09 July 2020 06:38

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Sony Is Selling a Wearable Air Conditioner in Japan

Sony has finally released its personal cooling system, just in time for the summer. Though the Reon Pocket was intended to help consumers stay cool during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (which has now been postponed due to the global pandemic), this tiny device can still come in handy and work for anyone who needs a break from the heat. The slim device slips into the pocket of a specially designed t-shirt. Sitting just below the nape of the user's neck, Reon Pocket connects to an app that regulates its temperature. Users can operate the device manually and select between four temperature settings or they can program My Mode and adjust the device to work on a warm/cool cycle at different intervals.

Reon Pocket is also smart enough to work even if the user doesn't have the t-shirt on hand. This allows it to be used on any part of the body that might need to get cool or warm. Right now Reon Pocket is available exclusively in Japan at Sony stores and select retailers. Reon Pocket is a personal AC unit that responds to your body's temperature. Sony has launched a wearable air conditioner to keep you cool in the summer.

It was about a year ago when we first heard that the company was developing the gadget, called Reon Pocket. The diminutive device fits inside a pocket on the back of a specially made undershirt and works using a Peltier element usually found in cars and wine coolers. On the plus side, you can also use it in the winter, as the Reon Pocket is able to generate heat, too. The initiative allows Sony employees to work on somewhat quirkier gadgets — like the Reon Pocket — with the most interesting ones put on the company's crowdfunding site where interested customers can support it for further development. Sony has released a new personal air conditioner designed to be stored inside a person's shirt collar, creating a cool envelope around their torso even when they're outside.

Called the Reon Pocket, the wallet-sized device weighs just three ounces and can be controlled through a companion smartphone app. Sony is also selling custom t-shirts with small pockets sewn into the back collar of the shirt to hold the device. Sony claims the device can lower the body surface temperature of the person wearing it by up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit when set at maximum power and left to run for five minutes. It will also be capable of generating warm air for winter wear and can increase body surface temperature by 14 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a report in Interesting Engineering. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that Sony says can run continuously for around 90 minutes, though it takes a full two hours to recharge.

The Reon Pocket is available in Japan through online retailers but Sony hasn't announced any plans to release it in any other markets. The device was originally announced in 2019 and planned to be released in time for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, where summers are famously hot and humid. Sony has released the Reon Pocket, a personal air conditioner that can fit inside a person's shirt and cool their torso even when outdoors The device can be controlled through a smartphone companion app and supports both cooling and heating modes to make it useful year-round Sony has designed a custom t-shirt for the Reon Pocket, with a small slot for the device to slide into in the back collar. Despite the Tokyo Olympics being being postponed until 2021, Sony decided to move forward with the Reon Pocket's release. Just in time for summer, Sony is marketing a new wearable air conditioner to help people on the go beat the heat.The Reon Pocket attaches to a special shirt with a pocket and extends down your back just below the neck.The portable AC, which connects to your smartphone, promises to cool the wearer off by more than 20 degrees by venting warm air away from the body.It sells for about $130 and is currently available in Japan.No word on when it will be available to consumers in the United States.

To offer a better solution, Sony created a wearable air conditioner called the Reon Pocket, and it's currently available in Japan. The device, which was first unveiled last summer, supports both cooling and heating and can be used year-round when going out or commuting. The company designed an undershirt that features a pocket located on the back of the neck for the device to easily slip into. Sony suggests wearing loose and breathable clothing over the device for it to work best. Sony says the wearable device isn't meant for use during exercise, work that involves intense sweating, situations where the body is exposed to water, or for extended use in hot weather, according to the company's website. For easy adjustments, the device connects through Bluetooth to an app that allows users to control the temperature from an iOS or Android phone. It's currently available at various retailers in Japan, including on Amazon. At the moment, there are no specific plans to sell the wearable tech in the United States, but the company would like to, Sony tells House Beautiful.