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A 'beautiful and talented' parish councillor has died today after he was shot by a a Nazi fanatic who thought he was a 'government agent' and hated the police. Police have launched a murder investigation following the death of James Nash, 42, who was shot by 'troubled' Alex Sartain, 34, with a 'handmade gun' in the front garden of his £600,000 thatched cottage in the Hampshire hamlet of Upper Enham, near Andover. 'Beautiful and talented' James Nash (left) has died today, while his wife Dr Sarah Nash (right), a senior space scientist, sustained minor injuries after they were shot by 'troubled' neighbour Alex Sartain, 34, at their home in Upper Enham, near Andover on Wednesday 'Troubled' motorcyclist Alex Sartain who gunned down a parish councillor before dying in a police chase worked as a mechanic at a garage (pictured) just yards down the road from his victim's home Alex Sartain, 34, (pictured) shot James Nash, 42, in the front garden of the councillor's thatched cottage in Hampshire Officers gave chase in a patrol car after Sartain - who locals said had issues with drinking or drugs - fled on his own Yahama R1 motorcycle, but he later crashed and was pronounced dead at the scene. A force spokesman today said: 'A man who was shot during an incident in Upper Enham has died. 'James Nash, 42, from Upper Enham, sustained serious head injuries following the shooting outside his home.

Children's book-writing parish councillor who was shot by deluded Nazi-fanatic neighbour dies

One local claimed Mr Nash wanted an ideal country life as an artist 'in his little cottage house' after quitting the aerospace industry and had complained about work carried out by locals who owned businesses nearby. The Sartain's family garage is just 200 yards from £600,000 Holly Tree Cottage, where Mr Nash and scientist wife Sarah live. A police cordon remains in place today in Upper Enham in Hampshire, following the shooting on Wednesday. Mr Bennett, who has lived in the village for 20 years and is close friends with Sartain's dad John, said he spoke to Alex the day before the shooting and he seemed agitated. Mr Bennett said he was under the impression Mr Nash and John Sartain got on 'pretty well' and does not believe the 'homemade shotgun' used in the attack was fashioned at the Sartains' garage, adding: 'It was a handmade gun - Alex's dad found it up at the yard and handed it to the police. 'We know the guy who shot him was called Alex Sartain, he used to help fix motorbikes. Speaking today at her home in Dorset, James Nash's mother Gillian said her son is a kind and gentle person and she can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt him. Armed officers swooped on idyllic Upper Enham, Hants, Wednesday afternoon after the attack which police said left a 42-year-old man with serious injuries. Pictured: Police at the scene of the shooting in MacCallum Road, Upper Enham The force said a mandatory referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct had been made, adding that officers had attended an address in Enham Alamein parish as part of this investigation. In a statement yesterday Phil North, leader of Test Valley Borough Council whose ward includes Upper Enham, said: 'The police have confirmed that they are not looking for anyone else and that they're confident that the deceased suspect is responsible, which I hope will reassure residents.' A council leader today praised parish councillor James Nash as a 'kindhearted individual', saying he is 'utterly shocked at this terrible incident'. Phil North, leader of Test Valley Borough Council, which encompasses Enham, said: 'As the ward councillor and a regular attendee of Enham Alamein Parish Council meetings, I know James well and have worked with him on a number of projects. Councillor North also said 'police are confident the deceased suspect is responsible' for the shooting. 'To reassure residents, police have confirmed they are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident and although the exact circumstances of the shooting remain unclear, they're confident the deceased suspect is responsible.' He added that his 'thoughts are naturally with the victim and families of all those involved' and said 'deep thanks go to the police for the confident and professional handling of the ongoing investigation'. Locals said James Nash, whose wife is a top space scientist, is in hospital being treating for gun shot wounds following shooting in Upper Enham yesterday Pictured: Police forensic teams were at the scene of the shooting today A forensic van was seen earlier today pulling up outside a police cordon in MacCallum Road, Upper Enham, where the shooting took place According to a local council chief, police believe the rider was responsible for the shooting and officers 'are not looking for anyone else'. Pictured: A police forensic team at the scene of the shooting in Upper Enham Speaking of Mr Nash, the resident said: 'I know the guy that got shot. James Roberts, who lives close to Mr Nash's home said: 'We're all quiet shocked because this place is as quiet as it gets. The rider died at the scene of crash (pictured), according to Hampshire Police, who have launched an investigation and referred the incident to the Independent Officer for Police Conduct (IOPC) Chief Inspector Kory Thorne, Test Valley district commander, said: 'We know residents in the Upper Enham and Hurstbourne Tarrant areas will have been concerned by what happened yesterday. Pictured: MacCallum Road in Upper Enham, where the shooting took place In another post today, he added: 'I know this will be a very worrying time for the community and until the police complete their investigations we won't get a full understanding of the incident.

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james nash

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