death: Many ask what took so long Reyna Pinon, the wife of Faustino Pinon, one of the citizens who helped capture Ramirez in 1985, tells The Times that there are feelings of bitterness about the way the killer died: "To me, he had a better death than all those people whose lives he took." Richard Ramirez was named the Night Stalker — the name of a fictional 1972 TV movie and short-lived series about a number of Las Vegas murders committed by a vampire — during an editorial "rump session" at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. New Netflix true crime series Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer tells the story of the crimes of Richard Ramirez, and what lead to the capture of the prolific serial killer. At the time, Richard Ramirez was 24 when he terrorised the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco for just over a year before he was hunted down.The four-part series tells the story of the case through harrowing first-person interviews, archival footage and original photography. Who was Richard Ramirez and why was he known as the Night Stalker? Ramirez carried out a series of brutal, violent crimes in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1984 and 1985. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer is available on Netflix now. • Netflix series Night Stalker is 'incredible', 'terrifying' and 'best true crime yet' RICHARD Ramirez was dubbed the Night Stalker after his serial killings. 3 'Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez was chased down by civilians who recognised him, leading to his arrest Credit: Getty Images - Getty Who were 'Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez's victims? Though he had raped women and stolen before June 1984, the killing spree that led to him being caught took place in the greater Los Angeles area and San Francisco until August 1985. 3 Mei Leung is thought to be Richard Ramirez's first murder victim Credit:. In June of that year his Night Stalker killing spree began and the crimes took place as follows: How many people did Richard Ramirez kill?