19 October 2019 23:22

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What celebrities look like under FaceApp's new aging filter

What would you look like in 50 years? Well, thanks to FaceApp, one can kind of get a glimpse of the aging future. Though the app was first released in 2017, people have recently become obsessed with it and have been posting the results across several social media platforms. So, it's only natural that the Egyptian footballer Mo Salah got a taste of the age, even if it came without his consent. People have turned the 27-year-old footballer into Haj Salah...

age app

FaceApp returned to the public consciousness today after it unveiled a retooled version of its old age filter. Celebrities across the internet were sharing what they would look like in their golden years. Everyone from the Jonas Brothers and Terry Crews on to Dwyane Wade and Drake took to the app to try on a few decades. Countless other people took the opportunity to age themselves and looking at the results it's hard to blame them. However, the app from Russian tech company Wireless Lab comes loaded down with privacy concerns, It doesn't seem like much has changed there since the last time it went viral.

age app

App developer Joshua Nozzi warned that FaceApp can upload photos beyond the ones that you provide to it directly, however other security experts have questioned this claim. Stars tend to age a bit better than the general population thanks to access to nutritionists, facialists, and plastic surgeons. The popular app has earned legions of fans for its funny filters, which transform faces to make a person look younger, swap his or her gender, and most recently, add a few decades to his or her age. Since the new filter's debut, users — including quite a few celebrities — have tested it out to see just what they might look like in another 40 or 50 years. And for those stars who haven't tired the app out on their own, social media users have stepped up to the plate, plugging in photos of Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Paul Rudd, Justin Bieber, and more to see how Hollywood might age without the help of nips and tucks.

age app

Wrinkles: Social media users have been plugging celebrities into FaceApp to test the new aging filter — showing what Taylor Swift (pictured) might look like in 40 or 50 years Take a bow: Unsurprisingly, Rihanna would still look fabulous as an old lady Supermodel: With Gisele's super-strict diet — and good genes — it seems more likely she won't ever age Reality: The app showed what Kendall Jenner might look like in her 70s No surprise here, but the ageless Paul Rudd still look incredibly attractive with lots of wrinkles Ageing: Gigi Hadid's fast-forward picture is probably an accurate reflection of what her mom Yolanda will look like in a few decades, too Money: Cardi B will surely still have plenty of attitude as an old lady Fine wine: Drake plugging his own picture into the app to get this result Growing old together: Lili Reinhart used the app on her boyfriend, Cole Sprouse Yikes: Here's hoping that Kim Kardashian doesn't wear quite this much makeup as an old lady Dangerous woman: Ariana Grande got the wrinkle treatment when a fan plugged her photo into the app Uh-oh: Iggy Azaela was not impressed with her aged photo when a fan posted it Another look: Iggy got the elderly treatment for a second time, and she's still rocking a crop top One fan joked that Justin Bieber looked like Ted Danson Runway ready: Bella Hadid got a few wrinkles on her face, but still looks pretty good Poker face: One fan used the new art for Lady Gaga's makeup brand Playing around: The oldest 'celebrity' to go into the app, Donald Trump got even more wrinkles from FaceApp Made up: Kylie Jenner will likely still be hocking her beauty brand as an old lady Loving it: Dwyane Wade posted his own fast-forward image with the caption 'Grandpa Wade huh' Age is only a number: 'Still gonna turn up when I'm older... And be working!' wrote Mario Lopez Cheers to that: Mario also shared a photo of his future self looking pretty ripped Ludacris (right) joked that he and Tyrese (left) will look like this in Fast & Furious 50 Too funny: Kevin Hart was all gray in his aged photo, which he posted himself on Instagram Never stop: We have a feeling Snooki and JWoww will still be dressing this way as old ladies Sweet: DailyMailTV host Jesse Palmer posted an aged snap of his fiancée as the two prepare to grow old together Mario Lopez Mario Lopez still has the six pack! Lopez posted a few Face App photos, but this is by far our favorite. And be working," he teased, hashtagging "Señor Lopez." Celebrities do everything in their power to stay young forever, until there's an app that adds decades to their lives without actually aging them. Drake, Snooki, JWoww, Mario Lopez, Tristan Thompson and more are checking their vainness at the door and getting in on the latest trend.

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Stars are having a ball like the rest of us, showing off a face full of wrinkles and head of gray hair. Jump in a time machine, flash to the future and see what some of your favorite Hollywood elites could look like in 30+ years! Snooki shared the photo showing a preview of what the best friends could potentially look like in several years and their "Jersey Shore" cast mates are chiming in. U look gorg!!" teased Pauly D. JWoww was a sport about it, commenting, "When the Snapchat filter moves off the face."