07 December 2019 00:39

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CAITLYN Jenner and Nadine Coyle were voted off I'm A Celebrity in a shock double elimination tonight. The campmates had no idea that two celebs would be leaving the jungle - and were shocked to lose two huge personalities from camp. 8 Caitlyn Jenner became emotional during her exit interview with Ant and Dec Credit: Rex Features Caitlyn broke down in tears as she reflected on the challenge of being in the jungle at the age of 70. And she admitted that it was harder this time around after Bruce did the show back in 2003. "I came here to kind of test myself, because I did the show 16 years ago.

The first night I didn't think I'd make it to the next night," she admitted. The reality star went on to say that she missed her family "terribly" but joked that being in the jungle is harder than having Christmas with them. 8 Caitlyn said she didn't think she would survive in the jungle past the first night Credit: Rex Features 8 Caitlyn didn't appear to have a family member greet her as she left the jungle Credit: Rex Features "I have so many things going on at home and last time I was in the jungle for 14 days and this was a week longer. I remember thinking, 'how am I ever going to do this'?" However, she then added: "I missed them terribly. She then told Ant and Dec that she was happy to be out of the jungle, because "it was quite an experience to go through".

8 Nadine Coyle looked relieved to have been voted out Credit: Rex Features 8 The former Girls Aloud star admitted that she wants Kate Garraway to win Credit: Rex Features Meanwhile, Nadine admitted she felt the jungle was like a "big family" this year. "I have a big family that's full of massive personalities so it was like being with them," she told Ant and Dec "It was great fun to sit back and listen to their stories." And she thinks Kate Garraway deserves to win because "she has worked harder than any other campmate". Last night Myles Stephenson became the sixth star to be voted off. Myles was up against Caitlyn, but Ant and Dec announced Myles had the lowest number of votes from the public. 8 Myles became the sixth person to be evicted from the jungle Credit: Rex Features Myles gushed to Ant and Dec:"Every last single second of it, the ups and downs, the lows the highs, everything. "This has been a whirlwind for me two years ago I never would have imagined I would be on I'm A Celebrity." He also opened up about his first night trauma - where he was haunted by a spider in the dunny. The Rak-Su singer said: "The first night, in the dunny, I didn't sleep at all. I spent the night kicking the dunny hoping to get the spider out. 8 Myles was greeted by his mum after leaving camp Credit: Rex Features The star also revealed how he'd want the final to play out: "Roman is my brother but I'd like to see an all-women final." On Wednesday, Ian Wright was voted off. The former footballer admitted to the presenters that he needed to work on his anger issues in camp after they showed a montage of him getting emotional, punching a wall and telling off his campmates. He added: "I'd have been worse than that if I suppressed my feelings." 8 Ian Wright leaving the jungle Credit: Rex Features And viewers praised Ian for taking responsibility for his behaviour in the jungle. He summed up his time by saying: "I feel it's time, it's becoming more and more difficult to focus on being positive." Finally, Helen's five years of bingeing on RHOA are finally paying off. When she's not watching TV or writing about it, she enjoys working out, travelling, and being a mum to two dogs - they're called Zeus and Nola if you wanted to know. I'm A Celebrity is onto its nineteenth series in 2019. The iconic ITV show sees our famous faces put through their paces in the Australian jungle. Caitlyn Jenner was one of the biggest stars to take part in I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! She entered the Jungle to test herself at 70 years old and described the experience as "tough". Caitlyn was one of the most positive campmates on the show, often waking the rest of the camp up with her favourite catchphrases such as: "It's another day to excel!" and "dare to be great". Let's take a look at the life of the I'm A Celeb star. Caitlyn Jenner: Relationship From 1972 to 1981 Bruce Jenner was married to Chrystie Scott. Also prior to Caitlyn's transition, she was married to Kris Jenner from 1991-2015. Today, Caitlyn is in a relationship with 23-year-old Sophie Hutchins. Caitlyn has 20 grandchildren and 10 children and mentioned that she found it tough in the Jungle to go without speaking to her 92-year-old mother. LOOKING TOO GOOD: I'm A Celebrity: Is Kate Garraway wearing makeup? Who does Caitlyn Jenner live with? By the looks of Caitlyn's Instagram, she most likely lives with her partner, Sophia Hutchins. The pair are the owners of two adorable dogs. Caitlyn is now a dog mama to one black and one yellow labrador. We'd assume that Caitlyn still has a home in Calabasas, California, however, she has mentioned Malibu while on I'm A Celeb. Caitlyn's girlfriend is studying at Pepperdine University in Malibu, so the pair may live together there. What happened between Caitlyn and the Kardashians? During Caitlyn's time in the Aussie Jungle, she's been pretty open concerning details to do with her family members. The 70-year-old spoke of how she's now estranged from Khloe Kardashian. Caitlyn said that Khloe hadn't spoken to her since her transition six years ago. However, many I'm A Celeb viewers took to Twitter to defend Khloe, saying: "Bit unfair of Caitlyn to call Khloe out like that without admitting what she said about Khloe's mother in her book." Many Twitter users were happy for the tea, but others speculated that Caitlyn might be in the doghouse with the Kardashians when she goes back home for speaking out too much. HOT STUFF: I'm A Celebrity: What is Myles Stephenson's ethnicity? WATCH I'M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE EVERY DAY AT 9 PM ON ITV