07 December 2019 02:34

Metacritic has removed over 6,000 negative user reviews from Hideo Kojima’s recently released Death Stranding.

Metacritic Removes Over 6000 Negative Death Stranding User Reviews

Death Stranding has been a hit with most critics, but the game was rather predictably review bombed over on Metacritic by users. As explained on Reddit, it appears as though over 6000 negative ratings have been removed by the site, causing the score to jump. Death Stranding now sits at a user score of 7.4. This isn't the first time that Metacritic has tidied up its user scores, and it likely won't be the last. #DeathStranding update, coming in mid Dec. will include the following!

- Odradek will be visible when blocked by cargo - able to dispose vehicles (except for the MULE vehicles) Thank you for all your thoughtful feedback!#TomorrowIsInYourHands pic.twitter.com/wJygDjqYBQ — Kojima Productions (@KojiPro2015_EN) December 6, 2019 Once the latest patch drops, you can dispose of individual vehicles as well (but not MULE vehicles). In another quality-of-life change, you'll be able to see the Odradek terrain scanner through any cargo Sam's carrying on his back. It's not clear exactly when the update will rollout, but it'll be available in mid-December. Metacritic has removed over 6,000 negative user reviews from Hideo Kojima's recently released Death Stranding. The user score, which was at a 5.1 yesterday with 9,355 negative reviews, is today at a 7.4 with only 2,958 negative reviews, as discovered by Reddit user "argande." While we can assume Metacritic was taking action against "review bombs" that impacted Death Stranding, the aggregate reviews site has not announced anything about the removals or why they felt the need to do it.

There's also no real indication as to why they removed those specific ratings compared to the other negative reviews that still remain. They have also not adjusted any other games (that we know of) that are victims of suspected review bombs recently. Review bombing has become a particularly heated topic in the games industry in the past few years. The practice involves users gathering together to dump negative reviews on games in protest of something, oftentimes without actually playing the game themselves. Review bombing is traditionally tied to an agenda more than the content of the actual game (users aren't wasting their time rating games that are actually bad), as users seek to send a message of protest against publishers, developers, and content or practices that they don't agree with.

The legitimacy of user reviews has often been called into question thanks to the lack of nuance and verification if the user even played the game. Popular PC storefront Steam allows users to only see reviews between certain time periods and will put up warnings and not count reviews towards a total if they believe a game is being review bombed. For example, they discovered that Borderlands 2 was being review bombed after the announcement that Borderlands 3 would be an Epic Games Store exclusive, so they negated all reviews from a certain time period following that announcement from the total user score. Metacritic recently put out their list of the top 50 games of the decade, according to critic reviews. They also released the list of the top games of this year, with both Resident Evil 2 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice leading the pack in ratings.

Death Stranding December Update: Vehicle Disposal, Text Size, and More Coming sometime this month, here are all the changes you can expect from the upcoming Death Stranding December update, which makes minor tweaks. Now a month after release, the Death Stranding December update has now been unearthed, making some welcome changes that will surely improve your experience as Sam Porter Bridges. So, grab a Monster and check out what will be added sometime in mid-December. Death Stranding December Update: Odradek Visibility If you aren't hip to Kojima's sci-fi vocabulary presented in Death Stranding, the odradek is the flappy machine thing on your shoulder that claps when BTs (an acronym for "Beach Things," invisible ghosties that make weird tar stuff when they're around) are in the vicinity. Pre-update, there were moments when your cargo could actually block your view of the odradek, which made it hard to see whether there were BTs near, ready to snatch Norman Reedus up and bring him to the Beach. With the new update, if there is cargo blocking your view of the odradek, the cargo will become transparent, allowing to see how the device is reacting to the environment. Death Stranding December Update: Text Size Increase on UI Specifically, the text is ridiculously small, making it hard to read at times. Death Stranding December Update: Vehicle Disposal Have you ever traversed the desolate post-apocalyptic version of the United States in Death Stranding with a vehicle and got it stuck in a very inconvenient location? Come mid-December, this will no longer be an issue. You will now be able to dispose of your vehicles when they inevitably get stuck in some unfavorable position. However, you will not be able to dispose of MULE vehicles. I mean, it would be pretty cool to have the ability to dispose of a MULE vehicle while your cargo worshipping enemies were driving it, but that probably breaks the experience in obvious ways. As mentioned, there isn't a specific date for the Death Stranding December update, but you can expect it sometime in the middle of the month. If you want to see what we thought of the game, check out our review. A new update on the mid-December patch for DEATH STRANDING! Based on user feedback, the following features are now in testing: cargo transparency when Odradek visibility is obstructed and the ability to dispose of vehicles blocking the way (MULE vehicles cannot be disposed).