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Lost in Space season 3 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Netflix's popular Lost in Space reboot has thrown viewers into the depths of space, following the adventures of the hapless Robinson family. Adapted from the popular 1960s science fiction TV series (which was itself a loose adaptation of the classic 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson), Lost in Space stars Toby Stephens, Molly Parker and Parker Posey. The first season was released on Netflix in April, 2018, and the series was quickly renewed for a second run. With its sophomore outing being released on Christmas Eve, 2019, many are wondering whether the quirky tale of space exploration and family will be brought back again. Has Lost in Space been renewed for season 3?

Netflix typically wait until about a month after a season airs to confirm whether or not a show is renewed, so it might be a little while until we find out. Watch this space for any updates on Lost in Space's renewal. Lost in Space season 3 spoilers: What will happen? Lost in Space focuses on the adventures of the Robinson family – Maureen, John and their three children – as they traverse outer space. Season two sees the family sent to an unknown galaxy by alien technology, to a place that the Robinsons had previously been warned was highly dangerous.

Lost in Space season 3 cast: Who will appear? Maureen Robinson, the family matriarch, is played by Molly Parker, the actress best known for her acclaimed performances in Deadwood and House of Cards. Lost in Space is no stranger to cliffhanger endings, and once again this year, the finale of season 2 finds most of the principal characters in dramatic limbo. First of all, although we still don't fully comprehend the connection between Will and his Robot, Lost in Space season 2's final moments prove that he does not have any sort of special status with the robot race overall. further reading: Lost in Space Is Lifting Off With A Bigger Sci-Fi Quest in Season 2 Scarecrow wasn't the only one buying time to allow the kids to escape either; Dr. Smith appeared to move at least a few wires out of the way of the not-so-frozen robot soldiers to delay their release.

Maureen couldn't help but be surprised that Smith would put herself in harm's way, and we saw the duplicitous doctor moments before trying to leave on the Jupiter 8 alone with the Robot. Smith told Maureen that Will's Robot only needed to say one word to convince her to end her self-centered ways, and that word was "family." But was there perhaps more to that exchange before Smith gave up the ruse of fixing carbon dioxide scrubbers on the children's escape vehicle? On the one hand, the Robot, upon using the wormhole to escape the system, seems genuinely surprised to see an empty samples container identical to the one in which Penny, Smith, Vijay, and the professor escaped death earlier in the season, and we're just as puzzled to see Smith's signature scarf alongside the blue ball the doctor had picked up just after leaving the Jupiter 8. more: Lost in Space: The Robinson Family's World to Expand in Season 2 That mystery will likely endure into Lost in Space season 3, as will the nature of what the kids found on the other side of the wormhole. In the meantime, it's easy to assume that because Don was able to pull Maureen and John out of the Resolute before its destruction took out the robot mothership, they'll be able to find a way to go after the kids, whom they think went on to Alpha Centauri.

Because Netflix dropped the entirety of Lost in Space season 2 all at once, those who bingewatched out of their insatiable hunger for the adventure and intrigue that the show provides are feeling the interminable wait of the hiatus that much sooner, and fan theories are the best way to fill the time until the series returns. Read and download the Den of Geek Lost in Space Special Edition Magazine right here! Netflix's 'Lost in Space' Season 2 uses strong female characters to power the reboot The 10 new episodes continued to follow the Robinson family as they tried to reach Alpha Centauri and meet the other Earth colonists. Will there be another series of Lost in Space? The US streaming platform gave season two the green light a month after the first outing came out, so there could be an announcement in the new year.

READ MORE: Lost in Space season 2 streaming: How to watch online and download Lost in Space season 3 would see more from the Robinson family Lost in Space season 3 is yet to be confirmed READ MORE Lost in Space season 2 cast: Who is in the cast? When will Lost in Space season 3 be released? Season two came out just in time for Christmas on December 24, 2019, while the maiden outing was dropped on Netflix on April 13, 2018. Lost in Space season 3 is likely to see the robot return Lost in Space season 3 would see the main cast return What will happen in Lost in Space season 3? The show will be picking up from the end of the last series with the Robinsons going on more adventures. Season two saw the family meeting other colonists from the Resolute after managing to get off an ocean planet. Who will be in the cast of Lost in Space season 3? The main cast is likely to be making a comeback as the show wouldn't be the same without the Robinson family at its heart. This means Molly Parker will be back as mission commander and mother Maureen Robinson. 'Lost in Space' opens Season 2 with holiday joy But the stars of Netflix's "Lost in Space," which released its second season Tuesday, say a family-oriented holiday is the perfect time for a space adventure that is at heart a family drama. "It's a time when you want to do things with your family, so it's great to have the opportunity to watch the show," says Molly Parker ("Deadwood"), who plays engineer and expedition leader Maureen Robinson. Beyond the family angle, "Lost in Space," a serious, big-budget remake of the campy but beloved '60s series, includes Christmas references both comforting and foreboding. Season 2 of "Space" opens in peaceful contrast to the chaotic events of last season's finale, when Maureen and her family were about to reconnect with a larger ship of space travelers, only to be sucked into a wormhole and shot into another galaxy. Viewers meet the Robinsons – Maureen, John and children Judy, Penny and Will – fellow traveler Don West and sinister (and now imprisoned) Dr. Smith in a calm, cultivating crops on a watery planet after the death-defying escapades of Season 1. The Robinsons return: 'Lost in Space' on Netflix: Trailer, premiere date and what to know before Season 2 The holiday also ties into the Christmas Star, a mysterious, asteroid-like projectile that sent the Robinsons and many others to seek refuge in space. "That was the beginning of the end of Earth, so they wanted to bring that back as a theme" in Season 2, she says. Parker is waiting to watch the show with family over the holidays, including her 13-year-old son, who (coincidentally) is named Will. Relaunch: 5 things to help you take off with Netflix's new 'Lost in Space' And John, while he's a warrior, he's also more of the emotional center of the family," Parker says. "In Season 2, Maureen meets the limits of (thinking) there is a solution to every problem. Season 1 almost left John, Don and Will lost forever in space. But the core characters from the original 1965-68 TV series – the Robinsons, Don (now played by Ignacio Serrichio) and Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) – are finally together on the Jupiter 2. "We've seen it in 'The Iron Giant,' in 'E.T.,' in (the original) 'Lost in Space.' Even though Will and the robot are from different solar systems and look so different, they bond because they're both outsiders. Parker likes the balance, a family facing problems familiar, including marital challenges and teen struggles, and otherworldly, alien flora and fauna and mystifying robots. "Or three times an episode," Parker says. Unfortunately, that won't leave the Robinsons much time to watch TV together over the holidays.