04 November 2019 00:31

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Matthew McConaughey helps prepare meals for firefighters battling California blazes

Matthew McConaughey, 49, gave a helping hand to prepare 1,600 meals to people in need during the California wildfires on Friday. The Hollywood actor joined the Operation BBQ Relief team - a nonprofit organisation that responds to natural disasters and other situations to help feed displaced residents and emergency personnel - to provide ready to eat meals to fire stations and homeless people. Also joining Samaritan were volunteers from his Wild Turkey Bourbon brand who gave up their free time to help provide food to 800 people hit by the natural disaster. Matthew took to Facebook to urge people to help by giving their time or donating money as well as explaining the work Operation BBQ provide. At the end of the clip, he pointed and in the direction of a link to offer help that read: "We're in LA supporting first responders with Operation BBQ Relief.

Matthew McConaughey proved he is an angel after helping delivering 1,600 meals to first responders and shelters battling the fires in Los Angeles. McConaugh-bae – who is the creative director of Wild Turkey bourbon – worked with the Operation BBQ Relief team, to provide food to 800 people at 20 fire stations in California. Matthew McConaughey has helped prepare and deliver 1,600 turkey dinners for first responders and homeless individuals affected by the California wildfires. The Oscar-winning actor, working with disaster relief organisation Operation BBQ Relief and volunteers from Wild Turkey Bourbon, prepared 800 dinners for firefighters tackling the blazes currently ravaging the state. McConaughey, who is the creative director of Wild Turkey Bourbon, said in a statement that the charity event was already planned to take place this weekend to celebrate First Responders Day. The recent wildfires, however, had given the event greater urgency.

"Little did we know when planning this annual event that California, my second home, would once again be hit with devastating fires," McConaughey said. Anyone who has watched Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver knows this was an era of violence, corruption and sleaze on a monumental level, but [Barry] Jenkins somehow makes the city seem like a modern-day Eden." Geoffrey Macnab Annapurna Pictures 10/41 All Is True "Written by Ben Elton and directed by its star Kenneth Branagh, the film plays so fast and loose with the playwright's final years that they needn't have bothered fitting Branagh with a prosthetic nose – accuracy is clearly not the priority here." Alexandra Pollard Sony Pictures Classics 11/41 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part "The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is the doomed progeny of a celebrated genius – brilliant but slightly stunted by the knowledge they will never live up to their predecessor." Clarisse Loughrey Warner Bros. We can tell exactly how the film will end, but it still feels original both in its screwball energy and in the deft way it continually reverses stereotypes and gender clichés." Geoffrey Macnab Annapurna Pictures 25/41 Late Night "Late Night is a caustic satirical comedy that turns into an unlikely tearjerker. McConaughey has also done his bit with the help of the bourbon brand Wild Turkey, for which the actor holds the title of Creative Director. Along with Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell and a group of volunteers from the Wild Turkey community, McConaughey teamed up with organisation Operation BBQ Relief in order to cook, prepare and deliver meals to firefighters out in the field.

Wild Turkey will continue to partner with Operation BBQ Relief throughout November and December to support first responders nationwide as part of the company's annual With Thanks campaign. The Los Angeles Fire Department shared a picture of McConaughey and some firefighters on Instagram and thanked him for his support. 0 Matthew McConaughey helps prepare meals for firefighters battling California blazes According to KVUE-TV, the Academy Award nominee and Eddie Russell, master distiller for Wild Turkey, worked with nonprofit Operation BBQ Relief to feed Los Angeles firefighters Friday as devastating wildfires blazed through the state. In a news release, the bourbon brand, which is sponsoring OBR's With Thanks campaign, said McConaughey "rallied volunteers and jumped behind the grill to help prepare 800 turkey dinners, which were then quickly delivered by the group to more than 20 firehouses." The group also sent 800 meals to area homeless shelters, the release said. "Little did we know when planning this annual event that California, my second home, would once again be hit with devastating fires," McConaughey said, according to the news release.

He added that he and the volunteers wanted to "say thank you, shine a light on [first responders'] unwavering conviction, and hopefully inspire others to get involved and help in their own communities."