13 October 2019 21:53

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It can't be easy going incognito when you're the Prime Minster's father but Stanley Johnson hardly helped himself on Celebrity Hunted (Channel 4). Despite his real-life espionage experience, the hapless septuagenarian's hilarious lack of basic spy-craft skills stole the show. Johnson Sr has admitted his recruitment to the intelligence services in 1964 and subsequent spook training, yet he hopped into a custard yellow jeep (hardly inconspicuous) and used his bank card to make purchases, alerting his pursuers to his location. He declined to take discreet back roads and blithely drove down motorways lined with traffic cameras. He was caught on CCTV buying a burner phone, enabling the hunters to...

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A new batch of celebs were hoping to evade capture, including I'm a Celebrity... pals Stanley Johnson and Georgia Toffolo. Stanley and Georgia first stayed at Stanley's pals' house in the countryside. Friends Catriona and John lent Stanley, 79, and Georgia, 24, their Land Rover. But despite the pair managing to bag a mode of transport early on – the duo soon made a huge error.

Stanley used his own personal credit card to purchase £66 of fuel at North Allerton Services. Toff asked: "You paid for the fuel with your own credit card?" (Image: Channel 4) Stanley responded: "I did it on purpose to draw on a small reserve of cash." Toff reasoned:"But they'll be checking our bank accounts." A flustered Stanley replied: "I can assure you they won't be checking that bank account." Made in Brexit: Georgia Toffolo dating Nigel Farage aide George Cottrell Toff, clearly apprehensive, said: "Well let's just hope they don't." She added: "Perhaps we night have to consider changing our route as they may use the card tracking system." Putting his foot down, Stanley said: "Not a hope in hell." But after more discussion the pair decided to ditch the vehicle and get a train to Birmingham. Toff joked she thought Stanley's spying skills were "50 years out of date". And viewers didn't think much of them either. Taking to Twitter, one social networker said: "Can't believe how stupid Stanley Johnson is being #CelebrityHunted" While another continued: "The arrogance of Stanley Johnson to think they won't trace his credit card." A third exclaimed: "Is Stanley aware of the concept of this show......has he actually watched it?!" Celebrity Hunted airs Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4