09 December 2019 13:00

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Pantone announce Classic Blue as colour of the year 2020

By Meredith Carey Coral has reigned supreme as Pantone's color of the year for 2019, and the company is staying under the sea with its 2020 choice: Classic Blue. The "solid and dependable blue hue" was inspired by our need for calm and clarity and "re-centers our thoughts," according to Pantone. In fact, cognitive scientists have proven that blue provides a sense of relaxation and comfort, which is why we're all so much happier when we're around blue bodies of waters. The color, chosen by Pantone based on its appearance spanning all areas of design, can be seen far beyond the sea, showing up across the night sky, cities, and churches (though it's as good of an excuse as any to get that scuba certification). Here's where you can find Classic Blue around the globe.

The Pantone colour of the year 2020 has just been announced as 19-4502 Classic Blue and is said to symbolize a whole lot of good things so why on earth aren't you using it more? Pantone's take on Classic Blue: This particular Blue had been said to symbolize: Protection Stability Peace Confidence Deep thinking Open mindedness Communication Blue just turned multisensory: For the announcement, Pantone teamed up with a few companies to create a multisensory take on Classic Blue. I assume by multisensory they mean 'imagine how the colour might affect your senses.' We won't be held accountable for any screen licking! In these uneasy times, as we move along to a new decade, the Pantone Color Institute has reached back in time to calming, confident Classic Blue as its colour of the year for 2020. The colour is an anchor offering stability, constancy and connection, said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the global purveyors of colour consulting, trendspotting and analysis.

"It's a reassuring presence," she told The Associated Press ahead of Wednesday's reveal. Akin to maritime blue — not indigo and brighter than navy — Classic Blue evokes a feeling of vast expanse, Pressman said of the shade also known as Pantone 19-4052. Pressman and her team scoured the worlds of art, fashion and home decor, along with commercial, graphic and industrial design, to come up with the pick, as they have since Cerulean became the inaugural color of the year for the milestone 2000. But Classic Blue isn't just about nostalgia, she said. Creators around the globe are putting out modern takes for runways, mobile phones, kitchen appliances and the paint of pricey, forward-looking cars and motorcycles. At Wednesday's launch event, Pressman insisted the colour was in no way a nod to the hue associated with the Democratic Party, though she knew the question would surface. "This was not a political move for us. This is global. We do not look at colour through a political lens. We look at our life through a colourful lens," she told the AP. Pantone chose Living Coral for 2019 and Ultra Violet the year before that. Whether as throwback or harbinger of things to come, Classic Blue harkens back to when things "seemed simpler, seemed more comfortable, but at the same time not suggesting that it be done in a way that it was then," Pressman said. Cerulean, which heralded the new millennium, is the colour of the daytime sky, while Classic Blue is the sky at dusk as the new decade commences. "It has depth to it, but it's a colour of anticipation because we're looking ahead," Pressman said. "The day is over. We're looking forward to the evening. What's going to come?" Classic Blue is a vibrant yet non-aggressive and easily relatable colour, she said. It's also among nature's anthocyanin pigments possessing antioxidant and other health-fostering benefits. Think blueberries. "Many of us feel stressed, completely overloaded," Pressman said. "We live these 24/7 lifestyles. We're anxious. There's so much uncertainty and unrest, no matter where you are. With that, we've seen this whole increased focus on wellness and self-care." The timeless colour is also gender-neutral and seasonless, mixing well with other shades throughout the spectrum yet making a strong statement on its own. It also works well in a range of textures. "It's a colour that can take on different appearances through different applications, finishes and textures," Pressman said, lending itself to everything from lustrous sheens to sparkly sequins. The anointed blue also plays into the sustainability movement. "We have all this focus on buy less, buy good, so people aren't throwing things into a landfill," Pressman said. "You read about buying things to last and this is a timeless blue shade. It's always there and you're comfortable with it, like blue jeans." For offices, it offers an air of security, she said. For kitchens, it's a top accent colour in appliances and walls. Classic Blue is a mainstay colour in stemware, dishes and other tabletop staples as a trusted expression of elegance, she said. "Everybody's comfortable with blue," Pressman said. "We know it. We like it."