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Doctor Who spoilers: Promo teases new Who for 2020

Doctor Who spoilers reveal the new season is almost here. Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker and her #TeamTardis will soon hit the air again after an extended absence. While fans were expecting an early 2020 return, many were surprised by the latest news. Doctor Who spoilers: Change in plans Since the series returned in 2005, there has been a Christmas special every year. Doctor who spoilers reveal the tradition just got better with time, which each special outdoing the last.

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But with a new show runner (Chris Chibnall) and Doctor, there was yet another change on the way. Expect that trend to stick over the coming seasons. Doctor Who spoilers: New season This special episode will kick off a new season, according to the official announcement attached to the promo. The BBC promises 10 new weekly episodes following the January 1st special. Fans on YouTube were thrilled to see this news, many of the shocked the show will return so early in the year.

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We guess that's not such a huge move, considering it'll be a full year between any original episodes of the series. Doctor Who spoilers: What we know So far, as we mentioned, we know the premiere day and the number of episodes fans can expect. Doctor Who spoilers reveal Jodie will continue in the role. We saw all three of the companions from the previous season together, still traveling with their new friend. From the announcement, we also know the season will open with a two-parter, titled "Spyfall".

After waiting too long, Doctor Who finally returns on New Year's Day with two parts inspired by James Bond for a new season called "Spyfall," with Stephen Facilitating Fries as Chief of MI6 and show Whitaker's doctor and his comrades investigating a sinister alien threat to Britain's secret agents. What we have seen so far suggests that the series is coming back in style, but what else could the future hold for the Thirteenth Doctor? The most recent 50th-anniversary special was "Doctor's Day", with doctors from David Tennant and Matt Smith teaming up, making appearances of all previous doctors as well as the next Peter Capaldi and closing things. Now, Whittaker has named her election for her episode of multiple doctors. He left the program under a cloud, blaming the BBC for blacklisting it so far and negatively affecting his career in the following years. Anyway, in 2023 it will be the 60th anniversary of the Doctor Who's and they want to cook something special. Doctor Who will bring two Doctors together for a new story in 2020. Titan Comics will pubish Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season Two, which will see the Thirteenth Doctor (the current Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker) team up with the Tenth Doctor (who was played on television by fan-favorite star David Tennant) to take on the Weeping Angels, the terrifying, time-sucking alien monsters first introduced in the now-classic Doctor Who episode "Blink." Jody Houser, who wrote the first season of the Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor comic book series, returns for the second season. The new story is described as a "reimagining" of "Blink." The story sees the Weeping Angels and the Autons (the plastic mannequin looking artificial lifeforms that appeared in the first episode of the relaunched Doctor Who television series, "Rose") arriving in 1960s London. Doctor Who is returning with its biggest episode ever on New Year's Day. The Season 12 premiere episode "Spyfall" is the first two-part episode since Chris Chibnall took over the series as showrunner. In an earlier interview, Chibnall promised that the episode will provide a "movie-like" experience such as Doctor Who fan have never experienced. "Episode one is probably the biggest episode of Doctor Who we've done, or has been done, I would imagine. All that audience we gathered up last year, we're now going to take them on a journey into the toy box of Doctor Who," he said. "It's easy to take for granted how loved Doctor Who is around the world and how loved it is in Britain, how important is to the BBC. Are you excited about Doctor Who's return? Doctor Who returns on New Year's Day on BBC One and BBC America.

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