22 May 2020 12:45

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Digga D reveals new look as drill rapper is released from prison Picture: YouTube/Snapchat Digga D took to Snapchat to share his first picture after being released from prison. UK Drill rapper Digga D surprised fans today as he revealed that he's been released from prison, where he'd been for the last year, and shared a glimpse of his new look. Digga D had previously asked fans to write to him in prison, but taking to Snapchat, the 'No Diet' rapper showed he'd been hitting the gym as he revealed a more muscular physique than the last time fans saw him. Digga D reveals new look after prison release. Picture: Snapchat Like most people during lockdown, Digga D has also grown out his hair and he showcased his new look styled in bunches.

In 2019 Digga D released his mixtape 'Double Tap Diaries' and cemented his status as one of the UK's most exciting and talented Drill rappers. Digga D even picked up an unlikely fan in the shape of actor and High School Musical star Zac Efron, who posted the rapper's song on his Instagram. 1 year ago today my debut project #DoubleTapDiaries came out.. new music coming sooner than you think, but what track from DTD are you still banging? pic.twitter.com/QM8nVN9SqQ — Digga D (@DiggaD_CGM) May 17, 2020 It's unclear when we can expect new music from Digga but fans will be hoping to get some new tunes from him sooner rather than later.> Download Our Free App For All The Latest Music News!


Dennis Ingram-Mahmood May 22 2020 12:56
vandals also vandalized my office this morning, I'm always keeping an eye on it. I've had to put it up on my screen now. — Const. Mark Kennedy (@westycofficer) September 26, 2014 I'm going to put it up on my screen now
Dr. Jonathan Francis May 22 2020 13:06
The SIU lead officer, Detective Superintendent Mark Brown, said that police did not use the term Special Investigations Unit in the tweet. He said that the term means that they are investigating a case using a number of different investigative methods, from investigating serious crimes to investigating crimes committed by those already in custody
Lauren Davey May 22 2020 13:11
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masonlawrence May 22 2020 13:16
Image: Metropolitan Police Video by Diana Siaia: Today I'm going to introduce you to our new BONDO edition! BONDO 101 Bondo is an open source, cross platform, full-featured trading engine for Ethereum
Stanley Jones May 22 2020 13:21
Whilst it is unfortunate that the police have engaged in a statement that seeks to blame the victims of the events in London for their own actions, it is important to remember that the police are under a lot of pressure from the public and the media over the events in London, and have the ability to respond to this
Clifford Taylor May 22 2020 13:26
"I am very pleased that a decision has been reached that allows the continued operation of this service. My officers, who have been subjected to a campaign of harassment and abuse, will now be able to carry out their jobs with confidence and security. "I have been impressed with the team at the MPS and I can see how much this change will benefit them and the public
Dean Cooke May 22 2020 13:31
If you were lucky, you might have stumbled upon a bug that was fixed in the latest Android N Developer Preview build. If you're not, you'll need to flash the new build and then start over. This is a fairly big update, and it includes a number of new features. It includes a number of new features, but these are the things that I'm particularly interested in
Gail Lewis May 22 2020 13:36
Image copyright Twitter Image caption Mike Tyson was one of the prominent figures to retweet Met Commissioner Sadiq Khan's tweet Mike Tyson The former heavyweight boxing champion retweeted the commissioner's tweet, writing: "We can have your back. Keep fighting the good fight
Dr. Lawrence Bowen May 22 2020 13:41
Share your thoughts in the comments below. The woman was reportedly pregnant when she was killed. BERLIN — A 31-year-old Russian woman died in Berlin after she was caught trying to enter Germany illegally on Thursday, according to German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere. The woman, who was reportedly pregnant, was arrested by police at the border with Austria on Thursday evening, according to a police statement
Antony Saunders May 22 2020 13:46
This is the second time the Met has been in the spotlight for a controversial tweet. In November last year, the Met tweeted a picture of a police officer with a red bandanna around his neck. A year ago we had our first attempt to make a low budget horror film, The Sinking of the Titanic. This film was a disaster
Vanessa Smith May 22 2020 13:51
In emails to Metro, Met Police said that "when we received the tweet, we immediately deleted it." While I think it's a good thing, I think it's a bit hypocritical given the police were asked to be on the ground by the media to explain why the tweet was deleted, but they were not
guysimpson May 22 2020 13:56
Reaching a population of 250,000, the city of Edmonton is the largest city in Alberta. The city is situated on the Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta, Canada. As of May 2013, there are approximately 4.8 million residents of Edmonton. The city has a population of almost 3 million people. Of the 4.8 million population, 3
Harriet Martin-Woods May 22 2020 14:01
"The security of the federation is important and that is the main reason why it is working with the police, rather than with the police," he said
edward98 May 22 2020 14:06
Exciting news! We've completed the design of the SMA2, and our team is ready to move forward and bring it to production.We have finished our research and development on the SMA2, and are now working on the production model
Martin Hamilton May 22 2020 14:11
A strange and fun game to play while watching the V-Day parade. Easy to learn, but very difficult to master. You have to know all the flags and perform a few gestures to get the signal. If you don't know where the parade is going, start blasting the vuvuzela, the whistle and the whistles... And then you have to tease the tanks and the motorcyclists
Lynne Rowe May 22 2020 14:16
It is unfortunate for all of us. We have been waiting for this day for almost a year, but it has come now. We will fight for this and we hope that it can be resolved soon. What is your favourite moment from the season so far? What is the biggest thing you have learnt from this season? It is funny how we have come to the end of the season and we have made great progress
Joan Daly May 22 2020 14:21
It's been a while since I've posted a new episode of the podcast on the podcast. So thank you to everyone who supported the show over the past few years
Leonard Pugh May 22 2020 14:26
I think it's a shame that this incident has been brought to the attention of police, who are supposed to be non-partisan. It is a shame that the police force, they have to match the social media posts with their own experience and with their own decisions. I don't think that it's acceptable to use the police force as a platform to spread hate
John Thompson-Smith May 22 2020 14:31
"I think it's a good sign that the police recognise that there is a need to be more careful in what they say and more careful in the way they say it
Kathryn Ford-McKenzie May 22 2020 14:36
I've been told that the best way to get a better understanding of how an octopus gets its genome is by watching a live octopus. This was a great idea! So I did. Here's my five minute video of a live octopus. I'm giving it a lot of credit since it's a live one and is not a video from a video camera
Abbie Marsden May 22 2020 14:41
What do you think about the fact that white Londoners are allowed to live in a society where they are not allowed to be racist? It's a shame that a racist, and a racist of the worst sort, is the leader of the force. He must be hiding something. In 1815, a young man named William Mather began to experiment with his new invention, the rotary grinding press