16 December 2020 08:36

McGregor told Mulpeter not to close SBG Portarlington -- he would send money to help save the gym.

conor mcgregor

Philip Mulpeter posted bad news Friday on Instagram. The gym he owns, SBG Portarlington in County Laois, Ireland, would have to close its doors due to financial concerns brought upon by COVID-19 lockdowns in the country. "We've had three lockdowns now, and I think after each lockdown it's hard to get the same numbers back in," Mulpeter told ESPN. "People lose the routine and just our numbers were dropping. Every time there was a new lockdown, we got deeper and deeper into debt.

conor mcgregor

Our landlord wasn't giving us any break on the rent or anything like that. We had to decide to shut the doors for good." Then, in stepped Conor McGregor. The UFC superstar saw the social media post and called Mulpeter, a longtime friend and former training partner at SBG Ireland. McGregor told Mulpeter not to close SBG Portarlington--he would send money to help save the gym. On Sunday, Mulpeter posted the news on Instagram that SBG Portarlington would be staying open indefinitely because of McGregor's support.

Mulpeter wouldn't disclose exactly how much McGregor donated, but said "we don't have to worry for the next year or two." "I was like nearly crying there," Mulpeter said of the call with McGregor. "I didn't know what to say to him, to be honest. I'm forever grateful to him. He basically saved our little community. Words can't express what he's done for us. I know that he gets bad press. People don't report on it, but he does this stuff all the time. Conor is not looking for gratitude, he's not looking for the media to spread this around." What's even more amazing to Mulpeter is that McGregor is currently in training camp in Portugal for his UFC 257 main event against Dustin Poirier on Jan. 23. The former UFC featherweight and lightweight champ took time away from his preparation to extend the gesture. "He was just like, 'You're doing a f---ing amazing job, you've created an amazing community at the gym,'" Mulpeter said. "And he'd seen all the support online from all the parents and kids [who go to the gym]. It's like Santa coming early for us." Mulpeter, a Bellator veteran, said he and McGregor met in about 2008. The two came up together as rookie fighters at SBG Ireland in Dublin. Mulpeter's gym is an SBG Ireland affiliate. SBG Portarlington also is a host for McGregor's FAST fitness program. In addition, Mulpeter runs the amateur MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu promotion Gaelic Atlantic Martial Arts (GAMA), which Mulpeter said McGregor has also vowed to keep afloat during this tumultuous time. Mulpeter said McGregor told him he wants Conor Jr., 3, to compete for the organization one day. "Conor plans on entering his son into our promotion, Gaelic Atlantic Martial Arts," Mulpeter said. "He knows what we're doing for the community. He's just feeling bad for us and he wants to keep MMA alive. During this hard time, MMA is going to have to rebuild in Ireland after COVID. It's great to have somebody like Conor that's pushing and going to help us get back to where we were." A fan paid the UFC's iconic ring announcer Bruce Buffer almost £225 to break up with his girlfriend on Cameo. The video-sharing website allows famous people to charge their fans for a short recorded clip. Cameo 3 Buffer obliged with the request Cameo 3 Buffer did not disappoint with the 14-second long message Buffer, who has introduced the likes of Conor McGregor and Brock Lesnar to the Octagon over the years, has a rate of £224.25 for a personalised message. And one fan took full advantage to use the 63-year-old to dump his other half, Kaylee. Buffer, speaking in his signature ring announcer voice, obliged in a 14-SECOND clip. He said: "It's time for Kaylee to move on!" This would be quite the way to find out you got dumped @SpinninBackfist pic.twitter.com/P1dOaKsJJw — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) December 13, 2020 Sports stars, actors and celebrities have been using Cameo as a way to make extra cash. It has been another avenue for them to bank more money, especially during the coronavirus pandemic this year. WWE legend The Undertaker charges fans a whopping £747 ($1,000) per video. WWE 3 The Undertaker had his 'Final Farewell' to the WWE Universe at Survivor Series last month The Deadman retired from wrestling earlier this year, bringing an end to his successful career, which started in 1990. WWE chairman Vince McMahon has controversially banned his wrestling stars from using third-party platforms, including Cameo. And to get an understanding of how serious McMahon is over his new rule, Zelina Vega was reportedly sacked for disobeying the company's policy by creating an OnlyFans account last month.