23 December 2019 04:32

On Friday morning (Dec. 20) alleged nudes of NBA star Steph Curry leaked as well.

2019 is ending on an interesting note as Twitter has been riled up about another celebrity's alleged nudes surfacing. On Saturday (Dec. 21), DaBaby began trending on social media as a video of the North Carolina rapper's alleged male parts began circulating. The NSFW clip has been making its way across social media by way of a screen recorded video. ion send nudes. — DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) December 22, 2019 DaBaby seemingly responded to the leak, writing, "ion send nudes." Many are still speculating that it could be him, as the voice overhead in the background of he video was assumed to be the "Suge" rapper.

DaBaby addresses alleged nudes leaking on social media

Nonetheless, social media did not keep their commentary to themselves. "I woke up this morning with Dababy d-ck all over my TL and Logan Paul is trending for sucking d-ck!! Mind you this week Donald Trump got in a impeached, ASAP Rocky had a weak stroke game, & Steph Curry got leaked!! WTF," said one Twitter user. Another person wrote, "Y'all talking about DaBaby d-ck when we need to be talking about DaProblems in the black community." DaBaby is the third celebrity that this has happened to within the last week. On Friday morning (Dec. 20) alleged nudes of NBA star Steph Curry leaked as well. We previously reported that one photo shows the Golden State Warriors player wrapped in a towel, in what appears to be a locker room. There were other NSFW photos, which are allegedly of Curry as well. On Wednesday night (Dec. 18), a supposed A$AP Rocky sex tape created buzz online. The clip, which is allegedly of the Harlem rapper, was uploaded to Pornhub. He addressed the tape, neither confirming nor denying. "MY PENIS AND I WOKE UP 2 THE ALARMING DISTURBANCE OF A VIDEO CLIP 2DAY.AS HIS DEFENSE ATTORNEY WE'RE PREPARED 2 DENY ANY SLOW STROKES OR LACK OF KILLIN THE PU—Y," the rapper tweeted. "A LONG LIST OF SATISFIED WOMEN CAN ATTEST TOO. BUT THE REAL PUNCHLINE IS SEEING PPL WHO NEVER FU—ED HIM RATE HIM." Check out some of the reactions to DaBaby's alleged nudes below. when we seen that shit pic.twitter.com/HKhmymePew — MF (@mcf2k) December 22, 2019 imagine if he isn't claiming it bc it's actually bigger.. pic.twitter.com/HGxKtBXvdi —. (@MarieAngeSA) December 22, 2019 his face while tweeting this pic.twitter.com/EBy20OTrWh — Shiv (@_Shivyy) December 22, 2019 So the video... was fake... pic.twitter.com/wPebNqLOLN — alaijah is seeing ATEEZ (@IMONITEEZ) December 22, 2019