15 January 2020 12:33

Ollie Williams quits Love Island after three days in the villa.

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Ollie Williams quits Love Island after three days in the villa. By Alice Dear Ollie has quit Love Island shortly after entering the South Africa villa. Ollie Williams has quit Love Island 2020. Ollie, 23, was coupled up with Paige before leaving the villa today. A source told The Sun Ollie has left the villa due to still having feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

Ollie Williams quits Love Island after three days in the villa

READ MORE: Who is Ollie Williams' ex girlfriend that made him quit the show? The source said: "The show made Ollie realise he wasn't ready to be in another serious relationship and he still has really strong feelings for Laura. "Meeting girls who were so different to him and his background only clarified how he felt about his ex and he felt it was only fair to leave the competition and sort his head out. 'He told producers and acted on his feelings as soon as he made up his mind." Ollie was in the Love Island villa for three days. A spokesperson for ITV told Heart.co.uk that Ollie said on his exit: "I have to be honest with myself, and everyone, that I do still love someone else… I have to follow my heart in this scenario and it would be wrong for me to ignore these feelings. "At the end of the day, this is Love Island and it's about finding love. If I carried on anything with Paige, or any other girl that might come into the villa, it wouldn't be fair on them." Ollie had only been in the Love Island villa for three days before his exit. During his first day Ollie coupled up with Paige, who he was getting to know as well as Siannise. In tonight's episode, Ollie and Paige fallout over Siannise after the multi-millionaire tells the Bristol beauty he fancies her. When Paige pulls Ollie for a chat, she calls him a lair and tells him: "I spoke to Siannise and she is painting a different picture to the one you are painting." However, Ollie stands his ground, telling her: "I did not say to Siannise that I fancied her at any stage." A source told the sun Ollie has left the villa due to feelings for his ex girlfriend. Picture: ITV Ollie's entrance into the villa caused some controversy after pictures of the future 'Lord' standing next to carcasses of dead animals were published. The pictures were reportedly taken on a shooting holiday in Africa, leading many Love Island viewers to call for the star to be axed from the show. READ MORE: Why did Ollie Williams leave Love Island? Reasons for the toff islander's departure

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