28 December 2019 06:32

Mr. Robot Season Elliot Alderson

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After four incredible seasons of TV, Mr. Robot is finally off our screens. It's been a rollercoaster ride, full of twists, turns and shocking moments that have had fans hooked from the very beginning. Whether he's doing battle with ECorp, The Dark Army or even himself, the exploits of the show's anti-hero, Elliot Alderson - played by the exceptional Rami Malek - have been fascinating to watch. Beginning in 2015, at the height of the Anonymous hacker group wreaking havoc across the internet, the show was the most accurate look at the hacktivist lifestyle that we've ever seen on the small screen. With an incredible cast who were able to perfectly execute the vision of the show's creator, Sam Esmail, Mr. Robot was able to separate itself from its peers by quickly proving itself to be a unique and intriguing thriller.

elliot alderson

So, as one of the greatest shows of the last decade has come to an end, we've decided to take a look back at the finest - and most important - episodes of its incredible run. From bullet-filled raids and hacked up bodies to incredible instalments that will blow your mind, we take rank the best episodes of this criminally underrated series. How Mr.Robot touched fans? The robot is a technological thriller drama. It is also a Psychological thriller Created by Sam Esmail.

Its lead actors and actresses are It was Composed by Mac Quayle.The United States was the country of origin. It had its original language of English. It had 4No. of seasons and 45 No. of episodes. The Dark Army was a Chinese hacker group. Whiterose is the leader of the Dark Army. A transgender woman, she masquerades the male Minister Zhi Zhang. The Chinese security minister is played by B.D. Wong. This character was not that impressing to the audience. Whiterose looked out over a giant machine. It was kept in the Washington Township nuclear power plant. Her plan was to manipulate people's psyches for enlisting a dark army of "super people."They wanted to work around the clock. What proved touching was the final twist of Mr. Robot. It proves just how untrustworthy Elliot had been. He was a "mastermind" identity both to the audience and to himself. The first half of the two-part series finale follows where Elliot examines the Whiterose's machine. With everyone in this alternate reality mistaking him for the other Elliot, our Elliot gets to experience love from Angela. They are soon to get married. Elliot soon fully realizes that an alternate reality also means an alternate version of himself. Once the two Elliots meet, the truth about this parallel universe comes out. Hence the entire series is revealed. Darlene's death was another touching moment for the fans. Darlene will die in 4.10 in a dark army plane crash. When Elliot finds out about Darlene's death, he decides to go after the dark army to end white rose. In Season 3, Darlene and Elliot make that a pact to kill whoever kills the other. In the last episodes, Elliot fulfills the pact. Fans are also pleased with the wealth redistribution incident. Many think that the Whiterose's project is to harness the sun's energy to provide power to the entire planet.