14 December 2020 16:31

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Join the Secret Elves to discover the best shopping deals and things to do this Christmas Sign me up and spread the Christmas cheer Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email Good news for gamers as there could be another chance for you to grab a PS5 later today. The Sony console has been one of the most demanded items this year despite only releasing almost a month ago. However, many people have been unable to get their hands on one because of the demand due to websites and retailers selling out in seconds. There might be some good news on the horizon however as Currys could be releasing more consoles today. According to a tweet by TeamKnowHow, Currys tech team and customer representatives, there are some more consoles that may go live today.

The tweet reads: "Hi there, there has been a delay in the PS5's going live on our website unfortunately we do not know when they will go live but they are due to do so later on today. There are also rumours that other retailers, including Amazon and Argos, could release more stock this week. According to a tweet by PS5STOCKNOW, retailers could be reportably dropping more PS5s just a week before Christmas which is great news. If you want to get a PS5, you should read our recent article on how you can get a PS5 if you have been struggling to get one. This comes after people have been getting extremely frustrated about scalpers buying up consoles and selling them for extortionate prices.

Sign up for our What's On newsletter - for all the latest whether you're staying in or heading out and about Subscribe Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email Since the Playstation 5 was officially launched in the UK last month, shoppers have been trying their best to get their hands on one. But while the consoles have been restocked in retailers like Argos, Currys, Amazon, John Lewis, Smyths, Asda and Tesco on a handful of occasions, many people have struggled to secure one - leaving some hopeful Christmas shoppers disappointed. Last month, Sony updated shoppers, saying it hoped to release more consoles in the UK by the end of 2020. In a tweet, Sony said: "We want to thank gamers everywhere for making the PS5 launch our biggest console launch ever. "Demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year - please stay in touch with your local retailers." Now the Express has put together all the latest rumours for when the PS5 will be restocked in the UK. But before you get too excited and rush to get your wallets bear in mind these are unconfirmed rumours, with the retailers in question - at the time of writing - yet to confirm if they are getting more PS5 stock over the coming days or not. According to the Express, the @PS5STOCK NOW account said Tesco are rumoured to be getting more PS5 stock on Sunday December 13, with Amazon and GAME allegedly getting a restock on Monday December 14. In a tweet, the PS5 stock account also said ASDA is reportedly getting more PS5 stock after Christmas, while Smyths Toys could be getting more PS5 stock in early 2021. They emphasised this was all according to reports, so as it stands it's just rumoured PS5 restocks. Separately, the @PS5STOCKNOW account also said they were hearing reports that Currys PC World are going to be taking PS5 orders week beginning Monday December 14. On Friday the account tweeted: "Currys is set to go live next week, They weren't ready to drop it this week as they are giving PS5s to people who ordered last time so next week will be new stock for new customers. I said this few days ago to (sic). *RUMOURED* #PS5 #ps5stock #ps5uk". f this ends up being the case this will mark the first major batch of PS5 stock that Currys has launched since the PlayStation 5 UK release date in November. The retail giant had planned on opening orders for the PS5 on the console's launch day, before this ended up getting delayed. Elsewhere, while the Argos website says the retailer isn't getting any more PS5 stock in 2020 there are rumours circulating that more stock could be inbound soon. According to @PS5STOCKNOW, Argos could be getting a PS5 restock on Wednesday December 16 or Thursday December 17. However, @PS5STOCKNOW tweeted this information out before the Argos website was displaying a message saying they wouldn't have any more PS5 stock in 2020. Recently though, the @PS5UKStock Twitter said they were still hearing rumours that there could be another Argos PS5 stock drop soon. The account tweeted: "I've had a few DMs saying Argos are going to be restocking around 15th-18th of December. Just a rumour but I'm hearing a few shouts." At the time of writing, the PS5 is sold out across the board at major UK retailers, however the PS5 is available at inflated prices via resellers. Besides exorbitant listings on eBay, CeX also has PS5 stock available to buy - but the high street gaming chain is selling the PS5 at almost £800. Even if you're desperate to get hold of a PS5 this Christmas, we'd strongly advise against paying such eye-watering high prices. While PS5 stock is like gold dust right now, as the months go on by and production continues Sony's next-gen console will likely be easier to get hold of. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has said Sony are working "really hard" to get "significant" PS5 supplies in before and after Christmas. Speaking to the BBC previously, Ryan said: "We're making more PS5's in this difficult environment then we made PS4s in that launch. If people are unable to find one at launch, we're very sorry and apologetic about that. "They can rest assured we're working really hard to get significant supplies into the market before and after Christmas. "This is going to be a bigger launch [than the PS4]. Elsewhere, Sony are rumoured to have ramped up production of the PS5 in light of demand for the next-generation console. It was reported that previously Sony had been planning on producing up to six million PlayStation 5 consoles by next March, but this has allegedly been increased to up to 10million by the end of this year. Due to logistics, not all of these consoles will reach retailers by the end of 2020 - but hopefully this indicates PS5 stock will be easier to get hold of in the future.