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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Want extra controllers for multiplayer sessions of games like Mario Kart?

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If you just got the Nintendo Switch for Christmas (you lucky thing), you may be wondering what Nintendo Switch accessories you should be picking up to go with it. That's why we've gathered some must-have extras below to get you started. No matter whether it's a protective case, bonus controllers, or a memory card, this guide has expert recommendations to save you time as well as money. Best games (Image credit: Nintendo) Best Nintendo Switch games Want game suggestions for your shiny new Switch? Don't miss these.

The best Boxing Day Nintendo Switch accessories for your new console

We've also included any Boxing Day offers to get you a bargain wherever possible, so be sure to check back in every now and then. See a good price on Nintendo Switch accessories? We wouldn't recommend hanging around. Because Nintendo products are notorious for maintaining their value (be it controllers or games), especially tempting offers are worth pouncing on sooner than later - they aren't likely to last long. Luckily, our deal-hunting software will give you up-to-date prices to keep you ahead of the curve. Happy holidays! Best Nintendo Switch cases First up in our list of essential Nintendo Switch accessories is a protective case. Thanks to the console's portability, grabbing something to keep it safe while you're on the go is a sound plan - nobody wants their brand-new tech to fall and smash all over the floor, after all. Hardened shells help avoid any knocks or drops your Switch may experience, while carry cases are used to transport the system, games, and any Nintendo Switch accessories you need in the great outdoors. If you want more options, don't miss our dedicated guide to the best case for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch cases Orzly Nintendo Switch case This is an excellent case for Switch because it can carry so much; you'll be able to fit the console, controllers, games, cables, and more inside. It's fairly cheap as well, and that's always a bonus following Christmas. Image 1 of 2 (Image credit: Mumba) Image 2 of 2 (Image credit: Mumba) Mumba shell If you want to keep your Switch safe while playing on it, this grippy and secure shell will do the trick. It also fits inside the Orzly carry case we mentioned above, making the console protected regardless of whether it's being used or not. Nintendo Switch Lite cases Image 1 of 2 (Image credit: Orzly) Image 2 of 2 (Image credit: Orzly) Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite case Because the Switch Lite is a handheld-only console, you'll definitely need a good case to keep it safe while you're out and about. This Orzly case is the best of the bunch. It's a bit smaller than the Orzly case for a normal Switch, but you'll still get a few games and accessories in there too. Nintendo Switch controllers The Nintendo Switch is at its best when played with others, and for that you'll need bonus controllers. There are a couple of different versions to choose from, but don't worry - it's not complicated. Joy-Cons are the remote-like handsets that come with the console itself, and more are readily available via all major retailers. Because each pair can be split between two people, there's no need to buy more than one extra set if you want a four-player game of something like Mario Kart. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers are traditional video game handsets that you may find a little more comfortable - for those who are keen to lose themselves in single-player experiences like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a Pro Controller is for you. Want more detail on what's available? Check out this page of cheap Nintendo Switch controllers. Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Want extra controllers for multiplayer sessions of games like Mario Kart? The Joy-Cons are your best option. We'd recommend getting a pair, as it's generally better value for money. You don't need a pair for each person either (you can use one Joy-Con each), so that saves yet more cash. Image 1 of 3 (Image credit: Nintendo) Image 2 of 3 (Image credit: Nintendo) Image 3 of 3 (Image credit: Nintendo) Nintendo Switch Pro Controller If you'd prefer something a little more traditional, you can't do better than a Pro Controller - they're comfortable, precise, and excellently made. We'd recommend picking up the official Nintendo versions, as these are generally the best ones. Best Nintendo Switch memory cards Nintendo Switch memory cards - also known as 'SD cards' - are arguably the most important accessory for this console. You see, the Switch only comes with 32GB of internal memory out of the box. That may sound like plenty, but you'll quickly fill it up thanks to downloads, updates, and new games. Most standard SD cards are compatible with the Switch so long as they have a read speed of 100mb/s, but we'd recommend the SanDisk 128GB version. As well as being made by a well-respected manufacturer, 128GB is also more than enough storage to keep you going for a while. To get more suggestions, head over to this Nintendo Switch SD cards page. Image 1 of 2 (Image credit: SanDisk) Image 2 of 2 (Image credit: Nintendo, SanDisk) SanDisk is one of the biggest and best brands when it comes to memory cards, and their 128GB model is perfect for Switch - it'll give you more than enough space for a long time to come. It's also very cheap. If you're happy to spend a little more, there's also an official Nintendo version with a cute power-up mushroom design from the Mario series.