08 January 2020 14:34

Nikki and her forensic team were sent to the crash site Credit: BBC Who was Rowan Cole?

SILENT Witness season 23 did not disappoint when it returned last night with an explosive premiere episode. The show kicked off with a devastating plane crash - but of course, all was not what it seemed. Silent Witness returned with an explosive plane crash Credit: BBC Six unanswered questions from episode one of Silent Witness series 23 WARNING: Contains spoilers from episode one of season 23 of Silent Witness. Did terrorists cause the plane crash? During the opening scenes we saw a private jet crashing into woodland outside London which Nikki and her forensic team were sent to investigate.

Its passengers included the former US Ambassador, Jonathan Kraft, plus his partner Miriam Heller and her son Ezra. Was the politician targeted by terrorists or was there another reason for the crash? Nikki and her forensic team were sent to the crash site Credit: BBC Who was Rowan Cole? He was the mysterious passenger "hitching a lift" with the pilot Alex from Amsterdam. We know that Rowan is also a pilot.

On the recovered blackbox (flight recorder) his voice isn't heard at all in the cockpit as the plane is crashing. Was he the one who sabotaged the flight on a suicide mission? It was also uncovered that Alex's drink had been spiked with a chemical that could've knocked him out - it looks like Rowan could have done this. We also found out that Rowan was suffering with mental health issues - something which meant his job was under threat. During a chat with his psychotherapist we found out that he did have "anger issues" towards some politicians - was he trying to kill Jonathan Kraft? During Nikki's autopsy of his body we saw that he had a smiley face branded into his wrist - what does this mean? This leads us to our next question. Peter Saks shot himself - but why did he kill himself? Is Peter Saks suicide to do with the plane crash? During the autopsies on the plane crash victims, Thomas was called away to a suicide scene. There he found Peter Saks. It was uncovered that before killing himself, Peter had been looking at far right terrorism groups online - the same that had made death threats to Jonathan Kraft. He was also tracking the doomed flight Juno 537. Did he kill himself or did he know something about the flight which put his life in danger? We also know that he had wounds on his arm that were consistent with self-harm. Like Rowan, Peter also had a smiley face branded on his wrist. Does Ezra hold the key to why the plane crashed? Credit: BBC Does Ezra know anything? The young boy was the only one to survive the crash. Does he know anything that can help with the case? Part two should shed some light on who this man is Credit: BBC Who was the mysterious suicidal man? During the last ten minutes of the episode we saw a man with deformed limbs logging on to a suicide chatroom. He also had the smiley face marking on his wrist - this means he is somehow connected to Rowan and Peter. Were they all in on a suicide pact together? We also find out that there is someone on the chatroom encouraging them to kill themselves - is this mysterious man the one behind it? We also learnt that Rowan had been on the chatroom - was he encouraged to commit suicide by this mysterious person - did he do it? We need to know what Nikki's partner Matt is up to Credit: BBC What is Matt up to? We know that Nikki's partner Matt Garcia knew Jonathan Kraft as he worked with him. He took the news of his death badly and told Nikki he wanted to fly back to the States. What did he mean by this? Matt then switched off his phone. GRISLY CRIME Here's what we know about ITV's White House Farm starring Freddie Fox KILLER CAST Here's who is in the star cast for new ITV drama White House Farm BREAKING THE SILENCE Silent Witness series 23 is back on BBC One - here's what's in store READY STEADY COOK Celebrity Bake Off 2020 - when does it start and who is in the line-up? The church robbery explained witness the stars Meet the cast of Silent Witness, including Emilia Fox and David Caves MAN OF THE MOMENT What you need know about The Bachelor 2020 and how to watch season 24 The second part to this premiere episode will continue tonight (January 8) at 9pm. The show will then run every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One over four more weeks. There are 10 episodes in total. Get a full list of the star cast here. Silent Witness 24 Hours In Police Custody It takes patience and concentration to lie on a stage, trying not to breathe or twitch or double up with cramp, and praying that the leading lady won't tread on your fingers. You're on a mortuary table, probably naked (obligatory if you're female), with your bum being frozen by the metal and your face cooked by studio lights. And if you're a corpse on Silent Witness (BBC1), it's worse: you've got pathologist extraordinaire Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) performing a slow circuit of your extremities, listing clues into a dictaphone that sound something like: 'Sub-haematomal glottalectomy scarring evident. Try listening to that lot without suffering a fit of the giggles. One unlucky extra was doing his mortal best to be dead as the show returned for what is, remarkably, its 24th year. His character was a Far Right nationalist, who had taken it upon himself to improve the purity of the race by shooting himself through the head. Dr Nikki's boss, Tom Manly-Squarejaw, stood over him, trying to spot clues but failing to notice the pulse that throbbed in the deceased fellow's throat. Bodies were plentiful in this episode, the first of a two-parter that continues tonight. Speaking of schoolboys, one 11-year-old passenger survived the crash. He was either plastic or the best actor Silent Witness has seen in a long while. Sharp-eyed forensics sleuth Jack (David Caves) saved the boy's life, with a flash of intuition. While teams of detectives were combing the scorched earth at the crash site for clues, Jack thought to look inside the wreckage. He saw a finger. It twitched. Either this extra was dreadful at playing corpses or. 'Paramedic!' Jack yelled. 'We need cutting equipment. I'm not waiting' — and tore away the fuselage with his bare hands. Sometimes real life can sound just as badly scripted. In the second part of 24 Hours In Police Custody (C4), murder suspect Ashley White was alternately swearing at detectives and calling them 'blud' and 'bruv' in a fake Jamaican accent. A private jet had crashed in a field conveniently close to Dr Nikki's morgue — plummeting from three miles up and breaking into five neat chunks, like a frog dissected by a schoolboy White, 21, was a drugs dealer in the Cambridgeshire market town of Huntingdon, and he sounded like Ali G. The coppers, on the other hand, had apparently learned their lingo from re-runs of The Sweeney. 'He's singing like a canary,' they told each other. This was not a drama, but a grimly depressing account of a murder investigation, from the moment a dog walker discovered a youth's body in woods, to the confessions of the killers. White and his crony Jordan Shepherd, 24, didn't mean to confess: each tried to blame the other, but they were so stupid they talked themselves into life sentences as fast as detectives could ask the questions. The real shock was how normal drugs culture has become, far beyond London. The knives, the violence, the money, the narcotics — they have spread like poison in this English town and, apparently, in hundreds of others.