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MUMMY blogger Clemmie Hooper has been forced to admit that she trolled her own friends and husband under a fake account for eight months. Known online as Mother of Daughters, Clemmie has over 675,000 Instagram followers and shares four children with her husband Simon - also known as Father of Daughters. 9 Clemmie Hooper has been forced to admit that she spent eight months trolling her own friends and even her husband under a fake name Credit: @mother_of_daughters/ Instagram The influencer took to Instagram stories this afternoon where she released a statement admitting to writing cruel comments on gossip site Tattle Life. Clemmie claims she joined the forum to try and combat some of the negative comments she received - but ended up joining in on the trolling when other users started to suspect her. The statement read: "I know there are some rumours circulating and I want to take the opportunity to explain.

Mummy blogger Clemmie Hooper apologies for trolling friends and calling husband ‘class A t***’ under fake profile

"Earlier this year, I became aware of a website that had thousands of comments about my family and I. 9 She addressed the rumours in her Instagram story today Credit: @mother_of_daughters/ Instagram 9 In the story she apologised for the "hurt" she has caused Credit: @mother_of_daughters/ Instagram "Reading them made me feel extremely paranoid and affected me much more than I knew at the time. "I decided without telling anyone else that I would make an anonymous account so that this group of people would believe I was one of them, so that I could maybe change their opinions from the inside to defend my family and I." She went on to explain how "defending" her family quickly escalated to her making remarks about others while expressing her "regret." The mum-of-four even described her husband Simon - who boasts over 2m followers - a "class A t***" in an attempt to throw other users off the scent. She continued: "It became all consuming and it grew bigger than I knew how to handle. When the users started to suspect it was me I made the mistake of commenting about others. "I regret it all and am deeply sorry – I know this has caused a lot of pain. "Undoubtedly I got lost in this online world and the more I became engrossed in the negative commentary, the more the situation escalated." 9 The midwife has a huge following after documenting life as a mother and working in a hospital Credit: @mother_of_daughters/ Instagram 9 She claims that she started the anonymous account to defend herself and her family Credit: @mother_of_daughters/ Instagram Making one final apology, she adds: "Engaging in this was a huge mistake. "I take full responsibility for what's happened and I am just so sorry for the hurt I have caused to everyone involved including my friends and family." The midwife and influencer is believed to have been exposed after users spotted that she and her alias were both in St Lucia. Tattle.Life, which describes itself as "a commentary website on public business social media accounts" currently has a petition to have it removed which has reached over 25,000 signatures. 9 Credit: Tattle Life 9 Even though Clemmie has deleted her fake account AliceinWanderlust, other users have saved comments where she denied being Mother of Daughters and labelled some of her influencer friends 'desperate' Credit: Tattle Life Clemmie posted under the username AliceInWanderLust and targeted her own friends with bullying comments. When rumours began to circulate, Clemmie phoned all of those she had trolled to explain the situation – but pleaded with them not to reveal that she was behind the account. Several addressed the situation without revealing that it was Clemmie behind the trolling. Fellow mummy blogger Laura Rutherfood, who had been targeted by Clemmie, posted on Instagram in response. She wrote: "It's not even about the words that have been said. It's the betrayal of trust. To say I'm hurting is an understatement. "What gives you the right to play with people's mental health? "For so long I've had to grin and bear the derogatory comments, the angst of what people think of me, where the malice has come from. You've looked me in the eye and asked me how I'm doing when I've been at my lowest. How dare you?" Bethie Hungerfood, Louise Boyce and Susie J Verill have since come forward to express their hurt over what they described as "online bullying." Clemmie and husband Simon, 35, have four children — Anya, 11, ­Marnie, eight, and twins Ottillie and Delilah, three. Last year, the star temporarily quit Instagram after users on Mumsnet accused her of "selling" her children online. After creating her own account on the parenting site, Clemmie wrote: "I don't feel I 'sell' my children to make money, I actually hardly ever feature the older girls and have changed my approach when working with brands e.g. I won't feature a picture of my children alone for an AD and I always ask 'do they need to be in the post at all?' "I said I hardly ever feature them. They also see and give consent to any post where there are in the picture." She began writing a blog after the birth of her second daughter, when she was working in one of London's busiest hospitals. 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clemmie hooper

Clemmie Hooper

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