18 August 2020 22:40

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler wasn’t joking about setting up his own coffee shop in the NBA bubble.

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler wasn't joking about setting up his own coffee shop in the NBA bubble. Butler is offering a variety of caffeinated beverages to NBA players for $20 a pop. How do we know that's the case? Butler put up a sign by his door. Take a look, y'all.

That meshes with what Butler, 30, told Rachel Nichols on Friday. Butler said he was selling coffee to NBA players in the bubble for $20 a piece. Other players could pay $20 for any size. As Butler's sign shows, he's offering a number of drinks, and only accepts cash for his coffee. Also, he's called his bubble coffee shop "Big Face Coffee." Butler joked with Nichols that he was thinking about raising the price to $30 per cup.

He added, "People here can afford it." Jimmy Butler looking to take Heat far in the playoffs Opening a coffee shop may be in Butler's future, but winning an NBA championship is his focus for now. Butler and the Heat will begin a series against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday. The longer the Heat remain in the playoffs, the more money Butler can make from his coffee business. So winning a championship really is the best thing for Butler right now. More from Yahoo Sports: Miami Heat: 3 most important players in round one against the Pacers Miami Heat: 3 most important players in round one against the Pacers by Collin Loring Jimmy Butler has a nice bubble side hustle going on for when the Miami Heat aren't playing.

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