24 March 2020 10:37

MOT test Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Coronavirus

MOT test centre sign More MOTs for cars, motorcycles and light vans ARE currently still necessary despite the coronavirus crisis, the Department for Transport has stated. The need to have a valid MOT has NOT currently been suspended. "There are currently no exemptions for cars, motorcycles or vans," confirmed a spokesperson from the DVSA, the DfT agency responsible for MOTs. Garages carrying out MOTs are listed as exempted businesses as they are considered an 'essential service' to ensure vehicles remain safe and roadworthy. If your MOT has run out, you cannot legally drive your car. However, the decision to keep MOT testing in place for private motorists and van drivers remains under review.

Do I still need a car or motorcycle MOT during the coronavirus crisis?

The DfT says it will 'provide an update in due course'. ALSO SEE: Simple and essential checks before your car's MOT MOTs for lorries, buses and trailers HAVE been suspended for up to three months from 21 March 2020. Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and public service vehicles (PSVs) will be issued with a three-month certificate of temporary exemption (CTE) until further notice. New advice has now been published on what operators need to do to exempt their vehicle. Technician carrying out a car MOT More The government reminds operators to keep their vehicles maintained, in a safe-to-drive and roadworthy condition. They should also still be operated within the terms of the operators' licence conditions. The post Do I still need a car or motorcycle MOT during the coronavirus crisis? appeared first on Motoring Research.