06 November 2019 02:31


Around 13,000 Aussies attend emergency departments annually for dog bite injuries, so should 'dangerous dogs' be banned? Warning: Graphic CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a brutal fight began between four dogs in a Melbourne park that left a dachshund dead and its owner "drenched in blood". Kashila Chintamunnee took to Facebook to share photos of the horrific incident she said happened at Pakenham about 11am on Tuesday. Ms Chintamunnee called for help to track down the woman who she said walked away after the attack. "She let go of her bloody dog and watched as it all happened," she wrote on Facebook.

Pakenham dog attack: Staffy blamed for Melbourne mauling of dachshund

"I had to pull her dog off of mine and there are plenty of witnesses to back this up." However, CCTV footage of the incident, obtained by tendaily appears to show three dogs racing towards a woman, her child and the staffy who was blamed for the mauling. Ms Chintamunnee told the Cranbourne Leader her father opened their gate and Coco, aged four, ran outside to have a sniff of the other dog, believed to be a staffy. "He started mauling my dog," Ms Chintamunnee said. "The dog had bitten too deep into Coco's main vessel as he had lost that much blood – I was drenched in his blood that's how much there was." Ms Chintamunnee rushed to two nearby vets that were closed and Coco died a few minutes before she arrived at the third. She has reported the attack to police and council. Police told news.com.au the incident was a matter for the council. But the other dog's owner, Claudia Harrison, has since shared her side of the story. Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said she had been walking her dog with her son when three dogs approached them. "The other smaller dogs were attacking my dog and they kept snapping at him, that's when he got hold of one of them and I couldn't get him off," Ms Harrison said. She said there had been no one in sight and she had tried to pry the dogs apart. Ms Harrison tried to call for help and when she saw a car coming out of a nearby house she urged them to get a bucket of water to separate the two dogs. "They left the garage open but I was the bad guy and I was the one with my dog on the lead," Ms Harrison said. She said she left because she had to get her son home, who she had been trying to protect, and didn't know what else to do. The CCTV appears to show the three unleashed dogs head at speed towards the family and the staffy who was in a harness. Comments on Ms Chintamunnee's Facebook post that appear to be from Ms Harrison also defended the incident, saying it was Coco that attacked the staffy which had been the one on the lead. The owner's husband told the Cranbourne Leader she was "distraught" by the incident. "My wife tried to pull our dog back on the lead but she was struggling to separate the two of them," he said.