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And, of course, there are the inevitable posters of his films, including License to Drive and Stand By Me. It's like a parody of how one might imagine a former child star's house to look: one part Neverland to two parts Norma Desmond. After Haim died at the age of 38 in 2010 of pneumonia, after years of painfully public substance addiction, Feldman spoke out about the sex abuse he and Haim suffered in the film industry. "The biggest problem in Hollywood," he repeats, mantra-like, "is paedophilia." His fellow former child actor Alison Arngrim has said, "I literally heard that [the Two Coreys] were 'passed around'. According to Feldman, Haim was raped by "a major Hollywood figure" while making the 1986 film Lucas. He describes this brief happy period in his 2013 memoir, which, like Feldman's house and Feldman himself, looks at first glance completely absurd.

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He invited Michael Jackson to his sets and introduced him to the child actors, including Feldman. According to Feldman, Haim confided in him that his rapist had told him: "If you want to be in this business, you have to do these things." Just a year later, Feldman has said, he was regularly being molested by Jon Grissom, now a convicted paedophile, who was hired by Feldman's father to look after him. In an attempt to get away from Grissom, Feldman went to stay with a man he calls "Ralph Kaufman" in the book, since identified as Alphy Hoffman, who ran a social club for young Hollywood stars. Two years ago, I interviewed Rob Reiner, who directed Feldman in Stand By Me, and we discussed the fates of the four young child stars in it: River Phoenix overdosed at 23, Feldman claims he was abused, Wil Wheaton and Jerry O'Connell got through unscathed. That may be true, but I don't know of many other Hollywood figures who sold their CD collection to buy crack, as Feldman did, or appeared on TV out of his mind on drugs as much as Haim did.

corey haim

While Feldman and I talk, Hollywood is deep in awards season, and another former child star, Joaquin Phoenix, the brother of Feldman's late former co-star and friend, is scooping up all the best-actor awards for his performance in Joker. We talk about his teenage son, Zen, and when I ask if he would let Zen go into the movie business, his eyes pop out in horror: "Hell, no!" There is no doubt that Feldman is trying to use his trauma for good: he says he is working with the Screen Actors Guild to improve safeguarding laws for children on movie sets, and he is certain that his movie "will save thousands". Eighties teen star Corey Feldman has called paedophilia "the biggest problem in Hollywood" after "exposing" ring of alleged rapists in a new documentary. In an interview with The Guardian, the star of The Goonies and Stand By Me spoke aboutthe film, Truth: The Rape of the Two Coreys, which names his Lost Boys co-star Corey Haim's alleged abusers and what he believes is a conspiracy to protect them. According to Feldman, Haim – who died in 2010 – was raped by "a major Hollywood figure while making the 1986 film Lucas".

corey haim

(Adam White) Released 18 December 20th Century Fox 1/19 Queen & Slim An intoxicating and romantic drama about lovers on the run, Queen & Slim marks the first feature film from Melina Matsoukas, the director responsible for music videos including Beyoncé's "Formation". (Adam White) Released 7 February Curzon Artificial Eye 3/19 The Invisible Man Rising from the ashes of the aborted Universal Monsters multiverse, which was due to star Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise, this rebooted Invisible Man uses the iconic branding to tell the smaller and far more intriguing story of a woman on the run from her invisible ex. (Adam White) Released 28 February Universal Pictures 4/19 A Quiet Place: Part II A Quiet Place would surely have been better off as a standalone film, but the financial success of writer-director John Krasinski's B-movie-style horror tale put paid to that. (Jacob Stolworthy) Released 20 March Paramount Pictures 5/19 No Time to Die While Daniel Craig's Bond tenure has been marked by severe whiplash in terms of quality, there remains something incredibly exciting about the arrival of a new 007 movie. (Adam White) Released 3 April Universal Pictures 6/19 Antebellum Little is known about the plot for Antebellum, the feature film debut of artists and music video directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz.

(Adam White) Released 24 April Lionsgate Films 7/19 The Woman in the Window An adaptation of the pulpy bestseller (which itself was engulfed in mystery when a New Yorker feature claimed its author, AJ Finn, had extensively lied about his personal life and history), The Woman in the Window puts Amy Adams centre stage for the first time since 2018's Sharp Objects. (Jacob Stolworthy) Released 5 June Warner Bros Pictures 10/19 Soul Soul is a curious new Pixar film that appears to emulate the philosophical wonder of Inside Out with the lived-in cultural exploration of Coco. (Adam White) Released 17 July Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 11/19 Tenet Hours after the first reviews of both Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Cats took over social media, Warner Bros dropped the trailer for Tenet, Christopher Nolan's top secret espionage thriller. (Jacob Stolworthy) Released 18 December Getty Images 19/19 West Side Story Long in the works, Steven Spielberg's West Side Story looks set to be a festive smash this time next year. Feldman has also claimed to have been regularly molested by John Grissom after being hired by Feldman's father to look after him. Is that why his claims about the film industry are not taken seriously?At first glance, Corey Feldman 's house looks ridiculous. Feldman's assistant lets me into the two-storey home in the hills of Los Angeles, and when I walk into the living room I have to bite the insides of my cheeks to stop myself from gasping: hanging above the fireplace is a drawing of Feldman from his 80s teen glory years. His family, including actor son Michael, confirmed the news in a statement, saying: "It is with tremendous sadness that my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today at the age of 103. "Kirk retained his movie star charisma right to the end of his wonderful life and I'm honoured to have been a small part of his last 45 years," Spielberg said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter.