16 May 2020 02:34

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Nine years and 30 million copies later, Terraria's final update, Journey's End, releases tomorrow. It's an enormous final touch, with 1,000 new items, new enemies, and even new music. But what has me most interested is the new mini-game. Journey's End features, among all those other new arrivals, Terraria Golf. Teased last summer, the new mini-mode has now been shown off in its entirety, and is surprisingly detailed.

Players will have their choice of four different clubs, each with their individual strengths and weaknesses, and your ball will react different when landing on different types of blocks - the perfectly-manicured grass of the fairway will offer little resistance, but land in a sandtrap and you might be in trouble. Thankfully, if you do find yourself trapped, you'll be able to reset your shot (at the cost of one penalty stroke) with the new golf whistle. And if you're finding all that trekking towards holes to be a little tedious, the golf cart should speed up the process. You can get all these new toys from new Golf-focused NPC Gunner - as long as you can find him. Nine years after release, Terraria is facing its last update and it is arguably the biggest one to date, with months of work behind it.

The update will leave the game in a state where the developer can say that it is finally complete. After nine long years of fun, Terraria is going to have its last update on May 16. The last official update, titled "Journey's End", will bring a plethora of new things that will reinvent the game and finalise its form forever. First on the list in this update is the Journey mode, designed to make the Terraria experience more accessible to all players. It allows for limitless duplication of items or setting the game difficulty on the fly.

It's meant to create a specific, personalized experience for every player. A very interesting part of the new addition is the Master Mode - the ultimate difficulty level that doesn't look too pleasant. On the more relaxing side of the update is Terraria golf. You can now play golf with your friends and create golf courses. Once the update goes live, three handcrafted golf maps will be at your disposal to test the new model.

The update also brings atmospheric effects to the game - weather effects such as rainstorms, wind and the movement of natural elements like trees and grass. All of this is meant to create a more lifelike feeling to the game and create a more in-depth experience. 505 Games Terraria can be scary In an effort to make the game more immersive, a bunch of little details were added, such as sitting, lying down, and even petting animals. And yes, even player emotes are now in the game. Aesthetically, the game has been changed with world generation that was finally fixed and polished to perfection and even new elements have been added to spruce up the environment, such as mini ibomes. As far as quality of life is concerned, one of - if not the most - requested feature is finally here: block swap. Yes, block swap is now a thing and it makes replacing the block in your little building or giant castle a breeze. It does have some limitations though, such as the currently equipped pick being able to remove the block you want to swap out, but it removes the manual act of digging it up and replacing it which is a bonus. To make the last update the best of all time, the dev team went for a full rebalance of items and enemies in-game. Stat changes, functionality changes and all sorts of fun stuff to make the game feel new even to day one players. Weapons and armour have had some changes as well. For example, short swords can now stab in all directions, flails are now useful again and the medusa head has a totally new function. The armours now have special effects, like the titanium armour's new ability to accumulate shards that spin around and do damage or the improved stardust guardian attack for the stardust armour. The new changes make the combat much more varied by revitalizing it and giving it a new feeling. 505 Games Take a rest at the oasis weary traveler The visuals have been updated greatly all the way from sprites to animations, adding a new dimension to the game, and, in some instances - giving it a completely new feeling. A bestiary has also been added to the game so that you don't have to look up facts about your enemies online. You will the bestiary by slaying mobs and learning facts about them while you are at it. To make your new weapons useful, 19 new enemies have been added for you to seek out and destroy. Not all new creatures are bad however, and you will get 22 new creatures to find and mess around with. The world also got a lot livelier with the new NPC happiness system. NPCs will now react accordingly based on their happiness level, making it in your best interest to make them happy as you could benefit from this greatly. Before you even ask the question, pylons are given to you by happy NPCs in a specific biome, and they allow instant teleportation between pylons making traversing great distances a matter of mere moments. 505 Games Old versus new New music tracks and texture pack support are the icing on this 9-years-in-the-making cake, and the final cherry on top is the fact that over 450 bugs have been addressed and the new content was made virtually bug free. This was just skimming the surface of the many changes, improvements, bits and bobs added or changed in the game, since the changelog of the game is over 40 pages long. After nine long years, the journey has finally come to an end, but the end seems more like a new beginning than anything else. With all the love and passion poured into this game, it has created a permanent mark in many lives and a legacy that will last for as long as the game can be booted up and enjoyed. Terraria has enjoyed nearly a decade of post-launch development, and that's finally about to come to an end with the release of the Journey's End update, a behemoth that Re-Logic says will make the game "complete." It's out tomorrow, but ahead of that you can rummage around in the absolutely huge changelog. Even the forum post that details the big new features, like 1,000 new items, mythical beasts, new modes, weather effects and the ability to pet the dog, is intimidating in size; and it's got nothing on the full text changelog. You can download it and start your day of reading from the forum post. Nothing seems to have escaped the team's critical eye, with Re-Logic doing a complete review of everything from balance to graphics. Some of the new features already exist in mods or experimental form, like the ability to swap blocks instead of tearing stuff down first or sharing world seeds, but it's still good to see them added to the core game. Speaking of mods, tModLoader will also launch as DLC alongside the update. The fan-made tool has provided Terraria players with mod support for years, but now Re-Logic wants to make modding more "visible and accessible" as it hands the keys over to modders and players. Both the tModLoader DLC and Journey's End will arrive on May 16. Terraria: Journey's End, the 1.4 PC Update and final update to wrap up a decade of Terraria, has an absolutely enormous changelog. There are 1000's of new items, new biomes, new graphics, and the long-awaited Journey Mode. It shows just how much work has gone into making Journey's End a fitting send-off for Re-logic's Terraria, a game that has constantly evolved and changed over its lifespan. The Journey's End changelog is out and you can check out some of what is in store for you May 16th 😉 #journeysend pic.twitter.com/L7kWAVuEsg — Terraria Official (@Terraria_Logic) May 14, 2020 Fans of Terraria will be most interested in some of the biggest areas of the update, which includes Journey Mode. In this mode, you can research items and then gain an infinite amount of them. There are also options to turn on God Mod, create custom weather, and play around with other effects and tweaks to the Terraria experience. Journey Mode will be available for anyone to play. Master Mode is also the final and most challenging mode in Terraria, and will test even the finest speedrunners and hardened Terraria veterans. Boss's and mobs have received tweaks to make them more difficult, too. Terraria is all about its items, and the 1.4 Update brings 1000's of new weapons, cosmetic items and even beautiful furniture to the Terraria world. Don't forget your kites, fishing rods and golf clubs, either. The world of Terraria will also feel more alive, as the Journey's End update brings weather effects. There are events tied to the weather, such as the Windy Day event, or the Thunderstorm. Graphically, the game has received sizable updates. Sprites, backgrounds and terrain are brightened up and refined, and the subtle changes will add up to change the overall experience of Terraria. A bit like an Ender Chest from Minecraft. Re-logic has also said they've fixed over 450 bugs, refining the Terraria experience by tweaking Boss behaviour, eliminating weird glitches, and even adding an Achievement system which guides new players through Terraria. Terraria: Journey's End, or update 1.4, arrives on May 16th, free for all owners of Terraria. This is supposedly the final update to the game, and with the changelog titled "There and back again", it may well be a fitting end to the epic Terraria story.