25 March 2020 04:55

Murder of April Jones

An appeal was launched after her disappearance and a day after the appeal, local man Mark Bridger was arrested and subsequently charged for her abduction and murder. 6 Five-year-old April Jones vanished near her home in October 2012 Credit: PA:Press Association Five year-old April, from Machynlleth, Wales, disappeared near her home on October 1, 2012. Shortly after, 46-year-old Mark Bridger, was arrested for her abduction, after fitting the description of the man who April was seen getting into the vehicle with. 6 Mark Bridger's left-hand drive Land Rover he was seen conversing with April in Credit: PA:Press Association After an extensive search for April provided no insight on her whereabouts, police officially turned the case into a murder inquiry on October 5, 2012. Just a day later on October 6, Bridger was charged with child abduction, murder, and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

On January 14, 2013 at Mold Crown Court, Bridger pleaded not guilty to the charge of murdering April Jones, but accepted that he was "probably responsible" for her death. 6 Bridger's in police custody after being arrested for April's abduction Credit: PA:Press Association Bridger claimed that he had accidentally run over April in his car and could not remember disposing of her body due to heavy drinking and being in a panic. After his inital arrest, the police found a large collection of child abuse images on Bridger's personal computer. In clips released for the first time since the April Jones investigation, the five-year-old's killer, Mark Bridger, can be heard lying to the police during an interview. April Jones, five, was killed by Bridger in October 2012 after he abducted her in his car in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales.

Never-before-heard recording of the child killer's interviews with the police will b e broadcast in tonight's April Jones: The Interrogation Tapes at 9pm on Channel 5. Mark Bridger was interviewed by police following April's disappearance, and initially claimed he had run the child over while she was riding her bicycle with a friend, and that he did not remember disposing of her body because he was drunk. In a chilling recording aired on tonight's show, Bridger can be heard crying as he blatantly lies to the police about April's fate. April Jones, five, was killed by Mark Bridger on 1 October 2012 after he abducted her in his car in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales (pictured: April). Recordings of the killer's interview with the police are released for the first time ever in Channel 5's April Jones: The Interrogation tapes tonight at 9pm DC Alice Thomas, one of the police investigators that conducted the interview can be heard saying in one clip: 'It's been a tough day,' to which the suspected killer agreed.

Mark Bridger, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2013 after he was found guilty of abducting and killing April, lied to police, telling them he had accidentally hit her with his car As the investigation into April's disappearance progressed, police started to doubt Bridger's version, due to the fact his car showed no sign of having experienced a collision, and the absence of blood in the car. 'What you're telling us didn't quite happen,' DC Alice Thomas, who was in the interview room, can be heard telling Bridger in the recording. Eventually, police found violent images of child abuse on Bridger's computer, which raised suspicions that he might have abducted April for a sexual motive. But Bridger still wouldn't admit he assaulted and killed the five-year-old, saying: 'I did not sexually assault April.' Bridger initially told police he ran April (pictured) over with his car and drove away with the unconscious child in his vehicle April's disappearance, on Monday 1 October 2012, led to the largest missing person search in UK police history, which even had then Prime Minister David Cameron pleading for witness to come forward. He was charged with child abduction, murder, and attempting to pervert the course of justice on October 6 2012, five days after April's disappearance. Mark Bridger murdered the little girl, who was taken from the street outside her home in the market town of Machynlleth in October 2012 where she lived with her parents, Coral and Paul, and her siblings. Despite the largest missing person search in UK police history, April's body has never been found. On Tuesday, Channel 5 aired April Jones: The Interrogation Tapes, which includes recordings of Bridger's police interviews, which are being aired for the first time. The programme details April's disappearance, the investigation launched by Dyfed-Powys Police and Bridger's arrest. As the first police interview commenced, Bridger was asked by detective constable Louise Thomas where April was. The suspect told police he had been to his daughter's parents evening and had gone to his girlfriend's home near April's house where he parked his car. Bridger was later arrested on suspicion of April's murder and was found to be in possession of indecent images of children. It was believed by police that Bridger had murdered April in a sexually motivated killing. In their last interview with him, police challenged him and told him they knew he knew where April's body was. Bridger was charged with the murder and abduction of April Jones.